40 Stunning Examples of Splash Photography

40 Stunning Examples of Splash Photography

Splash photography is very often set up by the photographer, which doesn’t make it any easier to produce a beautiful photo! Splashes are best captured at high speed, and as always with photography, lighting is of paramount importance.

Here we have gathered a selection of stunning examples of splash photography, including studio-set-up shots, outdoor set-up shots and natural splash captures – all are amazing examples from outstanding photographers.

Stunning Examples of Splash Photography

Stunning Examples of Splash Photography

Splash by Fergil Souza
Splash by Fergil Souza

Splash by Ester Mendes
Splash by Ester Mendes

Splash 2 by Alan Dalton
Splash 2 by Alan Dalton

Splash by Deb Moran
Splash by Deb Moran

Splash! by Jessi L
Splash! by Jessi L

Splash n be happy by Rahul Sheel
Splash n be happy

Laggerli & Splash by Dongga
Laggerli & Splash

Wings of Gold by Hennie van Heerden
Wings of Gold

Splash!!! by John King

Splash! by Tahir Saleem
Splash! by Tahir Saleem

Splash by Victoria Faywall
Splash by Victoria Faywall

Love is in the Air… by Night by Roni Marinkovic
Love is in the Air... by Night

Get Wild and Cool Off by Abdullateef Al Mazouqi
Get Wild and Cool Off

Love is in the Water by Muhammad Ahmed
Love is in the Water

Coffee and Milk by Chaval Brasil
Coffee and Milk

Splash! by Alessandro Vannucci
Splash! by Alessandro Vannucci

Splash by Citron Smurf
Splash by Citron Smurf

Too Much Water by Christian Schierig
Too Much Water

Blue Air by Marc Sporys
Blue Air

Splash Down by Stuart Williams
Splash Down

Strawberry Cream Splash by David Kittos
Strawberry Cream Splash

Halo by Drippy2009

Coffee Splash by guszti132
Coffee Splash

Splash by alfahd
Splash by alfahd

Color Splash Lin by icedmirror
Color Splash Lin

Splash by guszti132
Splash by guszti132

Blue Splash by Eibo-Jeddah
Blue Splash

Splash of Water by Javiergil1910
Splash of Water

Achoooo! by Dave Nitsche

Submarine by Dmitry Laudin

Survive by Achmad Hariyanto

Versus by Tischler Zoltan

Habanero Splash by Tambako the Jaguar
Habanero Splash

Drop in a Dime by Chaval Brasil
Drop in a Dime

Splash by Kunstlichter
Splash by Kunstlichter

Liquid Gold by Chris Curtis
Liquid Gold

Wine 2 by Graham Moss
Wine 2

Liquid Sculpture by L.Javier
Liquid Sculpture

Integration of Colors by Mohmmed Hamd
Integration of Colors

Nestea Splash by Hunter-Arkaman
Nestea Splash


I hope you have enjoyed viewing these amazing captures of splash photography, and maybe it has inspired you to pick up your camera and turn on the garden hose!

Please let us know your favorites from this list and your opinions on splash/high speed photography in the comments section below.

Carol is a blogger and Photoshop enthusiast. She enjoys surfing the net in search of outstanding art, design and photography, and enjoys nothing better than sharing her discoveries through article writing.


    • Rahul,
    • December 29, 2012
    / Reply

    all are awesome design nice collection of photos i will download all and set as my desktop wallpaper thanks for sharing..

  1. / Reply

    simply stunning

  2. / Reply

    WOW! awesome and inspiring photos!

  3. / Reply

    Wanted to share another cool Splash Photography resource by Markus Reugels here :

    InspirationsWeb – Liquid Sculpture Photography by Markus Reugels

    Enjoy !

      • Carol,
      • January 15, 2013
      / Reply

      Thanks for the link, they are excellent and clever photos.

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