Be Prepared for an Autumn Release of iOS 8 and Free Resources

Be Prepared for an Autumn Release of iOS 8 and Free Resources

Coming this fall, the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system is going to knock your socks off. The team promises to greatly improve iOS7, having made not only the functional shell of your iPhone operate more efficiently but also the interface will look more refined, delicate and exquisite. As a result your experience with small Apple devices should become more enjoyable and productive.

Being inspired by OS X Mavericks, the final version of the UI will definitely be something to show off. So, be ready to contemplate well-groomed professionally created designs of various basic screens and control centers. By the way, you already have an opportunity to thoroughly inspect some iOS8 app UIs, so to see designers’ outlooks on upcoming updates that are going to dramatically influence the appearance of numerous popular app interfaces.

Though they are still unrealized concepts, they are really fertile sources for stimulating your creativity. So let’s take a gaze at our collection of stunning iOS8 mobile app concepts.

iOS8 UI Concepts

1. iOS 8 – Infinite by Seung joo Oh and naon shin

When 2 talented professionals try to tackle the problem, the outcome will be definitely overwhelming, like in this particular case. Artists present a truly inspiring iOS8 design that strikes the eye with the help of its magnificent and polished interface. The polygonal background in conjunction with a radiant gradient looks not only awesome but also serves as an excellent foundation for basic functional modules.

iOS8 Infinite

2. address book in iOS 8 by Ron Evgeniy

The designer skillfully makes use of flat style features having based its project on flat colors, neat contour style icons, and regular ultra-narrow typography. Contrasting color choice lets foreground elements become highly prominent.

Concept Address Book

3. WhatsApp Redesign for iOS 8 by Dmitriy Haraberush

The artist has created an amazing redesign of WhatsApp messenger, having made it look fresh, revived and stylish. Smooth pleasant green color nicely interacts with a white tone; there is lots of whitespace and neatly-crafted graphics as well as tiny legible typography that all together transform the interface into something really pleasant to use.

WhatsApp Redesign

4. iOS8 Calling Screen Redesign Concept by Rakesh Raghavan

The artist offers his own vision of how a standard control panel of a “calling screen” should look. He capably uses a soft gradient background, semi-transparent backdrop for white solid icons, tiny font and of course, a relatively huge picture of the contact. As a result, the concept has got a lovely circular vibe.

Calling Screen Redesign

5. Clock App iOS8 by Ilya Kriukov

The artist has managed to beautifully combine together several functional modules: clock, alarm clock and weather block. Each one has a soft and elegant appeal. Heavily blurred natural backdrop effectively collaborate with white solid icons and sharp typography.

Clock App

6. Concept iOS8 in iWatch by Ron Evgeniy

Of course, we couldn’t help but include in our list a designer’s speculation about iWatch UI. The author features interfaces for music player, “answer the call” screen and weather module. All of them are tied by means of utilization of the same type of graphics that corresponds to the form of the watch, so there is another concept with a distinctive circular appeal.

iOS8 iWatch

7. Tickk iOS8 App UI Design by Anatoly Kataev

The first thing that draws attention in this concept is an excellent symbiosis of a lavish saturated background and slightly primitive and sharp foreground content. The artist has managed to achieve a perfect contrast between these 2 integral parts, and at the same time, make them enhance each other.

Tickk iOS8 App

8. iWatch by Nermin Hasanovic

Though the artist showcases more sketch-style variation of iOS8 interfaces rather than realistic ones, there is something special about them. Just take a look at “messages and notifications” screens, weather widget, maps module, health book screens and you will see the whole purity and neatness that the author tries to convey.


9. Dashboard iOS8 by Scopulus

The author demonstrates the whole series of various functional blocks and modules that should be inherent to a standard dashboard. Thus you can set your eyes on well-crafted refined login screen, panel with icons, profile panel, statistic screen, calendar & events screen, settings screen, email-inbox screen.


10. iOS Redesign by Sébastien Fargier

The project features a really decent design of a lockscreen. The author showcases a perfect combination between a vivid image background and a sharp ultra-narrow typography. As usual, the screen includes the time, date and a hint how to enter.

iOS Redesign

11. iOS8 Concept Design by Wylliam Duparc

The artist sheds light on such integral modules as music player, video player, camera, as well as presents his vision of icons and “unlocking method”. Everything is impregnated with a beautiful flat style, muted color palette and sleek line-style graphics.

iOS8 Concept Design

12. iOS.EIGHT Design Concept by Brandon Romanchuk

When it comes to UI design and icons prettifying, the artist gets the most out of a gradient, having made backgrounds of these elements look radiant and eye-catching. He also spices up several functional screens with amazing polygonal illustrations.

iOSEIGHT Design Concept

13. Concept login form in iOS 8 by Nursultan Rakysh

The concept design of a “welcome” screen and “sign up” screen have a deep saturated background that harmoniously balance neat and subtle outline elements. The author uses white since it is able to perfectly allocate ultra-thin graphics.

Concept Login Form

14. Metrobot 2.0 by Pavel Zeifart

It is very pleasing to see a dark design, since numerous artists choose a vibrant color scheme when it comes to iOS UI prototyping. This classic color combo in tandem with subtle graphics make the interface looks absolutely subtle and polished.

Metrobot 2.0

15. iOS8 Design Concept by Rabin Dey

Flat colors, heavily blurred backgrounds, circular icons, ultra-thin font and lots of whitespace make this design. The artist shows off several functional screens that radiate authority and refinement.

iOS8 Design Concept

Free Stuff

Below, we have rounded up free graphics that are also made with iOS8 in mind. You can grab GUI kits and icon packs that let you build up your own iOS8 concepts.
16. 195 Icons by Pal Tsin
195 Icons

17. iOS 8 – Messages UI by Grafidea
iOS8 Messages UI

18. iOS8 GUI PSD Freebies by BullzArtDesign

19. iOS 8 Cirtangle Icons Concept by Zee Que
iOS8 Cirtangle Icons

20. AURORA V2 – iOS8 Set by Vasil Enev – topvase
Aurora V2


Much like iOS7 interfaces, iOS8 concepts are also marked by sleek line-style graphics, circular icons, flat colors, unclear backgrounds, sharp regular ultra-narrow type, semi-transparent canvases for modules and a slight circular vibe.

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