Filter Forge 4.0 (Beta) Giveaway – 3 Copies Up For Grabs

Filter Forge 4.0 (Beta) Giveaway – 3 Copies Up For Grabs

Filter Forge has, for many years, been among the best filter software available for Photoshop, and over the years it has been continually updated. Filter Forge 3 offered some amazing updates, and now version 4 has been released with a couple of extraordinary improvements. Still in the beta stage of development at the time of writing, FilterForge 4 promises to offer even more functionality to the enhancement of your images and more power to get your creative juices flowing.

Filter Forge 4.0 (Beta) Giveaway – 3 Copies Up For Grabs

Today we have teamed up with Filter Forge to give away 3 copies of Filter Forge 4 Basic Edition worth $149 each.

What’s New in Version 4

Some Photoshop users may not have any idea of the power of Filter Forge and the reasons why it is one of the market leaders in filters both for Photoshop and as stand-alone software. One of the great things about Filter Forge is that the developers continue to update and improve the software, adding more functionality and flexibility for users. The release of version 4 is no exception, and here is a peek preview of the two new features in this version.

Groups and Instancing

Filter Forge 4 brings a way to organize filter complexity and simplify the creation of complex filters. You can ‘package’ reusable parts of the filter tree into custom-made components with your own defined inputs and parameters.

Instancing allows you to create multiple groups that are linked together so that working on the contents of one group will automatically update all other instances. Instancing eliminates the hassle of manually updating each copy of the group every time you make a change to the master group.

Creating groups is very easy, and there is a page dedicated to how to do so on the FilterForge website.

Creating Groups
Creating Groups


Loops and Recursions

Loop is immensely powerful. It brings two key concepts of programming into a visual environment of Filter Forge in a way that doesn’t require you to write any code: nested loops and recursions.

How the Loop Component works:

  1. The number of iterations is set in the properties of the Loop component.
  2. The Accumulated slave component provides the combined results of all previous iterations to the loop subtree.
  3. The loop subtree modifies the accumulated result of all previous iterations to produce the current iteration. A Position slave component is used to make the rotation angle different from iteration to iteration.
  4. After being formed by the loop subtree, the current iteration is set to Loop.
  5. On the next iteration it will appear at the output of Accumulated. Repeat from step 2 as many times as required.

A Simple Loop
A Simple Loop

Loop with Randomizer Slave Components
Loop with Randomizer Slave Components

Loops can also be nested.

Nested Loop
Nested Loop

You can find more information on Loops and Recursions here.

The Prize

The kind people at Filter Forge are offering the Basic Edition of Filter Forge 4, worth $149 each, to 3 of our lucky readers.

How to Win

Please follow the simple steps below in order to be eligible for the contest.

  • Submit a comment to this post telling us how FilterForge can help you or feedback of the previous version of FilterForge.
  • Follow @Filterforge and @onextrapixel on Twitter and share this news on Twitter. Do include the tweeted link in your comment.
  • Like Filterforge and Onextrapixel on Facebook.

This giveaway ends on 15th April 2013. Please use a valid email address when filling out the comment form. Please comment only once.

The winners will be selected at random, contacted by email within 3 business days after the contest is over and announced in this article.

Good luck, everyone!

Here Are The Lucky Winners

We are glad to announce the winners for Filter Forge 4.0 giveaway. They are:

  • Jenny Shen
  • Neatz
  • AntanasAntaso

Congratulations to the winners and do stay tuned for more exciting giveaways!

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  1. / Reply

    Wow I wonder how come I ever knew about Filter Forge before! FF 4.0 would help a lot in my day-to-day design work, editing photos and creating design contest entries!

    • AntanasAntaso,
    • April 9, 2013
    / Reply

    Very intresting!Very cool loops and recursions technique…

    • jg,
    • April 9, 2013
    / Reply

    i love Filter forge for photo editing!

    • Neatz,
    • April 9, 2013
    / Reply

    Filter Forge is clearly a powerful tool and can not only expand photoshop capability, it will make my workflow much more efficient. Would love to win this giveaway.

    My tweet:

  2. / Reply

    Filter Forge offers an astounding number of options!

  3. / Reply

    I think FilterForge would be very useful in helping me streamline my design process. As I often find myself spending too much time manually tweeking layers, when using the Loop function of FilterForge would be so much faster.

  4. / Reply

    Evidently it will power boost my productivity :)

    • tc,
    • April 10, 2013
    / Reply

    filter forge seems like a creative and also time saving plugin. and that’s something you can never have too much of – creativity & time.


    • tates11,
    • April 11, 2013
    / Reply

    FilterForge helps me do photo editing faster than by doing it manually…


    • de_Barela,
    • April 15, 2013
    / Reply

    FilterForge is an amazing tool for Photoshop editing. Would be great to have this tool for client work.

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