Get Enchanted with the New and Powerful X WordPress Theme

Get Enchanted with the New and Powerful X WordPress Theme

The all new X WordPress Theme from is an exciting, dynamic and cutting-edge intuitive WordPress theme that will truly blow you away. If versatility and flexibility are what you are after, then look no further because X is all that and so much more.

It’s a user-friendly theme that yields immediate professional results even for WordPress beginners, and yet code-savvy WordPress professionals will appreciate the careful thought and creativity woven throughout the whole theme. This not-your-usual WordPress theme as they claim to be the “ultimate WordPress theme”. Let’s get into that claim.

A closer look into X WordPress Theme

The Stacks

The core of X Theme that makes it unlike any other theme in the marketplace out there is something they call Stacks. Stacks are individual site designs carefully crafted and streamlined to achieve a specific theme design. X currently has 3 unique Stacks (Integrity, Renew, and Icon) built into the theme. Each stack is designed in such a way as to help the user customize the theme instinctively and intuitively regardless of their WordPress proficiency level. While other WordPress themes simply offer light and dark versions or boxed and wide layouts, X takes it leaps and bounds further by providing these multiple designs. You can almost think of it like a theme within a theme.


Customization is easy and starts out by selecting a specific Stack inside the Customizer section and tweaking it to your heart’s content. Inside each Stack (Integrity, Renew, Icon) are customization settings – global (affecting all Stacks across the board), and specific (affecting only the selected Stack).

Inside each stack are options and features such as navbar position, site max width, site width, link color, etc., that are available (global) for all stacks. This enables the user to keep the styles and features chosen to remain active on all Stacks. You also have features and options that are exclusive per Stack, truly making each one a unique, individual theme. Integrity, for instance, has the “Light” and “Dark” versions. With Renew, you can select an unlimited number of colors for your navigation and footer areas as well as nifty post type icons for a truly creative blog. With Icon, you can turn colors on or off on different blog post types as well as having a second sidebar that scrolls independently from the main site when certain orientations are set.

Essentially, each of these Stacks contain features that help you achieve a truly one of a kind theme from the inside out giving the user maximum flexibility and ultimate control.

The Customizer

If all this wasn’t enough, one of the absolute greatest things about the X theme is how you administer everything. They took the relatively new WordPress Customizer (a core WordPress feature) and “put it on steroids” to borrow their terminology.

The Customizer

Instead of using an admin panel to set things up, everything is handled in a live preview manner so every change you make is reflected back to you in order that you can see how the change will look before committing to the change. This is a most impressive feature and something you need to see to believe. It makes the creative experience of customizing your site actually fun.

More Than Just a WordPress Theme

People put up websites for various reasons. Some personal, others for professional or business reasons. Whatever reasons you have for starting your own website or revamping your existing one, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned internet user, this theme has what it takes to adjust to grow along with you and your website’s needs. From simple to intricate, from slow to fast, from minimalist to bold, from a personal blog to a supercharged SEO website, with X the possibilities are infinite. This is achieved through some of the many technical features outlined above but then goes into overdrive with something they call XIP.

Expert Advice – The Icing on the Cake

The creators of X have gone the extra mile by integrating real world best business and marketing practices into the theme. They went out to some of the leading marketers and internet entrepreneurs to get their assistance in building this ultimate theme. Email marketing, SEO, Copywriting, and more – they got these experts to share their best secrets and then they built them into X.

Here’s how they describe it:

“When possible, we built their recommendations into the very theme itself. For example, one our our SEO experts shared a great tip to virtually guarantee a visitor clicks past the first page of your site. This engagement metric is something that Google watches very closely, and now you have a built-in feature that allows you to accomplish this with a simple shortcode. Every customer of X will get to see what the tip was and how to use the shortcode we created to make it work for you.

Some experts shared valuable insights into things like copywriting and recruiting affiliates. Since this is informational in nature, we have compiled all the articles, resources, and/or videos these experts provided and made them available to our customers.”

Each person who buys X gets access to all of this information in addition to their thriving support forums and other member resources.

That’s All Great – What About Performance?

In the day and age we live in, the code that it takes to create your site is almost as important as the “look” of your site now that Google actively monitors things like load time and user engagement. Admittedly, there are numerous themes on the market today that are developed purely with aesthetics in mind and taking no time to consider development best practices and clean, concise code.

Thankfully, even though Themeco set out to build the ultimate WordPress theme in X, they did not sacrifice standards in the process. Through several specific enhancements including things like optimized typography loading as just one example, X was built to give you a lot of control without the code bloat of many premium themes on the market today.

Other Cool Features:

Some other features worth noting are an integrated page builder, 100% fluid design, unlimited sidebars, intelligent thumbnails, amazing shortcodes (handled through a plugin – another example of their commitment to development best practices), and more.

X includes valuable and useful member resources such as: a custom-tailored support forum, HD video training on a range of internet marketing topics, unique demo content for each of their dozens of demos, Photoshop files, and more. You also get access to exclusive marketing training as well.

They also put together over 30 demos to showcase just how powerful and creative this theme can be. You should definitely take some time to go through each of their demos.


At the end of the day, this is simply a theme you have to have in your inventory. We’re excited to see what the future holds for this theme.

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