Gridgum Mammoth June $2000 Giveaway for Theme Developers

Gridgum Mammoth June $2000 Giveaway for Theme Developers

If you’re in the market for a responsive theme or template for your website, you should head over to Gridgum and take a look at the wide selection of responsive themes they can offer you. This market place is dedicated exclusively to web designers and developers that are putting out responsive themes and templates using any framework from Bootstrap, to Foundation, Gumby, Skeleton or even their very own framework.

Gridgum assures its shoppers that they will be buying the best quality responsive themes available and they also encourage their publishers to offer full support for all items, as well as a helpful setup or install. Also, by shopping on the Gridgum marketplace, you will receive Gridgum points with every purchase that you will be able to redeem on your next acquisition.

The Mammoth June $2000 Giveaway

In order to attract as many talented web designers and developers to their marketplace, Gridgum is currently hosting what they like to call The Mammoth June $2000 giveaway. All you have to do in order to qualify as a participant in this exciting giveaway (I mean, come on, it has a mammoth in it) is submit your theme by June 30th 2014 and, once it gets approved, you’re assured to be in the running.

Here are some of the criteria that you have to fulfill in order to be a part of the Gridgum Mammoth June $2000 giveaway:

  1. Your theme has to follow the submission guidelines defined by Gridgum;
  2. For your theme to be eligible, the item must first be approved by the Gridgum team;
  3. Your theme has to show high quality and be visually memorable;
  4. Your theme must be kept online on Gridgum marketplace for at least 6 months after it has been accepted;
  5. …these are the most important, but there are a few others, read more here:

Gridgum Mammoth June $2000 Giveaway for Theme Developers

Once you’re assured that your theme follows the above mentioned guidelines, all you have to do in order to enter the competition is to go over to Gridgum, sign up or log in, if you’ve published here before, and submit your theme.

And here’s what you’re likely to win once your item has been approved.

The first prizes that are going out will be $100 for the first 10 developers who are quickest to submit their themes. However, only those who are publishing on Gridgum for the first time are eligible for this prize. Don’t worry, all the rest are for old and new developers and designers.

The following prize will go to the developer or designer who puts out the best Admin panel and is worth $250. Next, Gridgum has a prize of $250 for the best WordPress theme. And, lastly, but by no means less important, is the grand prize for the best overall theme $500.

The first three prizes mentioned are available for all themes, exclusive and non-exclusive, while the last one is only available for themes that are exclusive to Gridgum.

Gridgum will announce all the winners within 30 days of the end of the giveaway and all the lucky publishers will be paid via PayPal.

Submit Your Theme Today!

All that’s left for you to do now is to try your luck. Go over to Gridgum, register and submit your theme, once it gets accepted, you are officially in the running for the June Mammoth $2000 giveaway.

If you hurry and you’re among the first 10 people who submit their themes, you’ll get one of the $100 prizes guaranteed. Good luck!

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