Increase Your Site Revenue with These Ad Space Monetization Platforms

Increase Your Site Revenue with These Ad Space Monetization Platforms

Monetization: what a magic word, almost every blogger or owner of an online magazine or news portal, after grueling publications, sorting out tons of material and producing really engaging stuff, dreams to succeed in this sphere, yet it does not succumb to everyone. Here, you just can’t do without involving professionals that have practical skills and thorough knowledge of this subject. Of course, you do not have to hire a team, you can just leverage their high-end products that capable of automating the interaction between publishers and advertisers, making the monetization process child’s play.

Today we have collected some viable solutions that aim to improve your advertisement campaigns and generate extra revenue from your websites with the help of handy and feature-rich online systems.

Increase Your Site’s Revenue

1. Content Ad

Unobtrusive advertisements can work wonders. Want to feel it for yourself, then give Content Ad (the top-notch platform) a try. Its main aim is to provide you with extra profit through elegantly enriching your projects with paid spots that won’t irritate and overwhelm regular users.

Content Ad

2. AdsLiveMedia

Both advertisers and publishers will highly appreciate this online service. It covers various instruments for website monetization as well as tools for promoting your products at a high level. Meeting current trends and society needs, the platform ably deals with projects created for desktops, tablets and mobiles.


3. Caspion

Want to convert the website monetization into an intelligent process as well as understand its impact on your project? Then you definitely need to resort to this professional platform. Its aim lies not only in earning extra money for you but also in clarifying several issues concerning improvement of advancement strategy.


4. Somoto

Somoto definitely has something to offer to everyone: not only for website owners but also for app developers. It comprises a wide range of features that intend to reinforce site performance, enhance market share, promote application, and of course, boost your revenues.


5. Monetize

Monetize is well-suited for everybody. Whether you are a standalone artist (photographer, designer, developer) or just a blogger who possesses a high-quality website or even a team of creatives that are ready to show off their new project – everyone can derive substantial benefits from this sophisticated platform.


6. Sonital

Sonital offers several viable money-making solutions for publishers who need some cash for supporting their projects. It allows monetizing any web-based project regardless of amount and quality of impressions as well as provides users with helpful real-time reports.


7. Smaato

The platform embraces over one hundred various Ad Networks and more than two hundred DSP’s – sounds quite impressive and motivational. Add to this, full access to a great deal of advertising inventories placed all over the world and you will certainly get a “sweet” deal by choosing this system.


8. A Mo Bee

A Mo Bee is an intelligent cross-channel platform that helps to raise your revenues making your website a perfect source of extra cash. There are various sorts of solutions that will satisfy the needs of marketers, publishers, operators, developers and even enterprises.

A Mo Bee

9. The Deck

The Deck is a professional and invite-only system that is targeted at creative networks, blogs of designers/developers and art-related online magazines. It cooperates with leading advertisers such as Wix, GitHub, CreativeMarket and has in its arsenal advanced tools for effective monitoring.

The Deck

10. MediaFed

Do you have a website with high-quality content? Then this system will show you how to monetize it properly. Not only will it help to derive some revenue from your website but will also find a targeted audience for you.


11. Viglink

As the title states, the platform assists in buying and selling site-to-site clicks; a function that is quite beneficial for advertisers. It connects regular projects with ecommerce sites thereby allowing publishers to get paid for sales they drive.


12. Skimlinks

Much like the previous example, this high-end platform focuses on projects with commerce-related content. Whether you publish an article, where you unobtrusively mention a device or instrument that can be bought online or you just have special widgets with goods in your website, in any case you can get some profit from that.


13. Monetize Me

Want to get an individual solution based on metrics, analytics and other integral data that relates only to your project? Then this skilled team is what you are looking for. These experts will help to choose an ideal solution that will fit namely your project.

Monetize Me

14. AdsOptimal

AdsOptimal aims to increase your Adsense revenues. The system perfectly co-works with various websites, even those that are not mobile-optimized. It includes a bulk of helpful features.


15. Monetize More

Being an official Google partner, the system lets you get the most out of Google’s DoubleClick Ad Exchange. It won’t overwhelm your online readers with messy and unbalanced page layouts highly populated with ad blocks; it just does what it should i.e. boost your revenues in an elegant and pleasant way.

Monetize More

16. Outbrain

Their area of expertise lies in effectively connecting publishers and advertisers. It is aimed to amplify your content, engage readers, provide you with a targeted audience and of course, let you earn some money through various time-proven ways of native monetization.


17. Taboola

There is a lot for everybody: whether you are up to driving extra traffic, increasing engagement or simply monetizing content, then you are in the right place. Being an official partner with such top advertisers and publishers as TMZ, Eurosport, Yahoo Japan and others, this top-line system will greatly help you to attain your goals in both directions.


18. Syndicate

Advertising through storytelling is certainly a fresh breath in online advertising; the one that definitely benefits your project. With just a little imagination, you will be able to easily earn extra money as well as draw people into your project through bringing to life your story that will be ably populated with some “natural” ads.


Last but not least. We want to complete our collection with 2 most beloved, widely-used and the most leading platforms for monetizing your websites that are time-proven and extremely reliable.

19. Google AdSense

Of course, we couldn’t help but include one of the most powerful and all-embracing platforms; it is literally everywhere. Here everything is fair and square. You will get a bunch of options covering contextual ads and animated ads. Just select one that will naturally blend in your project design and wait for your bank check.

Google AdSense

20. BuySellAds

BuySellAds is highly popular among bloggers and owners of online magazines. It is a home for numerous leading advertisers and thousands of publishing platforms. It deals with various areas including business & finance, food & drink, beauty & fashion, health & fitness, wedding, gaming, entertainment and others. Though, in fairness it should be noted, that it is quite difficult to get into, so that only really good, constantly-updated and regularly-visited websites have an opportunity to be approved.



Publishers, what are you waiting for? Just pick the most suitable option and get started on earning extra money and be well rewarded for your efforts and work.

Do you have any experience in this field? Whether it is bad or on the contrary good, we want to hear it from you. Share it with us via the comments section.

Nataly is an internet entrepreneur and an amateur web designer and developer from Sevastopol, Ukraine. She runs a blog for web designers and developers where you can find some inspirational and useful stuff. In her spare time she reads books, unlocks secrets and plays volleyball.

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