Justinmind’s Prototyper 5.0.0: A Jump into Flexibility in a Single Platform

Justinmind's Prototyper 5.0.0: A Jump into Flexibility in a Single Platform

The latest version of the Justinmind Prototyper is finally here and after trying it out I can tell you that it is everything I hoped it would be. They took all of the user suggestions to heart and developed a prototype generation tool that offers full simulation over multiple mobile platforms, virtual collaboration, and improved documentation generation.

Justinmind's Prototyper 5.0.0: A Jump into Flexibility in a Single Platform

Don’t worry, though. It retains its extremely user-friendly interface and adds exciting new features while improving on those that we have grown to love in previous versions: drag and drop capabilities for all design features, the ability to mock up detailed designs, and immediate testing of even the most complex elements at the earliest stages.

Justinmind’s Prototyper 5.0.0

What’s New and What Does it Do?

As a fan of their previous versions of Prototyper, I was happy to download and try this product out. However, once I began to explore its new and updated features and got to play with it a little, I was ecstatic. Here are some of the ways Justinmind has gone even further toward creating the ultimate prototype generation tool.

Better Collaboration Capability

I live overseas and my company is based in the United States, so working with other designers has also been a little bit of an experiment in logistics. This program has made it a lot easier to collaborate with my partners so we can work on a project at the same time, in real time, with a built in user note feature that doesn’t require third party intervention to achieve. A timesaving innovation I can get into.

You can also publish your prototype on the web at any stage of development and get instant feedback and suggestions from other designers.

More Intuitive Simulation

This was my favorite innovation. Justinmind took their multi-platform support capabilities a few steps further by making the simulation closer to real life application. This really takes the guesswork out of the way; now you can know exactly how your app will react in any platform before you get to the final design stage

You can get the look and feel of the effects and navigation manipulations of mobile devices whether you are designing for Blackberry, Android, or iPhone. The program even senses which platform you are developing for and adjusts itself accordingly; smart design for smartphones.

More Advanced Design Features

Justinmind has expanded its design capability to include such features as floating palettes, which made it a lot easier to configure my initial design, even when I had to navigate between multiple screens. 

Prototyper Interface

The images I created for my prototype also automatically adjusted themselves even when I changed the resolution, so my design was always centered and stayed to scale. Other great design features include the ability to import video and other media, create and store custom-designed widgets, and add realistic transitions effects.

Also, if you have to make changes to any aspect of your design, one click automatically implements the changes globally. No need for code, and no need to go back and alter each element.

Enhanced Integration and Interaction

Static images are a thing of the past. Now instead of showing an image and explaining how the app will work, you can drag and drop the image to a separate page, past over an image map, click simulate, and show the client exactly how each design element will work. 

Better Documentation and Support

This program allowed me to write out the specs for my sample app and save them as a template. This is really going to save time; when I design similar apps for clients, I will have the generation specifications saved and can alter my design to their needs in a fraction of the time it used to take.

They also have a highly improved tutorial that is available on their website and a complete user manual available online, so learning how to navigate around the program and use the new features was a breeze.

The Final Word

When you design and build a mobile app, you want a product that does more than just design surface features and link them together. You want a one-stop prototyper that combines full integration, flexibility, ease of use, and the ability to design, test, and implement complex functions immediately over multiple platforms. 

Justinmind developed their latest version of Prototyper with you in mind, and it contains features and functionality you won’t find in any other prototype design platform. Not only is it highly functional, it is so easy to learn and maneuverable that new users can begin building prototypes practically straight out of the box and experienced users will still be amazed at by its powerful and complex design and testing capabilities.

You can learn more and then download and try out this amazing product from their website.

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    • James,
    • October 17, 2012
    / Reply

    This looks cool and promising!

    • Andreas,
    • October 17, 2012
    / Reply

    Wow, the demonstration of the swipe gesture was so slow, I lost interest in this tool. iOS users expect something else.

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