Monitor Scout – Powerful Website and Server Monitoring Service Free

Monitor Scout – Powerful Website and Server Monitoring Service Free

Whether you are a site visitor or Webmaster, no one likes a downtime website. While powerful servers and state of the art hosting promised up to 99.9% uptime most of the time, there would still be a chance that your site may suffer the undesirable fate. In order to minimize or prevent the disruption, you will first need to be updated on the status of your site constantly and promptly. This is where a website monitoring service comes into play.

Monitor Scout – Powerful Website and Server Monitoring Service Free

Monitor Scout is a free website & server monitoring service that allow you to identify when your website is undergoing problems, throughout the day. You’ll be notified of any issues before your visitors starts complaining to you so you can focus on rectifying them before they take a turn for the worse.

Website uptime is critical for anyone that runs any type of website. A website downtime can hurt business and damage reputation. Though Monitor Scout is still in beta, you can be hands on with the service for free. The free trial includes more than 50 different checks, per minute check intervals, email and SMS notifications (including 5 free SMSs), technical support, ticket system, and server health monitoring.

About Monitor Scout

Monitor Scout is a global website and server monitoring company based in Sweden with over 20 external monitor locations throughout the world. Their reliable monitoring services (website-, server-, network- and application-monitoring) ensure you will reduce your downtime 24/7. Be the first to know about your latency and downtime problems and solve them before your users/customers find out about them. To make sure you don’t lose any valuable uptime, their notification system informs you via Email and/or SMS when problems arise.

About Monitor Scout

Some Key Features

  • Monitoring of websites, servers & applications
  • Alerts via SMS and/or E-Mail
  • Over 20 monitoring locations across the globe
  • Uptime reports
  • Latency reports
  • Many protocols & applications supported
  • Support for both Windows and Linux
  • Mail Delivery System


You can get going with Monitor Scout without any software installation. Monitor Scout also covers crucial business application monitoring, like email, CMS, MySQL, MS SQL, PostreSQL, and more. Extensive sets of monitoring options are available through Monitor Scout from basic to advanced monitoring for websites, servers and applications. With the monitoring report, you can use the information to help diagnose problems and avoid future problems.

Do you have a website? How often is your site down? A monitoring service is essential for you to resolve potential issues promptly.

Why not head over to Monitor Scout and register your free monitoring account today.

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