Stock Photo Accounts Giveaway: 5 X $50 Credits from Stockfresh

Stock Photo Accounts Giveaway: 5 X $50 Credits from Stockfresh

Looking for quality stock images for your project? With a variety of stock image agencies available, we are just too spoilt for choice.

Well, here’s your chance to win one of 5 stock photo accounts, each loaded with 50 download credits (worth about $50) courtesy of our friends at Stockfresh! You can use these credits to download photos and vectors alike, whichever you need!

Stock Photo Accounts Giveaway: 5 X $50 Credits from Stockfresh

About Stockfresh

Stockfresh is a new up-and-coming stock photo agency by the original founders of the popular stock.xchng and Stockxpert sites. Their goal is to provide high quality stock photos, graphics and vector illustrations at affordable prices through a hassle-free, clean interface.

It’s also important to note that their contributor commissions are among the highest in the industry, so if you shop with them, your money goes to the right place – the hard working artists who deserve it. Currently Stockfresh has over 1.2 million images online, their collection is growing rapidly, and their site is available in a whopping 9 languages.

About Stockfresh

Stockfresh offers flexible payment plans at great prices. If you are a designer who just needs a few images for a project, simply get a couple of download credits. If you are an online publisher or blogger with an insatiable appetite for imagery, subscriptions are the way to go. They accept all major credit cards, PayPal and Moneybookers (Skrill) payments and bank transfers as well.

The Prize

Stockfresh offers 5 accounts loaded with 50 download credits (worth about $50) each.

How to Enter

To enter this giveaway simply leave a comment in this article below. Follow us @onextrapixel and @Stockfresh on Twitter or like us @onextrapixel or @Stockfresh. Tweet or like this giveaway to double your chance of winning.

This giveaway ends on 27th February, 2012. Please use a valid email address when filling out the comment form. Please comment only once.

The winners will be selected at random, contacted by email within 3 business days after the contest is over and announced in this article.

Good luck, everyone!

Here Are The 5 Lucky Winners

We are glad to announce the 5 lucky winners for Stock Photo Account giveaway. They are:

  • Jason Leow
  • Micha Kroes
  • Hannah Rolston
  • Niteesh Yadav
  • TheAL

Winners will be contacted through email soon. If you are one of them and have not received an email from us or our sponsor by next week, please contact us.

Thank you for all your support. For sure, we will be organising more giveaway contest so everyone will have a chance to win, stay tuned!

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  1. / Reply

    An interesting site with pictures. I hope I win the contest. I added you to my friends on Twitter and FB. Here is my tweet:!/warstwydotcom/status/171914023678394368

    • Puneet Gupta,
    • February 21, 2012
    / Reply


  2. / Reply

    Stockfresh got really fresh images. Hope I win that 50$ credit. Here is my twitter status!/geekbharat/status/171929237165588480

    • TheAL,
    • February 21, 2012
    / Reply

    Sounds good to me. I rely on stock images quite a bit when making wallpapers. This would really come in handy.

    • Wes,
    • February 21, 2012
    / Reply

    Really cool, here’s hoping I am one of the lucky winners.

  3. / Reply

    Nice giveaway… tweeted and liked ;)

  4. / Reply

    Maybe I will win :)

  5. / Reply

    Added and tweeted. I hope I win ;)

  6. / Reply

    Great giveaway, I can use this for my clients. Hope I will win.

    • Sam,
    • February 21, 2012
    / Reply

    tweeted, liked : hope to win :)

  7. / Reply

    followed on twitter! :D

    • Nawaz,
    • February 21, 2012
    / Reply

    My hearty congratulation for the new launch of StockFresh as a fresh stock photo agency to be born from Stock.xchng & Stockxpert! Keep it going on,guys!

  8. / Reply

    Me like it!

    • Umbercode,
    • February 21, 2012
    / Reply

    I already have an account with them. Getting some extra credits would sure be nice.

  9. / Reply

    I tweeted it – that’s nice to giveaway 5 x $ 50 credits – I will be happy for the lucky 5 people ! E:-)

    • Oleg,
    • February 21, 2012
    / Reply

    Thanks for this giveaway! I’m in :)

    • Makis,
    • February 21, 2012
    / Reply

    Great giveaway!

    • Kim,
    • February 22, 2012
    / Reply

    Gimme gimme photos :)

    Site look awesome btw

  10. / Reply

    Woo Hoo Let Us WIN !

  11. / Reply

    Tweeted and liked Best wishes for everyone…Tweet:!/Niteesh22/status/172011136550572032

    • Joanne D,
    • February 22, 2012
    / Reply

    I love this contest!

    • Steve Robillard,
    • February 22, 2012
    / Reply

    Good luck all. The timing of this couldn’t be better we were just looking for images for the new blog we are launching.

  12. / Reply

    Nice!! I always wanted to have StockPhoto account with lots of credit :D

  13. / Reply

    This is great! Fingers crossed! here is my twitter – hannahrolstonWD!/HannahRolstonWD/status/172249975017844736 , also posted on facebook –


    • Lara,
    • February 22, 2012
    / Reply

    Sweet. I’m looking for a new photo stock library.

  14. / Reply

    Stock photo giveaways to spruce up my/your presentations! Awesome! Thanks @onextrapixel!!/PopcornPrez/status/172993754851053568

  15. / Reply

    Woohoo! Great stuff :-)) sharing on Twitter as well.

  16. / Reply

    Hi everyone, thank you for your support. The contest is closed.

    The winners are listed at the end of this article. Thank you!

  17. / Reply

    Hi Everyone,

    Thank you for participating in the giveaway contest and congratulations to the winners! :)
    I hope you’re going to enjoy the site!

    See you,
    Peter / Stockfresh

    • James Lee,
    • March 5, 2012
    / Reply

    Oh man, I did not win! When will you host similar giveaway again? I love to give a try on Stockfresh.

  18. / Reply

    what you have said in this article has deeply impressed me and i wish you can write more about this subject.

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