The CSS Awards Giveaway: Win a Digital Copy of The Awwwards Book

The CSS Awards Giveaway: Win a Digital Copy of The Awwwards Book

Inspiration is as life-giving as water to a designer – it fuels the creative mind. One way to draw inspiration is to examine the work of others. In order to provide as many inspirational examples as possible, we are happy to team up with the The CSS Awards to give away 20 digital copies of their latest book – Awwwards: The best 365 css websites around the world.

The CSS Awards Giveaway: Win a Digital Copy of The Awwwards Book

What are Awwwards?

Awwwards are the awards designated to recognize and promote the talent and effort of the best developers, designers and web agencies in the world.

An international jury made up of some of the most important designers, bloggers and Internet agencies ranked each site by means of a strict system of evaluation; scoring it on a scale of 1 to 10 for its Design, Creativity, Usability and Content.

Our goal was to create a meeting point where web developers, designers and agencies across the world can share experiences, inspiration and knowledge: A community that bids for a more accessible, usable and beautiful Internet.

Awwwards Site

About the Book

The AWWWARDS were created to acknowledge the creativity, innovation and talent among the best designers, studios, and agencies of the world through their websites. All of them are selected for Site of the Day and Site of the Month by their international panel of judges, using a strict evaluation system under the criteria of design, creativity, content, and usability.

Awwwards Book

The Prize!

We will be giving away 20 Digital Copy of the Awwwards: The best 365 css websites around the world to our esteemed readers.

How to Win?

It’s very simple. To participate in the contest, you just need to leave a comment below telling us why you would like to win the book and follow @awwwards @onextrapixel on Twitter and awwwards and onextrapixel on Facebook to get a chance to win!

Winners will be selected randomly so everyone has an equal chance of winning. Please enter a valid email address.

The contest will be open until this Saturday, 11th June 2011. Winners will be announced on this article and will be contacted via email.

Good luck, everyone!

Here Are The 20 Lucky Winners

We are glad to announce the 20 lucky winners for the Digital Copy of The Awwwards Book giveaway. They are:

  • Ashmita
  • Mihailo
  • Christopher Da Sie
  • Benji Damron
  • Joshua Steenmeyer
  • czery
  • hqdipace
  • Trigger
  • Domenico
  • SteffenS
  • Tom L
  • Timothy Whalin
  • SallyBright
  • Arsnoria
  • Maria Manuel Rola
  • Kiyan
  • Marc Gonzales
  • Ian
  • Sylvia
  • Miriel

Winners will be contacted through email soon. If you are one of them and have not received an email from us or our sponsor by next week, please contact us.

Thank you for all your support. For sure, we will be organising more giveaway contest so everyone will have a chance to win, stay tuned!

Onextrapixel, or more commonly known as OXP is dedicated to delivering useful, comprehensive and innovative information for designers, developers and many others.


    • Ashmita,
    • June 7, 2011
    / Reply

    It would truly prove fuel for my creativeness if I wins it.

    • Darko,
    • June 7, 2011
    / Reply

    Seems likes a nice book and it also match my area of interests… It would be nice to check a copy of that book.

  1. / Reply

    Inspire me! :)

  2. / Reply

    Usefull links for CSS.
    Best regards from Serbia.

    • Prakash Ghodke,
    • June 7, 2011
    / Reply

    Best inspiration site….love it

  3. / Reply

    I’m a web designer and I love checking out the awwwards site for inspiration. Sometimes I need to feel inspired away from my computer so this would be great offline inspiration. Thanks.

  4. / Reply

    Since my site was mentioned in the css awards gallery it is the first place I look for inspiration.

    • Benji Damron,
    • June 7, 2011
    / Reply

    I’m horrible at design but I have to do it at work anyway. This would definitely give me something to draw ideas from

  5. / Reply

    What a great resource for website design inspiration

  6. / Reply

    Design inspiration is never enough…

    • hendra,
    • June 8, 2011
    / Reply

    be inspired…

  7. / Reply

    Great giveaway! I love looking at other websites for inspiration. There are so many great web designers out there!

  8. / Reply

    gr8 giveway! i’d love to win one of them. It will give lot’s of inspirations from the design community.

    • Rana mukherjee,
    • June 8, 2011
    / Reply

    Nice,love it.

  9. / Reply

    This certainly would be great for getting fresh new ideas / inspiration for our design projects.

    • Domenico,
    • June 8, 2011
    / Reply

    My design knowledge is poor like my english :)
    Best regards from Italy

    • SteffenS,
    • June 8, 2011
    / Reply

    This would be a great source of inspiration. Stoked!

    • vaibhav,
    • June 8, 2011
    / Reply

    Wow!! it wud really satisfy my creative hunger….

  10. / Reply

    Wonderful i love this…..

    • nigel,
    • June 8, 2011
    / Reply

    I would like to enhance my knowledge abt the latest happening situations in the market

  11. / Reply

    Besides getting to show off what a CSS Nerd I am to my wife, kids, co-workers, friends and strangers on the street?

    I suppose it would also come in really handy for new design ideas and implementations. :)

  12. / Reply

    I’m starting a new job as a Senior Graphic and User Experience Designer and would love to have this book. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  13. / Reply

    I would love to win this book because I’m thirsty for inspiration and the CSS Awwwards are always a refreshing treat!

    • RaineDragon,
    • June 9, 2011
    / Reply

    Sounds like it’s an absolutely awesome book, and a great inspiration!

    • Ian,
    • June 9, 2011
    / Reply

    A book of websites is the only thing missing from my bookshelf of inspiration! I’d love a copy of the book! Always quality contests from you guys at OXP!

  14. / Reply

    Always, always looking for inspiration. Next year I’ll be in there, right?

    • Arsnoria,
    • June 9, 2011
    / Reply

    Hope I’ll get one

    • Maria Manuel Rola,
    • June 9, 2011
    / Reply

    I’m a rookie, and I need all the inspiration I can get, I allready have tons of rrs feeds and both awwwards and onextrapixel are inspiration sources. With this book I could focus on the best. As well as using it to show to clients so they get educated on what’s top on the web, and why. It would be win-win :)

    • Miriel,
    • June 10, 2011
    / Reply

    It’s great source of inspiration…
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. / Reply

    As of now we’re learners in CSS, so the CSS awards like a dream to us.Surely this book fills our thirst of being witness of this great event.

    • Marc Gonzales,
    • June 12, 2011
    / Reply

    As an IT Student it will really help me alot achieving my goal and profession in creating and designing webs. it will help me boost my knowledge about it.

  16. / Reply

    Hi everyone, thank you for your support. The contest is closed.

    The winners are listed at the end of this article. Thank you!

  17. / Reply

    Awesome superb,I am glad to be one of the winners.It will be a great lesson for me as a css learner after getting this book. Thanks a lot OXP.

  18. / Reply

    I’ve been into one of the CSS forum, that’s amazing! but I fogot its name…

  19. / Reply

    great website for inspiration…. :D

  20. / Reply

    Hi there,

    Can you please have a look at:

    It’s my CV presented in CSS3. Shall you consider this website as “Award Winning Website”?

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