Where to Find Low-Priced Stock Images for the Web

Where to Find Low-Priced Stock Images for the Web
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I love using stock photos, because they’re just a few clicks away and a much better alternative to hiring a professional photographer, or carelessly taking images that you happen to find on Google.

Today, we are witnessing the expansion of a full-scale microstock industry, as more and more people take up subscriptions or pre-acquired credit packages from various agencies.

Find Low-Priced Stock Images for the Web

When I think about great stock photo sources, YAY Images is the first one that pops into my mind. This agency has recently come to my attention, and as you can probably tell, it made a very good impression. Here’s what I discovered that made me feel so sure I struck gold and found the closest thing to Spotify for images.

YAY Images

The first thing I noticed was how smoothly anyone can find and grab the photos they’re looking for. Say you kick off with a keyword search for images related to the weather. Next thing you know, the results page shows you many delightful finds, which you can further prune with complex filters. You can even drag-and-drop an image there and get similar results for it. A visual search like that may start with one of YAY’s images, one of your own, or one that is borrowed from some other website.

YAY Images

Streaming, Digital, and Print are the subscriptions designed by YAY to accommodate three very different categories of stock photo intake: websites, blogs and e-mail campaigns (I), e-books, apps, and PowerPoint presentations (II), newspapers and creative agencies who work with print advertising (III). If you sign up for the Digital plan, you will pay as little as $49.90/month for up to1000 downloads without daily limits. Moreover, each of these subscriptions can be canceled at any point if the client is not satisfied.

YAY Images

Streaming surpassed my wildest expectations. It’s only priced at $9.90/month, which is such a tempting offer by today’s standards. Besides, there are no daily or monthly limits to how many photos of 700PX you can have. What’s more, you can use YAY’s fantastic in-browser editor to modify your pick – and then the agency hosts it and you need only paste a code on your website in order to insert the photo. Hence, it simplifies your work to the extreme. Oh, and don’t worry: if your subscription period expires or is cancelled, your photos continue to be hosted at all costs.

Free month of Streaming

How would you like to engage in a free month of Streaming? Take this exclusive code, and go right ahead: FREE_TRIAL_ONEXTRAPIXEL. Note that the coupon can also be used to pay 20% less for the first month of a Digital plan, or 10% in the case of high-resolution Print materials.

I handpicked some handsome stock photos from YAY Images to show them to you. If you like what you see, click here.











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