WordPress Giveaway: The Events Calendar 2.0 for WordPress

Today, we are pleased to team up with the folks over at Modern Tribe to release this exciting giveaway. Modern Tribe is offering 3 x Events Calendar Pro (Business) for WordPress to Onextrapixel’s readers. It’s the most comprehensive WordPress Events Calendar, with tons of add-ons already, and more to come.

WordPress Giveaway: The Events Calendar 2.0 for WordPress

About Modern Tribe

Modern Tribe is the team behind the WordPress open source plugin The Events Calendar. The plugin and its add-ons make up a robust event management framework. The free open source plugin stands strongly with over 130,000 downloads. The PRO add on became the #1 selling and grossing plugin in Envato’s Code Canyon marketplace. After months of prep, they soft launched Events 2.0 on their site, leaving Code Canyon to have greater control over their customer relationships and their products.


Key Open Source Features:

  • Calendar & event list view
  • Google maps
  • Upcoming event widget
  • Venues & organizers
  • Default templates
  • Event microformats
  • RSS feeds
  • Custom template overrides
  • Mu compatible
  • Internationalized & translated

Check out the Events Calendar and the FAQ for more.

Events Calendar PRO

Tired of entering the same events over and over? Need to add custom event attributes like presenter or equipment needed? Want to promote your venues? Got 10,000 events and need an easier way to filter and manage them? Events Calendar PRO has your back. PRO is the first of a series of premium add-ons that provides additional functionality on top of the open source events plugin.

For $50 (personal license), you get a year of free updates and support. You can keep using the plugin after the license expires or renew at a discount if you want to benefit from new features.

Get 10% off Events Calendar PRO: use the coupon code onextrapixel in the month of November 2011.

Below is an overview of all the key PRO features:

Recurring Events

Avoid carpel tunnel. Your events can now be configured on a regular basis, using an admin interface consistent with that seen on other popular calendar tools like Google Calendar or iCal. Need daily, weekly, monthly, yearly repetitions? We even added custom recurrences to support complex recurring events such as “the 4th Thursday of every other month” and more.

Recurring Events

Custom Event Attributes

Your events are special. You may need to display the catering options, what type of dogs are allowed, and if this is a singles mixer or just for swingers. Event details beyond time, date, venue and organizer can now be displayed prominently in your event listing. Custom Attributes allows you to add new fields across your events.

Front End

Saved Venues and Organizers

Are your events at the same venues hosted by the same organizers? PRO will save you some serious time and help avoid those nasty little typos. Just enter a place or person once and they’re saved to the backend, accessible via a dropdown on all events you create. Oh, snap.

Venue View & Single Day View

Is everyone jazzed about the events happening at your most popular venue? Now you can showcase all upcoming events at a given venue. Give the lowdown on the venue and list all upcoming events. The single day view lists all the events taking place on any given day of the month. Perfect for sites with tons of things happening at once. Powerful and simple.

Super Awesome Widgets

We’ve upgraded the widgets and added new ones. With PRO you can limit upcoming events by category and pick exactly which event meta is shown in the list widget. You can even add a small calendar to your sidebar showing the events for the current month.

Ajax calendar

Pages load faster, and that is good. Events Calendar PRO now uses AJAX in modern browsers to load the calendar view. Flipping through the months has never been so easy (or so fast).

Advanced event admin

Wish you could look in the event admin list and just see all the events happening at a specific venue, between the dates of Feb 1, 2012 and May 3, 2012, that are FREE and organized by Peter Parker? Now you can. And you can save that crazy lookup so you don’t have to build it again. The Events Calendar PRO integrates the Modern tribe Advanced Post Manager, a custom post framework written by a few smarty pants devs on our crew. It makes handling and managing giant lists of events a pleasant and manageable experience.

Upcoming Add-Ons

How to Win a Free Events Calendar PRO License

To participate in the contest you will need to provide some awesome add-on suggestions in the comment section below. Have some great ideas for integration with a WordPress plugin, a 3rd party service or perhaps an event problem or user base we could easily address that we just haven’t though of?

We’ll pick the best three ideas and hook you up with a FREE copy of Events Calendar PRO Business edition ($100 value). Please enter a valid email address.

The contest ends on Sunday, 20th November 2011. The winners will be contacted by email within 3 working days after the contest is over and will be announced in this article.

Good luck everyone!

Here Are The 3 Lucky Winners

We are glad to announce the 3 lucky winners for The Events Calendar 2.0 for WordPress giveaway. They are:

  • Sagi Shrieber
  • Melinda
  • Lubinrho

Winners will be contacted through email soon. If you are one of them and have not received an email from us or our sponsor by next week, please contact us.

Thank you for all your support. For sure, we will be organising more giveaway contest so everyone will have a chance to win, stay tuned!

Onextrapixel, or more commonly known as OXP is dedicated to delivering useful, comprehensive and innovative information for designers, developers and many others.


  1. / Reply

    I can suggest focusing on niche multisite networks as add-on suggestion. University networks, real estate networks or companies that have franchises will use wordpress multisite imo. Those niche networks are need a plugin to create event that support multisite and buddypress.

  2. / Reply

    I have a few great ideas for you:

    1. Allow the users/visitors to register for event (or even buy a ticket, a Paypal integration?). Maybe you could integrate it with Gravity Forms plugin (http://www.gravityforms.com/) or some other contact form plugin like Contact Form 7 etc.

    2. The “newsletter” functionality so the users/visitors could sign-up for newsletter updates about the event. You could also integrate it with some 3rd party service like MailChimp or great newsletter plugin http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/newsletter/

    3. BuddyPress integration to let the users see who in the network is attending the particular event (group events, activity stream etc.).

    4. Restricted view/access for some users, only for registered users or only for some user roles etc.

    5. Fronted submission form for an event, anonymous submissions and submissions by an email.


  3. / Reply

    I would love to have an event ticketing system so that you could mark a show on the calendar and sell tickets for it as well. You could highlight events that have sold out, or are close to selling out on the calendar, plus list all of the other events. Either tie in with Gravity Forms or the WP Event Ticketing plugin (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wpeventticketing/).

    My wife has dance shows all the time for her school and her site is on WordPress. It would be great to have an even more powerful and dynamic event ticketing solution than what is already out there.

    • Lubinrho,
    • November 15, 2011
    / Reply

    When we run conferences, we often have breakout sessions that are registered for separately. It would be very useful to have events that are sub-level to the main event. I didn’t see this as an option above unless I missed it. Great product! I’m very excited about it.

    • Tilo,
    • November 15, 2011
    / Reply

    I don’t know if these are good for an addon or for the main-plugin, but I have these suggestions:

    Venue View: It would be great if I add a picture for the venues.

    iCal import: It would be really cool, if it were possible to create Events in Google Calendar, which then are automatically imported into the plugin.

    Permalink stucture: I would like to be able to edit the link structure in the admin area, for example, currently is the URL for an event category: domain.com/events/category/category-name/ – but just for a event in this category: domain.com/event/event-name/

    Event category color: I would also like to define a color for every event category in the settings of the plugin.

    Maps Zoom-Level: I would also like to define a zoom level for the Google maps in the settings of the plugin.

    Facebook-Event: I don’t know if the is an API for Facebook events but, it would be cool, if their would be auomatically a Facebook event for any events in the plugin.

    By the way: Thanks for this great plugin!

    • Karl,
    • November 15, 2011
    / Reply

    Would be nice if you could subscribe to an event, and be reminded by email or SMS.

    The possibility to modify the look of the listview in the backend

    Calendar, listview and a single event formated for printing.

    • Mary Makowsky,
    • November 15, 2011
    / Reply

    Would love to see an option for event rsvp and also to sign up for event reminders. Thank you – I’ve been looking for a great event program for my client sites!

  4. / Reply

    I have been looking for an event calendar to use with my group that not only supports a community but has an RSVP system that will notify the person that entered the event and anyone who wishes to be notified of other replies. Kind of like the way eVite does it.

    • pancho,
    • November 16, 2011
    / Reply

    It is just a detail, but it could be great if this plugin have open graph support with RSVP buttons.

  5. / Reply

    Of all the event plugins I have tried, not a single one allows for assigning seat numbers that I know of. So something that i would love to see happen, and something that I’ve needed multiple times in the past is to
    1) Have seating arrangements with seating numbers and a map of the seating arrangement where hte end-user can select a seat and see which ones are already taken.
    2) Be able to customize that seating arrangement.
    This is especially handy for any events that are family-oriented, such as plays, community movie nights, etc.

    • Micah,
    • November 16, 2011
    / Reply

    One very useful feature for this type of calendar would be the ability to allow visitors to schedule an appointment from the calendar. It should allow anonymous visitors to sign up in a given slot so that he can reserve time with the owner of the calendar. Not only that, but once this visitor signs up, an email notification should be sent out to the owner so that he knows a new appointment is filled.

    • Karen Leung,
    • November 16, 2011
    / Reply

    To make this awesome plugin even better, I suggest the following:

    1. Extend the advanced event lookup function currently under admin to front-end users. This means a page that allows users to do a multiple criteria search, ie. selection by several main event categories, with sub-categories as choices under each main category. If possible, users can also select choices for some and not all criteria, and/or more than one choice under each criterion. It would also be great if the admin can select which categories to show on the form.

    2. Add colour as an option to event categories, and show dots of the respective colours next to the event name in the tooltips. Obviously, there should also be a legend of the category names and their colours shown, say below the calendar in calendar view and above event descriptions in event list view.

    3. On the admin side, add an option to automatically post on Facebook and Twitter for newly added events, by adding a checkbox for such option at the bottom of the “add new event” page?

    4. Along the lines of item #3, add social media buttons at the bottom of each event details page so users can share an event with their connections.

    5. I can’t tell how the Single Day view is designed and if this hasn’t been done, but can user click on a date on the calendar (either calendar or event list view) and the website jumps to the Single Day view for the selected date?

    6. Again, I wish I know if this is set up in “Events Calendar Pro,” but it would be super if the end time of an event be made optional. Quite often I don’t know the exact end time for an event. For example, information given for an opera performance or rock concert usually lists only the start time and excludes the end time.

    That’s my two cents. I look forward to seeing the next version! Much thanks!

    • Melinda,
    • November 16, 2011
    / Reply

    I think it will be great to have a Groupon-Like countdown timer till the event date.

    • James,
    • November 16, 2011
    / Reply

    A great feature will be allowing multiple event organiser to login into the calendar system to update their respective event. This way it will save the admin time on updating each event.

    • Derek,
    • November 17, 2011
    / Reply

    My add-on request is simple…
    I’d love it if new events were also published as a new post, therefore showing up in the RSS, which would allow users to automatically update Twitter and Facebook via the RSS every time they create a new event.

    And if we’re going really blue-sky… I’m using The Events Calendar for a local amateur Theatre website, so yes I’d like seat numbers, ticketing and Paypal integration to buy online. That would allow me to take a major leap forward with our online offering.

    Thanks for the great work you guys have done so far. No other WP Calendar is as clean, efficient and user friendly.

    • Karen Leung,
    • November 17, 2011
    / Reply

    One more suggestion to add to my long list a few posts before:

    7. Rating system: Showing on the webpage: (1) A rating on the event by the admin, and (2) an average rating by users.

  6. / Reply

    How about attaching a promotional post or page to an event and automate a recurring tweet of the post or page months, weeks or days before the event to help with promotion of the actual event it’s self.

  7. / Reply

    Hi guys, great plugin!
    I have a web design blog and I really wanted a plugin that would let me tel my readers about design related events in my country, so this plugin would be great for that purpose.

    My suggestions are:
    1. People have wrote here before of front end submission form. Well, that would be a great idea- but also maybe to set up a reminder to the user who submitted the event a week/ a few days before the event to make sure & confirm it hasnt been postponed or delayed, thats for the site’s readers not to show up at an event which has been moved to a different date/ hour/ place.
    Ofcourse have a way for the site admin to approve submitted events like comments so that no un-relevant event was submitted and published.

    2. Have the possible quick way to create a post from each event. not automatically but as a process which the site owner can easily make a new post from an event. (in a way like the “duplicate post” plugin works).

    3. Have an integration with facebook events to pull the details from a FB event and its image automatically. Maybe also consider eventbrite and meetup integration (if thoe have APIs).

    4. Make a way for the site readers to post comments on each event like a small wall that pops up as a tooltip from the calendar (or maybe a new page that slides in through ajax).
    The communication of a site’s visitors is an important matter for each site owner. If you could also make a way for visitors to stay longer in a site and interact on event matters it would be very valuble to you as a marketing tool :)

    5. Themes. Didn’t notice if you have any but maybe create a cool wysiwyg theme editor in the admin panel.


  8. / Reply

    I am a designer and recently got a project to work with events. I was looking up for a plugin that has all the features in this plugin plus a bulk upload feature and has a well documented list of short codes that can allow modification and practical usages in short simple to embedd and has a powerful embed search widget.

    Was also looking at a plugin that can allow access of events to different categories. i.e an event that can be viewed by only a set of users e.g registered only not just the issue of password. I wanted to group events depending on access.

    The events should also be separate from from normal posts and have an option of adding SEO meta tags with ease.

    Also looking for an event count down

    Also looking for a means to integrate subscription via paypal.


  9. / Reply

    1) Facebook RSVP integration?
    2) Specific colors for individual categories
    3) Option to choose automatic reminder email(s) before the event

    • Nitin,
    • November 21, 2011
    / Reply

    couple of options I can suggest are

    1. Auto Facebook integration – creation of event from FB url.
    2. FB RVSP Sync
    3. Integration with Gravity forms.

    • Tilo,
    • November 24, 2011
    / Reply

    3 working days over, isn’t it? :)

  10. / Reply


    It will be good to have:

    1.) Facebook widget + facebook login ( import facebook comments )

    2.) Facebook option with the new open graph ( I will attend / I will be busy on %date% … ) + the existing one that we have send or recommend + share on facebook

    3.) Import tool that support custom taxonomies for better categorizing

    4.) Search system including custom taxonomies and update on the fly ( you choose on of the taxonomies that you created for the event and that selection is reflecting on the rest by updating the fields with the available only – most probably ajax or jquery should be involved )

    5.) Stay informed/updated option for the events where the readers could subscribe

  11. / Reply

    Hi everyone, thank you for your support. The contest is closed.

    The winners are listed at the end of this article. Thank you!

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