WPMU DEV Review – A Membership with Vast Potential plus Giveaways!

WPMU DEV Review - A Membership with Vast Potential plus Giveaways!

As we are advancing through a modern technological era there is a greater demand for effective expression through a written platform. As users of technology, whether experienced or simply new, we always strive for a means of such expression – to get a perspective across, to provide facts: to change the thoughts of those who are interested.

With these demands in mind, many internet users are seeking a platform for this expression and modern blogging websites have become fundamental to satisfying these needs – WordPress, as an example, has garnished it’s name with a firm reputation for ease of use. This, to some extent, is very true indeed. Though certain aspects plague what could be a completely efficient tool for website publishing.

WPMU DEV Review - A Membership with Vast Potential plus Giveaways!

Though the topic for this piece revolves around the possibility of expanding the horizons of WordPress, largely through the use of modernised plugins and arrays of themes for designing. The question has arisen countless times and answered equally as much, ‘Is it too good to be true?‘. The answer is no.

Can a WPMU-Dev Membership Assist Your Site?

So we take on WPMU Dev: and the membership, which seemingly gives you endless freedom of customisation and expression – for a price. So are these claims met to a satisfactory level? Or will you, as the potential customer, be left in the dark and thus questioning the reliability of this membership. To answer this question, perhaps we should delve into the benefits provided by gaining the membership – and from there we can collect the positives and the negatives, and help manifest a conclusion.

The Fundamental Features – Are They Worth It?

So what is offered exactly well let’s take a quick peek:

With a membership on WPMU Dev, you will gain 140+ plugins for your WordPress site. You will gain access to 160+ themes, with the added support for those with more experience.

These two points are, largely, the fundamental benefits within the package, along with the added support granted through live Q&A and manuals. So what does this mean for you as a user of WordPress?

You will be given a vast amount of liberty in choosing the appearance of your site with the collection of themes available, while also being able to enhance the functionality of your website through the use of plugins (some notable plugins include ‘The new blog templates’ and ‘Custom press’, amongst many more). In contrast, if you are unsure about certain aspects regarding the membership, or WordPress in general, you have firm access to manual support and live help with a professional. This, for newcomers in particular, is immensely important and should naturally entice.

WPMU DEV Support

In regards to usability, there is a negative factor, which potential customers should consider. The choice of themes and plugins, though carrying the potential of customisation for a web developer, are not so easily accessible for a beginner. Many of the plugins, though quite helpful by themselves, lack the potential of customisation for those who are not acquainted with web developing or those who are not knowledgeable in coding a website or designing.

Thus this particular limitation is largely a result of technological barriers, which, therefore, may cause difficulties for certain users who are not ‘tech’ enthusiasts. Users who carry knowledge in web development may therefore be better suited to using the plugins provided by WPMU Dev, due to having experience and knowledge.

Another element, which at this stage may dishearten potential customers, is the fact that the amount of themes is limited. Due to this, many websites may carry a similar appearance to one another. This is largely a result of lack of knowledge regarding customisation options and methods. So it may be said quite frankly – the WPMU Dev membership has the potential to appease and satisfy newcomers into the world of website creation, though users who have no particular inclination towards web development, may not be able to utilise the features of the membership to the full extent.

Despite these technological limitations, this particular membership carries a large amount of potential for business’ and website owners alike. Within the membership there are many notable plugins, which provide simplicity for managing a business online. For example, the use of specific plugins such as ‘Appointments+’: a plugin, which will categorise and manage appointments – can essentially be pivotal to the success of a modern business. This plugin, amidst a category of others, is a testament to providing simplicity for the user.

It is relevant to note that there is in fact future potential for this membership in regards to the implementation of unique plugins. WordPress have brought forward an interesting point regarding the prematurity of the WMBU Dev membership: they have openly affirmed the fact that future updates will be released on a continual basis which may bring forth some excitement. This, in some regard, gives extra value to the membership itself due to the fact that more plugins and extra themes will be released and perhaps even new, unique features.

Notable Plugins within the Membership

One aspect that the team at WordPress perfected was the broad choice of plugins made available for the user: each being effective and unique to the other. So which particular plugins are quintessential to a website owner?

WPMU DEV Plugins

The Appointments+ plugin is incredibly helpful for organising and managing appointments while providing simplicity for both customers of a business and owners.

The WPMU Dev’s snapshot plugin is equally as effective. This plugin essentially gives the user piece of mind, knowing that your database is completely safe and stored away if the worst was to happen.

Pricing – Does It Comply with Your Wallet?

Within the phase of the new year, WordPress is propelling its own price cuts for the WPMU Dev membership. The pricing, for the time being, has been lowered quite significantly:

Typically, the pricing for a full membership costs $79. This price, quite fairly, may be viewed as over-priced considering the prematurity of the features.

WPMU DEV Pricing

At the current stage, WordPress are providing an offer for new users, which is expressed as being for a ‘limited time‘. The total price is slashed down to $39.50: thus much more lenient on the wallet.

The price is therefore acceptable and doesn’t place a heavy strain on a potential website owner who, most probably, is already gathering an income through either business or advertising.

In Summary

Overall, the WPMU Dev membership carries its worth through the broad category of options for themes and plugins with the added support of live Q&A. WordPress has solidified its reputation for ease of use and has marked a phase of originality with the innovative plugins previously mentioned.

The primary negative aspect, which should be emphasised however, is the technological barrier, which may conflict with plugin customisation for a beginner to web development – certain features of WPMU Dev rely upon the web developmental knowledge of the user.

For a newcomer to basic website creation: the WPMU Dev membership will more than satisfy in creating and editing a website layout and structure. The focus on simplicity is a fundamental benefit to any website owner, and WordPress does not fail on this front.


We are excited to partner with WPMU DEV and give away 3 free memberships for our esteemed readers. Read on to find out how you can become one of the winners.

The Prizes

3 X 1 year full memberships total worth $1260 ($410 value per membership).

How to Win?

Please follow the below simple steps in order to be eligible for the contest.

  • Submit a comment to this post telling us how you can make use of WPMU Dev.
  • Follow @wpmuorg and @onextrapixel on Twitter and include the tweeted link together in your comment.
  • Like WPMU DEV and onextrapixel on Facebook.
  • You can also follow WPMU DEV on Google+ to double your chance on winning.

This giveaway ends on 28th January 2013. Please use a valid email address when filling out the comment form. Please comment only once.

The winners will be selected at random, contacted by email within 3 business days after the contest is over and announced in this article.

Good luck, everyone!

Here Are The Lucky Winners

We are glad to announce the winners for WPMU DEV giveaway. They are:

  • Nachumi Eliyahu
  • RG
  • Kevin Moreau

Congratulations to the winners and do stay tuned for more exciting giveaways!

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  1. / Reply

    Create a beautiful websites and learn from the best!

    done – Submit a comment to this post telling us how you can make use of WPMU Dev.
    done – Follow @wpmuorg and @onextrapixel on Twitter and include the tweeted link together in your comment.
    done – Like WPMU DEV and onextrapixel on Facebook.
    done – You can also follow WPMU DEV on Google+ to double your chance on winning.

    • Giorgos K.,
    • January 23, 2013
    / Reply

    Themes will help me a lot.

    Have followed, liked and +1 as required.

  2. / Reply

    This sounds wonderful as I have been using WordPress to design sites for more and more clients for the affordability to offer my clients a better design rate rather than adding a developer to the mix. I am a designer more than a developer. This membership would be perfect for me.

  3. / Reply

    I have an out of date and pretty much stagnant site that needa an overhaul. A subscription to WPMU Dev with all thier tools would be an awesome way to help move forward with my project.

    • RG,
    • January 23, 2013
    / Reply

    CustomPress, most of all, will let me get my encyclopedia type project up to another level. I am sure I can use others to enhance my site too, like Custom Google Search and Q&A.

    Was already following @wpmuorg and I am now following @onextrapixel (I am @dohrg). I am not sure where is text that requires ‘include the tweeted link’ though?

    Liked both on Facebook. And WPMU DEV on G+


  4. / Reply

    Sounds like amazing stuff! I just redesigned my website and migrate on wordpress, so the membership would be a big help.

    • G Biljardt,
    • January 26, 2013
    / Reply

    I would like to build a great website for youngsters to get them to work. WPMU could help me with that, since their plugins supply me with all needs.

    • Doug,
    • January 27, 2013
    / Reply

    I have recently been approached by a couple people regarding web site development and hosting and am planning to launch a site specifically tailored to this. WPMU Dev plugins are incredibly appealing to me especially for setting up a buddypress type of membership site. Thanks for the review!

  5. / Reply

    Have seen others use WPMU Dev and look forward to using it as well. I think they have great multisite and theme features to help integrate websites for clients.

    • foodfriendfinder,
    • March 21, 2013
    / Reply

    After a couple years having WPMUdev membership I can only say :
    1) the themes are horrible
    2) although there are many plugins most are just a hassle to use and do not compare to what is available free from WordPress Plugins and/or other paid plugins.
    3) loved the forums there…Moderators were very helpful.
    I don’t recommend them at all for the expense.

    1. / Reply

      Hi @foodfriendfinder, thanks for your thoughts on this. While I couldn’t agree the themes are “horrible”, they’re not quite up to current norms, namely regarding “responsiveness”. But that’s being addressed with a forthcoming theme framework that’s really just amazing. It alone would be worth membership. There’s no ETA on the release, but it should be out very soon.

      As for the plugins, that would rather depend, wouldn’t it? I mean, there’s not really anything on the free market like Appointments+, Snapshots, Chat, Autoblog, e-Newsletter and more.

      I do realize there are some great free plugins that cover many features in some of the premium plugins. Though many, if not most of them, aren’t actively developed, which usually means no new features.

      But also, features can be requested and often are. And where they’re simple, simple solutions in the form of snippets are often provided. But the more complex ones are often done over time.

      Anyway, thanks for your feedback. While I’d be inclined to differ, I’m admittedly biased. But I also think the clarifications I’ve noted do apply. :)

  6. / Reply

    We have a WPMU account and it’s extremely helpful to have a community of extremely knowledgeable developers on hand to help troubleshoot issues that we just can’t see a solution for. As for the plugins, they’re top notch too. Why reinvent the wheel for yourself when someone else has already given you a damn good wheel to use to your hearts content!?

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