11 Beautifully Minimalistic Yet Inspiring Promotional Sticker Designs

When it comes to printed marketing materials, promotional stickers are perhaps one of the most under-utilised materials out there. Unlike flyers, leaflets, banners and so forth, stickers are often seen as a bit of a gimmick and because of this, a lot of business owners are quick to dismiss them as a viable promotional opportunity.

Unlike flyers, brochures or leaflets which usually aim to inform potential clients/customers about specific products or services, the primary aim of a promotional sticker is to promote your business and raise brand awareness in a subtle manner.

Because of this, promotional stickers require a completely different design approach when compared to most other printed marketing materials. Stickers need to be clean, simple, colorful and as this fantastic sticker design guide quite rightly points out, they need to be heavily branded yet also quite minimalistic in terms of the message they’re trying to communicate.

However, despite knowing this information, most designers have a tendency to over-complicate things and include entirely unnecessary information. This can have a negative impact on the effectiveness of your sticker and so to help inspire you, I’ve rounded up a few beautifully minimalistic stickers to inspire your design process.

Examples of Inspirational Sticker Designs

International Start-up Festival

The International Start-up Festival is an event held annually in different cities around the world. As you can imagine with an event like this, promotion and marketing is fundamental to its success and so, stickers were included as one of the many promotional marketing materials to help raise awareness of the festival.

These are beautifully minimalistic stickers that are essentially nothing more than the logo for the event. However, they do give vital information including the date the festival is held, the website and of course, a Twitter hash tag. They certainly don’t look cluttered though.

International Startup Festival

Philadelphia Start-up Weekend

Philadelphia’s Start-up Weekend is a similar event to the International Start-up Festival but obviously, it’s held in Philadelphia.

These stickers are even more minimalistic than the example above as they don’t feature a website address or a Twitter hash tag. Despite this, they still include the vital information regarding the dates of the festival. The colors black, white and yellow really help the stickers to stand-out without overcomplicating the design.

Start Up Weekend


Mailchimp is one of the world’s leading email marketing companies and any of you familiar with Mailchimp will know that the chimp depicted in the stickers below is their mascot.

He’s regularly seen wearing different hats/outfits for different events; in this instance he appears to be dressed as a Viking. This is a fun and eye-catching way to increase brand awareness for the company. Notice that the stickers don’t even feature the name of the company; the chimp does all the work for them.



These stickers from BE are some of my personal favourites as I absolutely love the concept behind them. As you can see, the stickers feature the phrase “Hello, I want to be a [BLANK] when I grow up”.

One of the unique things about these stickers is that they’re somewhat personalised as the choice of the job title will reflect the ambitions of that particular sticker recipient.

It’s a pretty minimalistic design but clearly, the concept was enough to make the stickers stand out.


Made In Los Angeles

These are perhaps the most minimalistic stickers we’ve featured in this post but as you can see, it’s this stark minimalism that actually helps the stickers to stand out.

They make use of just two colors (black and white) which, as you can see, are highly contrasting. This helps the typography to stand out on the white background. What’s more, a place (e.g. Los Angeles) can stand for a lot so perhaps unintentionally, these stickers hold a lot of meaning without really trying.

Made in Los Angeles


InVision App is a design-oriented application that helps designers to create mock-ups and prototypes for their projects. These stickers are pretty simple and as you can see, the design is nothing more than a silhouette (albeit a green one) of a head featuring the motivational slogan “Design makes everything possible”.

The fantastic minimalistic design of these stickers combined with the inspirational slogan will almost certainly help them to attract the attention of their target audience (i.e. designers). They’re not overly promotional but they do feature the website address of the app.



Imgur is a well-known image-sharing website that is used by hundreds and thousands of people on a daily basis. Because many people are already familiar with the Imgur logo, these stickers are perfect for creating even more brand awareness for the website.

Clearly, they’re nothing more than the Imgur logo but you can imagine that fans of the site would be proud to stick these to their belongs which essentially, helps to promote the website with very little effort on Imgur’s part.



Personally, I think these stickers from More are some of the most beautiful stickers on our list. Once again, they’re extremely simple but the colors used in the design create an almost cartoon-like look which is hugely appealing.

The black, blue and white colour combination is also likely to allow the stickers to stand out no matter where they end up being placed, whether it be a laptop case, shop window or even a car bumper.



Much like the Imgur stickers mentioned earlier on in this list, these stickers from WebPlatform.org are beautifully designed and are more than likely aimed at web developers and/or already existing fans of the website.

Usually, web developers tend to educate each other so you can imagine how the word about the site would spread should one web developer have this sticker stuck to his/her laptop.

The colourful yet subtle mix of colors will most definitely help these stickers to stand out on any colored background too.


Social Print Studio

These stickers from Social Print Studio are another one of my personal favourites as I think the colors used in the design complement each other perfectly.

For anyone familiar with the CMYK color mode (or even RGB), you might notice that this design is reminiscent of the CMYK diagram. This is likely intentional as the stickers have been produced to promote a print studio.

Once again, they’re simple and straightforward yet beautifully designed and extremely colorful.

Social Print Studio

Turntable FM

Turntable FM recently closed down but during their live days, they produced these beautifully minimalistic stickers to help raise awareness for the service.

These stickers are particularly interesting as although they don’t actually feature the words “Turntable FM”, it’s likely that the vast majority of viewers would understand the message from the sticker design alone. It’s also likely that existing fans of Turntable FM would have utilised these stickers to help raise awareness amongst their friends/family.

This is a perfect example of a sticker designed around its target audience and aim.

Turntable FM


Although there is no exact science to creating the perfect sticker, you can see that taking a minimalistic approach to the design process will often work out well when it comes to sticker design. By utilising bright block colors and clean typography, you’ll be able to ensure that your sticker is not only beautiful, but also gets noticed by your target audience no matter where it ends up being placed.


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