15 Landing Pages with Inspiring and Creative Graphics and Designs

15 Landing Pages with Inspiring and Creative Graphics and Designs

Good landing pages are indispensable from a marketing point of view. They are the entry points for valuable visitors, and every business wants pages that can funnel users in the right direction. A lot is riding on landing pages – they have to be perfect. As a graphic designer working on a corporate landing page, I felt a trifle stifled at first. We had to do a conversion-centered design and there were a dozen components that had to be there: USP headline and sub header, a section detailing the benefits, a picture representing our services, a prominent call-to-action, social and other contact points, etc.

Designing a successful and attractive page was not difficult. After all, the structure of the page was driven by the different elements that had to be accommodated. The wireframe I created for the page looked too much like an infographic – it served its purpose, but there wasn’t anything special or creative about it.

In order to find inspiration for creating innovative and graphical landing pages, I trawled hundreds of pages on the web. Here are fifteen of the most innovative landing pages on the Internet.

Inspiring and Creative Landing Page Designs

1. Indofolio
One grand image dominates the page, and there is a single call to action. It says “Develop a website like this in seconds”. I love this one because of the simplicity and impact of the image. The main elements of the page are not highlighted – they are placed at the bottom of the page, unobtrusively. But the single image is so intriguing that users will want to click on the link to find out more.


2. HuliHealth
The user needs to take five steps to use the services of this website. It is not as simple as it seems, especially for users who are not tech savvy. The prominent call-to-action section and the clearly visible brief usage guide underneath make the task seem simple and welcoming. Note the upbeat colors, absence of edges and images of doctor and stethoscope that make it easier for users to trust this website.


3. H. Bloom
The main purpose of this company is to sell flowers. When you look at those images growing on the page, you want to buy flowers, even if you do not need to. And the emotional impact of the central image is invaluable. Can you think of anything better to lure impulse buyers?

H. Bloom

4. Bounding Box Boxing
Design and boxing – how do you represent these two concepts through a set of graphics? Take a look at this page and you will find out. It is a very simple page, but its understated graphics and content would impress the target audience.

Bounding Box Boxing

5. Bear CSS
Imagine this page without the image of the bear and the hot air balloon. It would look rather desolate. But the simple presence of the bear – an image which matches the name of the website – adds a fun feeling to the whole design. This is the kind of page that can look forbidding, but the simplicity of the design and the friendliness of the bear make it appear joyful.

Bear CSS

6. Designed To Move
This is the kind of landing page that has a lot to say. Holding the attention of users is not easy. The graphics on the top of the page symbolize movement and naturally grab the attention of users. As you scroll down the page, you come across some superb designs that are informative as well as attractive.

Designed To Move

7. Simon Coudeville
At times, the best landing pages come from smaller sites created by individuals who are in the business. This is one of the most stunning landing pages I’ve seen in ages. The picture shows a silhouette of a man standing near the sea; his face is blurred. There is a natural tendency in human beings to uncover mysteries. And the pages tell you how you can do that – by contacting him on different social networking sites.

Simon Coudeville

8. The Brendans
Nothing like a grand visual to pique the interest of visitors. The top part of the page sucks all the attention from the reader and makes him want to discover more of the page. As you scroll down, there are several clear images of interesting people. Does the design want me to know more about this company? Hell yeah!

The Brendans

9. Raven Tools
I link this one because it accomplishes a lot through little effort. The lower end of the page is well-designed, but it is not too different from conventional landing pages. But the graphics at the top of the page create a very positive vibe and a feeling of success – which is exactly what the company promises.

Raven Tools

10. Epiphany Search
This is one of the most helpful pages for graphic designers trying to create professional designs without blunting the edge of their creativity. The simplest graphical elements are used smartly to offer a persuasive pitch to users.

Epiphany Search

11. GiftRocket
The clear images, the clickable icons and the prominent call-to-actions highlight the marriage of form with functionality. What I loved about this page is the how the designer has used graphics to convey complex ideas simply and speedily.

Gift Rocket

12. Blab Cake
This is how you market apps. This is a landing page for an app that is yet to be launched. Most designers and companies do not spend too much time and effort on such pages. This page doesn’t have the most polished look, but it is bubbling with an irrepressible charm and looks intriguing at the first glance.

Blab Cake

13. Rdio
This page oozes style and would definitely attract a younger audience. The graphic designer has used a number of colors with the first image. Colors that are generally not placed side by side have been combined to create an edgy feel.


14. Tea Round App
The purpose of this page is to get you interested in the app. See how it goes about it. It creates an understated emotional appeal through the kettle and the handwritten note. The simplicity of the page works in its favor. And as the user doesn’t need to scroll for the minimalistic web form. It is right there. This page is bound to succeed.

Tea Round App

15. Opera
What is the best image for advertising a browser? Do you put in a smartphone, or do you show someone exploring the world? The design for this page settles the question by placing a smartphone in the hand of guy who is exploring outdoors.



As the above examples show, it is possible to create original and attractive landing pages without breaking any rules. Stick to the best practices for creating effective landing pages, but add something fun to the page and let it the be central element of your design.

What are some other creative landing pages that you have seen? Please share with us.


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