Designer Concepts on UIs for the New Android Moto 360 Watch

Designer Concepts on UIs for the New Android Moto 360 Watch

The Google smart wear collection has been recently replenished with a brand-new concept – Moto 360 Smart Watch powered by Android. Though at first glance, the device looks like a regular chronometer that has a quite sophisticated appearance, in fact it is a high-tech piece of art that will not only display the current time but also offers you some helpful stuff. Thus, for example, it will keep track of your appointments and notify you when necessary; it will serve as a navigator that will walk you through a sea of roads and streets with the help of a standard Google Maps widget; moreover, providing you with a handy way of communicating with your friends via chat apps or social media will be also a part of its duty.

Though that’s all that is stated on the official website, it is quite enough for the imagination to run wild, especially when it comes to the creative minds of designers and developers. Members of the Dribbble community have already demonstrated some ingenious app variations on this topic, supplying regular onlookers with fantastic truly realistic gif animations.

We believe that we should also put our 2 cents in this discussion and shed light upon various mind-blowing solutions of small apps that, maybe someday, will run on our smart watches.

Smart Wear App Designs

Android Wear – Clock App by Ramotion

Here, the watch is actually used for its original purpose aka displaying the exact time, and also showcasing various notifications that is really helpful for those who leads a life rich in events. Thanks to a pure white background and contrasting black typography you won’t miss anything important.

Android Wear Clock App Design

Smart Watch Concept Animation by Steffen Nørgaard Andersen

The concept includes several basic widgets such as weather forecast, music player and list of phone numbers. Each widget replaces another one with a help of a pleasant transition effect.

Smart Watch Concept Animation

Watch Store Concept by Housin Aziz

Everything is possible with an Android-driven smart wear. As the designer suggests you can freely search through various ecommerce websites, look through clothes items and even do your shopping. You will have to refresh the page to replay the animation.

Watch Store Concept

Google Music by Nabeel Khalid

The designer makes use of a basic swipe effect that is inherent to the majority of mobile app UIs in order to make the process of changing and selecting tracks of a tiny music player look handy and habitual.

Google Music

App Concept Adnroid Wear by Michal Galubinski

This concept is aimed at proving that chatting through an Android Watch has never been easier. The gif animation includes several functional screens that demonstrate basic functions.

App Concept Adnroid Wear

Skype Adnroid Wear Concept by Michal Galubinski

Much like the previous example, this concept is also aimed at showcasing one of the most common ways of holding a conversation through the internet. The designer suggests its variation on the Skype app UI, making it absolutely neat and clean.

Skype Adnroid Wear Concept

Facebook Adnroid Wear Concept by Michal Galubinski

Of course, what would we do without one of the most powerful social media platforma – Facebook? The gif features a basic workflow for connecting to your account and checking it out.

Facebook Adnroid Wear Concept

ANDROID WEAR UI – Voice Search by Tobs

Although the function of a voice search is a bit new and is not yet fully elaborated, it should definitely be on your smart watch; and this designer offers a quite elegant and fresh solution that won’t mislead you.

Android Wear UI - Voice Search

Droid Smartwatch Weather app by Unity

The gif animation depicts a standard weather forecast app in action. It includes several smoothly alternating screens that are based on solid color backdrops, relatively huge, line-style, intelligible icons and refined, ultra-narrow type that all together immediately gives an indication about the conditions outdoors.

Droid Smartwatch Weather App

Flappy Bird 360 for Android Wear by Unity

The games that are controlled by only one tap will definitely derive benefits from the Moto 360 watch and will find their place in your smart gadget, providing you with a pleasant pastime.

Flappy Bird 360 for Android Wear

Shazam Android Wear by James Storer

Recognizing music only by means of bringing your wrist closer to the source – is really something. I hope someday all our issues about who performs this catchy song will disappear.

Shazam Android Wear

Bike & Seek for Android Wear by Julius Haukkasalo

Beyond doubt, it is really hard to imagine a contemporary portable smart gadget without several entertaining games. The team want to demonstrate that even such a small screen is not an obstacle for game lovers.

Bike & Seek for Android Wear

Starbucks Android Wear by Stefan Poulos

Much like various food-oriented websites and mobile applications, this app driven by Moto 360 will also be able to demonstrate menus, specials and new dishes as well as engage users with various bonus programs.

Starbucks Android Wear

Small sized gifs of spectacular Android Wear UIs

What If? by Webshocker

The concept features a basic informative screen which is often found on home screens of mobile devices. It effectively displays the time, the location, a weather forecast and several notifications.

What If?

eBay with Android Wear by Noah Batterson

This is another brilliant solution on a selling/buying theme. The sleek gif animation features a handy interface for browsing and doing your shopping via eBay.

eBay with Android Wear

Android Wear – QQ App by Teny

Interactivity and communication – is a really good combination especially when it is spiced up with some funny, kind mascot. Vector illustrations, flat style and neutral coloring effectively enhance the app UI’s aesthetics.

Android Wear - QQ App

Android Wear – Phone by George Frigo

The designer assumes that a smart gadget has to support phone calls, so he presents its own variation of a screen that displays all basic data along with an image.

Android Wear - Phone

Moto 360 Notification Concept by Siavash Shabanipour

The intelligent watch with a pleasant notification center sounds pretty modern. The gif animation shows only 2 basic screens: a gorgeous photo-based clock face and a widget with messages and notices.

Moto 360 Notification Concept

Watch by Beard Chicken

The animation is highly futuristic with amazing 3d effects. Of course, nowadays such virtual projections look a bit unreal; however 50 years ago nobody could imagine that people would have an opportunity to communicate with each other via a small device that fits in your hand.



The Dribbble community always boasts of its ability to “look a few steps ahead” by providing regular users with mind-blowing, sometimes even unbelievable ideas. Though some of the projects remain only concepts, there are several that will definitely come to life.


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