How I Know I’ve Found The Best Place For Responsive Email Templates

How I Know I’ve Found The Best Place For Responsive Email Templates
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We all know how fast the world is spinning. In the age of speed, sitting down in front of a computer is getting close to becoming an obsolete notion. It’s more than enough to take a look around when you walk down the street; more than half of the people you see have their noses buried in their smartphones. And I’ll warrant that this is how most people keep up with their email correspondence. So, for one email to capture someone’s attention, it has to look good, and convey interesting information.

Stamplia, launched on 10th of April, is a great marketplace where passionate web designers can submit, and customers purchase, templates that will make any email look dazzling.

How I Know I’ve Found The Best Place For Responsive Email Templates

Designers’ Cup of Tea

I hope you’re paying attention, because this is big. Over the course of September, Stamplia are giving away a bounty of $30 for every template that is submitted and accepted by the end of the month. Moreover, that offer comes with the specification that you, the contributor, will receive 60% of every sale.

You know, being a designer has its pros and cons. But on the definite downside is the continuous and painstaking effort involved in coming to terms with each client on their products. In fact, all the administrative activities take up so much of my time, that it’s a wonder that I manage to get anything done some days. Well, why not create my design, submit it somewhere, and let the clients come to me? This marketplace is ideal just for that.

Email Preview

Submitting a template to Stamplia is fast and easy. Firstly, you need to encase the template in a ZIP fie, and upload it. Then, you just need to specify which type it is (whether it’s for any given subtype of transactional email, registration form, or newsletter), its name, description, price, tags, etc. Finally, just before hitting ‘submit’, take the preview test on any of the 25+ email clients, and check its responsiveness. Naturally, you’ll want to make certain that everything looks gorgeous before the selection team evaluates your work.

Get your responsive templates from an outsource that means business

The future of email marketing lies in the use of responsive emails. And this is the best place to find them. Each sent email has a template that identifies what kind of display and dimensions are innate to the destination device, and it does so with @media Queries.

Responsive Emails

Consequently, the email layout adjusts to the given setting, so that the person who is supposed to read it goes through a captivating visual experience instead of squinting down at an oversized text and trying to make something of it.

Limited Special Offer

If you’re a potential customer, at Stamplia you’ll find responsive templates that are compatible with most email providers and a lightning-fast exporting process towards that provider. In addition, every template has an Email Preview and a Spam Test, so you can rest assured that what you see is what you get: top-notch quality.


If you’re a fellow designer, hurry up and submit your work, don’t wake up when September ends. In order to get the bounty faster – $30 + 60% from any future sale – you will have to use the coupon code: ONEXTRAPIXEL.

Jane is a freelance graphic designer with a passion for writing and photography. She is currently working on several projects and loves the minimal style.


    • Chris Collett,
    • September 18, 2013
    / Reply

    I’ve run into the problem of media queries not being compatible with template variables. I’ve used these boilerplate templates to build off of for my company’s clients.

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