Using Your Inner Child To Consistently Better Your Career

Using Your Inner Child To Consistently Better Your Career

To some degree, everyone never fully grows up. No matter how hard anyone wants to fight it, there will always be some part of your childhood self lingering around. Some people might not view this as being a good quality for themselves to have. Let’s face it, children aren’t widely known for being the most wise and best decision makers.

Using Your Inner Child To Consistently Better Your Career

However, there is one thing about children only an idiot can’t recognize or would ignore. This being that children are instinctively better learners than their adult counterparts. To them every day is a new learning experience, so its pretty obvious why an older person simply can’t compete here. That’s all okay though because for older people, that same ease of learning can be found when learning about something there is a personal passion for.

That is why in this article, we’re going to take a look at how to properly utilize your inner child to better your career.

Using Your Inner Child to Better Your Career

What Is the Inner Child of a Web Professional

For any professional in their chosen field for the right reasons, it’s impossible not to have encountered your inner child. The inner child of any professional becomes most clear to the eye when what you’re doing no longer appears to be work, and pursuing a higher level of knowledge in this field it seems like the most fun idea that materializes into your head.

What Is the Inner Child of a Web Professional

For professionals apart from the web industry, the inner child is visible almost all the time. Here are a few instances where it is most easily recognizable to better illustrate this point.

When You First Entered The Web Industry

Remember how it felt having that first encounter with HTML? How about PhotoShop? An even better question, how clear is your memory of your first time looking at a website and just being dumbfounded from looking at it?

Speaking from personal experience, those moments will never be lost memories. For everyone that was a special time, and this is where your first encounter of your inner child occurs.

Realizing Making a Quality Living is a Reality

When we’re young, the thoughts of what was an ideal adult life were based off of being able to do what was fun then for a professional living. With that ideology in mind, and age range, its no wonder most children want to be professional athletes or entertainers. These were the people they saw all the time doing the things they enjoyed, and living quality lifestyles by doing it on a professional level.

Realizing Making a Quality Living is a Reality

The early adapters of web designers and developers didn’t have an industry as prosperous as we see now. Stories of long nights working diligently, on things we now can do in an instant, really showed the true passion and hunger for this field those early adapters had. Now try to imagine the feeling someone working a minimum wage job during the day, and studying web technologies at night would have when they realized what type of quality living was possible through the web industry when it grew a little.

This feeling felt is another instance where the inner child can be found.

Learning a New Skill or Furthering One

The main word anyone would be a fool to associate this fast paced industry we make up is boring. There is seemingly something new popping up everyday to learn and master, and new technology for viewing that is changing everything we know. It wasn’t too long ago when parallax design was the new trending practice leading the industry, but seemingly as fast as it came to prominence a new practice took its place. This practice of course being responsive design.

The way new skills and techniques keep popping up out of everywhere, even the most advanced professional has to be amazed from time to time. This amazement of embracing a new and foreign skill is the most common recurring instance where the inner child is present.

How You Lose Sight of Your Inner Child

Despite how fun and exciting this industry is, there are a lot of negative factors that can affect your connection with your inner child and your career. This is nothing new of course, these things are always present for any creative who chooses to use their creative talents for a living.

How You Lose Sight of Your Inner Child

The only difference for web professionals is that seemingly everyone thinks they can give good insight into how a project should be carried out because they browse the web all the time. Instead of going into detail on these negative aspects, especially since they have been talked about in an abundance of other articles, simply listing them will suffice:

  • The stress of pursing regular learning to stay up to date
  • The long hours
  • The sometimes awful clients
  • The never ending stress
  • The constant game changers almost making you obsolete

The list can go on forever, but these five are good enough to get the point across. This may seem like there is no hope for ever maintaining the connection to your inner child because these factors mentioned above are continuous. However, it is quite possible to find and maintain it despite these factors contributing to its loss.

Finding and Maintaining

Energy is never created or destroyed, it is either present or moving to a new destination. Looking past the oblivious chopping up of the definition of energy to suit this article, it perfectly relates to the topic of finding and maintaining your inner child.

Finding and Maintaining

So with that in mind, let’s take the time to look at some ways of finding and maintaining your inner child in this joyfully chaotic industry.

Spend Time Around Those Less Experienced

There is nothing that can match the same pure excitement of someone new to the industry. That highly energized tumbling around in hopes of one day obtaining a higher grasp of web technologies creates a ton of wonderful memories.

For those more seasoned in the industry, these days are long gone. So by spending time around fresher industry faces, you’ll easily be able to pick up on all those good vibes they’re sending off. The less seasoned one will also benefit from having someone with quality experience in their corner.

Looking Back At Old Work

For everyone, the work they did when they first started feels like it should never see the light of day. This of course is understandable, especially depending on when you started.

Looking Back At Old Work

However taking the occasional quick glance into past projects, will give a quick laugh and energize you into pushing with what you are currently doing.

Take the Time To Look At How Far You’ve Come

As everyone with any amount of serious experience in any field will tell you, the best times were always in the unknown at the beginning. The questionable destination, the seemingly impossible goals, the unimaginable difficult learning curve imagined, and let’s not forget the making money aspect. Taking a few seconds to take note of where you are, compared to where you were when you started will give a great appreciation for what you have now, and the journey that led you there.


The person found in childhood youth is never truly gone as maturity begins to occur. It simply transfers from the conscious to the subconscious mind, waiting to find usefulness again. For any professional in a stressful industry, finding a career where finding your inner child is a breeze is vital to maintaining sanity.

In this article hopefully you’ve learned more about your inner child, and where to find him when things get a little unbearable.

Jamal is a student freelance web designer/developer, graphic designer, and writer. He freelances under Five Alarm Interactive, FAI for short, based in Atlanta, GA. You can keep up with him by following his blog, or on Twitter.


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    This is so true. After years it becomes so routine and we forget about creativity and learning new stuff. I realized by reading blogs and what is new makes me very motivated to offer new ideas to my clients and at the same time make me learn the new . Honestly it is one of the fastest peace industry.

    1. / Reply

      Hey Saya,
      Yeah, this industry will blow right past you in a nanosecond if you aren’t paying attention. Staying up on what is going on on the blogosphere makes it a lot easier to keep up with everything.

  2. / Reply

    A very unique subject that you have covered in your article! Your inner child can often lead to the success that you were madly after all these years. The learning factor that a child carries within him is what we all need to be successful in our respective career. Learning is what keeps us moving towards our end goals and the moment we stop evolving is the end to everything. Success comes to those who work hard and evolve themselves with time!

    1. / Reply

      Hey Mannet,

      Very good point made here. As long as we do have fun with our work, and are dedicated to personal growth, success will come in time.

  3. / Reply

    This is very unique article and I like the subject you have chosen. I’m into Web Development and today I have learned something new.

    • Betty,
    • May 10, 2012
    / Reply

    I have been in my current position for over 8 years now, and lately have really been struggling to find my inner talents, because after awhile of doing the same routine, you begin to feel less creative. I had to do a lot of soul searching to try to figure out what it is I am good at doing, and how that skill could help me in my current position. There is a really great book titled, “The User’s Guide to Being Human: The Art and Science of Self,” by Scott Edmund Miller that I found extremely useful in helping me accomplish this.

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