10 Reasons Why It’s Great to Date a Web Designer

10 Reasons Why It's Great to Date a Web Designer

Web designers…aren’t they just loveable? I won’t be bamboozled by their meticulous attention to detail and techy jargon. While some may think they’re boring or geeky, there’s something cool about someone who gets creative, regularly uses logic and can make life a little easier with the click of a mouse.

Have you ever been been in a relationship with a web designer before? Does dating a web designer really have some different benefits? Discover the 10 reasons why dating a web designer would be great.

Why It’s Great to Date a Web Designer

1. They Have Their Own Language

Only a few people really know HTML, CSS, CMYK, SEO or RGB. I admit, besides a couple, I didn’t have a clue! After hanging out with a web designer for a while, it all made sense.

Over time, one will eventually get accustomed to hearing all the techy lingo and will catch on to their coded dialogue. Then will come a feeling of pride in having a new understanding of web interface design, user experience and search optimization.

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2. They Are Easy to Shop For

Birthdays and holidays for a web designer come easy. They know what they like and enjoy picking it out for themselves. A gift card for their favorite tech store to buy the latest software package or video game will make him a happy camper. Topping it off with a gift card for Starbucks so they can continue to sip on coffee while they work would be perfect. Together, it’s like giving a child complete access to a candy store.

Gift Card
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3. They’re Creative

The creativity used for coming up with designs and color schemes for websites will bleed into other areas that you could appreciate. For instance, shopping for interior design and décor will actually be enjoyable. People who spend spare time carefully selecting just the right kind of font would love this sort of thing.

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4. They Are Good Gifters

Web designers pay close attention to detail and are thoughtfully precise when it comes to delivering superb service to clients. So when it comes to gift giving, they’ll be the ones to make sure the person would love the gift beforehand. It will definitely be one from the heart.

It’s also common practice for a skilled web designer to wrap up something nice and upgraded. So this means that none of the electronic devices given as gifts will be out of date or last year’s business. Whether it’s a smartphone, computer or camera, it’s going to be a relatively recent model.

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5. They Can Build Websites

That’s what they do. So yes, whether I am a business owner or not, dating a web designer could mean having my own website too. Now, I’m not referring to a basic site that anyone can get from a template. I’m talking about getting the hookup. The web designer himself will help set it all up. He may even do all by himself just because he knows it all.

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6. They Offer Random Information

Web designers have a tendency to know all sorts of pieces of random information. This is partly due to being an analytical thinker and being so technical. Because of this, they make great conversationalists. Going on a date would not be boring or filled with awkward silences; that’s for sure.

7. They Are Goal Oriented

Finish what you start is an unspoken motto. Web designers are known for giving their all on a project and meeting deadlines. While this helps to explain the late nights, it also screams stability. I know that’s what I look for in any relationship. This also points to being reliable and stable, which are all major pluses.

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8. They Aren’t the Smothering Type

A web designer with a large clientele has plenty of work to keep them busy. Work consists of hours upon hours of working in their office space, making sure projects are flawless before being submitted to clients. Actual date nights would be special and no one could ever say they feel smothered.

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9. They Will Always Have Work

The modern age and technological advances are to thank for this. Just about every company has a presence on the web. It’s needed to stay afloat, and businesses most often use web designers to help make it happen. The demand is high, thus work is available in this field. In addition, some choose to take the self-employed option.

10. They Have a Special Kind of Humor

Like catching on to the jargon, the intellectual kind of humor that web designers tend to share will become infectious… in a good way. Insider jokes will create a unique bond. This may seem nerdy to some, however, for a relationship, it’s cute.

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Just think of all the things a web designer has to offer. More than just their savvy skills, they come with personality, creativity and sensibility. They are ideal for stable relationships in more ways than one… How about ten?

Are you dating a web designer or have you dated one before? Why not share with us your experience of dating a web designer in the comments box below.


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