15+ Design Related & Project Management iPhone App for Designers

15+ Design Related & Project Management iPhone App for Designers – Reviews

Technology in smart phones these days are amazing. It has helped us with a better communication by using the 3G technology and stay up connected through wireless internet using the data plan. What’s even better is that if you happen to have iPhone. As the Apple trademark slogan of iPhone says, “There’s an app for that!” made it easier for anyone to find any application on the App Store.

15+ Design Related & Project Management iPhone App for Designers - Reviews

Most of designers prefers to use Mac for their tools in trade, and are most likely pair it with an iPhone. With over 250,000 iPhone apps in the App Store which keep growing everyday, sometimes it took us a while to find the right app that suits our need. In this article, we have selected and reviewed 15+ design related & project management app for designers like you.

15+ Design Related & Project Management iPhone App for Designers

Design Related

1. Adobe Ideas (Free)
Adobe Ideas

Adobe Ideas is a handy digital sketchbook with the size of your iPhone. Their main goal for this app was to let you capture and explore ideas, integrating sketches, images and beautiful color scheming tool anywhere you go. Although it’s pretty much just a drawing app, there are some points where you could find it a useful one. Adobe Ideas lets you changes brush sizes and opacity, changeable opacity, and color picker. And for those who loves redrawing from an image or photos, Adobe Ideas also has the ability to add photo layers underneath the drawing it self. A plus point that I love is that it came with color scheme generator where you could easily determine from any images to five-color palette. Sadly, you won’t be able to export the palette image to be used with color picker on your computer, but you can export your sketch works as PDF files via email.

2. Sketchbook Mobile ($2.99 | Free)
Sketchbook Mobile

Another drawing app you should consider to get is SketchBook Mobile. It has a full set of sketching tools such as the usual pencil and airbrush and eraser tools. When you are trying to draw for the first time, you’ll notice that the lines are drawn thin, sharp and precise. You can also zoom in on areas of which require more details. Unlike most airbrush tools on other app, the Sketchbook Mobile one is very subtle and lets you to create a precise layers of colors.

Similar to Adobe Ideas, you can use an image or photos from your iPhone as the starting point for your sketch. Sketchbook Mobile also allows you to create several different layers and manage them individually. As for the color palette, it has 30 colors you can pick or pick any color you want from the color wheel and select any shade in between the primary color, black and white. Even though this app is amazing for a drawing iPhone app, sometimes it is difficult for novice to use since this app is dedicated for experienced graphic designer or illustrator. But worry not, Sketchbook Mobile has provided the tutorial when you launch the app and you only need to get used with it. This app has paid and free version, so give the free version a try and see if it’s the right drawing app for you.

3. Inspire ($4.99)

You probably notice that the price of this app is higher than Sketchbook Mobile. But wait, this drawing/painting app is actually worth the price. Inspire really is an amazing paint blending for designer who loves to create illustrations or paintings. It has many drawing features, such as: Painting Menu, Color Blending, Non-realistic Paint, Brush Selection, Brush Usage, Clumped Brush, and many more. On the main menu, it has four buttons: Gallery, Options, Info, and Tips & Trick. You should probably check the last button first then explore the rest to help you understand the app and interface before you start drawing. And since this app is imitating the application of wet oils on a canvas, you can creatively blending the provided effects with five kinds brushes for your new artwork piece.

4. Saturation (Free)


Derives from Adobe Kuler, this color themes app can be the new inspiring design experiment. The app it self is free and simple, allowing you to play with the color themes supplied by Adobe Kuler using color visualizers, viewing the Adobe Kuler library, and save the RGB and HEX values for your favorite colors. Another plus point from this app is that whenever you want to send the theme by e-mail, you can simply do it without leaving the app.

5. Color Stream ($2.99)

Color Stream

Color Stream is one of the color schemer app for iPhone that has a beautiful and simple interface. With this app, you can simply create and store new color palettes from a photo or auto generated using the built-in color schemer on Color Stream. The color schemer on this app supports monochromatic, analogous, complementary, split complementary, and triadic palettes. What’s best on this app is that you can name your palettes and give each of them a rating. This is very useful when you need to identify and find the color you like the most. Not only that, you can save the palette you have created to photos or share the palette information by e-mail. Though, this app crashed at random times. However, this is a great color scheme app to have as a graphic or web designer.

6. Palettes Pro ($7.99 | Free)

Palettes Pro

Came with the Pro and Lite version Palettes is a powerful app to create color palettes and maintain them. Not only you can create acolor palette from a photo, but you can also create one from a website, or add colors using any one of 5 color models. On the Pro version you have no limit on creating and store as many palettes as you want. Palettes has an extensive feature list, and some great ways of sorting through your saved sets.

7. Color Expert ($9.99)

Color Expert

Talk about a powerful color palettes app for your iPhone. Haven’t find it yet? Well, now you have. Color Expert is a powerful app to help artists and designers identify, translate, capture and show color using their iPhone or iPod touch. Using multiple color schemes including Monochromatic, Analogous, Complementary, Split Complementary and Triadic. You can also search through Pantone solid coated, Pantone solid uncoated, Pantone Goe coated, Pantone Goe uncoated, Web safe colors and HTML colors. Simply share the palettes to your partner or client by e-mail anytime. Color Expert made it quick and easy for you to create new custom palette from photos using the Image Picker, or pick the colors on Color Wheel. You could also transform your palettes collection into a Swatch Book. Despite the pricey price tag, this app is worth the pay out.

8. Adobe Photoshop Express (Free)

Adobe Photoshop Express

Having Adobe Photoshop Express could be handy when you’re on the run. This app is easy to use, intuitive, fast, and has varieties of one-touch effects. Even though it says Adobe Photoshop on the title, don’t expect this app to be a mobile version of Photoshop you have on your computer. It only provides you with basic editing features (ie. crop, straighten, etc), color editing, few filters, several effects choices, and border styles. It also lets you access your entire online photo and video library through your Photoshop.com account.

9. Abduzeedo (Free)


This is one of the best app for graphic designers to look up for inspirations. Abduzeedo is one of the design world’s most sought after blog for inspiration and tutorials. In addition to that they have released the Abduzeedo iPhone app last February 2010. The app itself is filled with hundreds of Daily Inspirations Series which submitted by Abduzeedo users every day which you can save and share via Twitter. The only pitfall from this app is that it could use a better work like speeding up the image when it is loading.

10. WhatTheFont (Free)


Ever feel curious about the font on a flyer or billboard when you’re on the go? Take a snapshot of it using WhatTheFont app for iPhone. This app will assist you to identify what font are they using for it. So far, WhatTheFont is the best app for font identification for on-the-go designers, though the result of what you will get is really depend on the quality of the font image you took with your iPhone. So you need to submit a steady decent image which focus on the font you want to identify to get a better result. Another thing is that whether or not the font is in the WhatTheFont database. Sometimes it can be frustrating, however this app is worth a shot to identify font samples whenever you’re not on the computer.

11. Typography Manual ($3.99)

Typography Manual

Now you can learn typography anywhere you go. No need to bring the big book of typography, this app is a pocket resource for typo designers and graphic designers in general. Typography Manual features a 60+ page book covering the history of type, type basics, how to properly set text and special characters, typography on the web, graphic design topics, and more. It’s an educational as well as a quick reference app.

12. FontShuffle (Free)

Font Shuffle

Another app for your typography inspiration, FontShuffle. Their font database is more than 650 font families and constantly updated. Shake the results list to throw new alternatives into the mix and bookmark up to 5 favorites to remain fixed in the view. With this app, you can dynamically preview the text you are typing in any font your choose. On the same screen there is a camera icon, you can press it to take a snapshot photo of the current text (excluding the app interface)and save it to your Photos. Sadly there are no options to change the size, leading and kerning once you’ve selected a font and you’re viewing the default “brown fox” text.

Project Management Related

1. Action Method (Free)

Action Method

Behance.net members must know this app. Action Methods app is the digital version of the Action Mention Book. With great structure and nice color combination on the interface, this app is built with maximum task management in mind. As we all struggle with deadlines, once you try this app and focus your every day’s task with it, this app could be a great assistance in managing your daily task

2. Billings Touch (Free)

Billings Touch

You probably already have Billings as the time/project tracking and invoicing program on your Mac. So, try Billing Touch for standalone use on your iPhone or as a companion to Billings on your Mac (Syncing with Billings and e-mailing invoices from Billings Touch require a $15 in-app purchase for this otherwise free iPhone app). This app organize clients list, projects, and track time when you’re on-the-go. What I like from this app is that Billings Touch’s timers continue to run in the background until you pause or stop them, even when you’re using other apps. Plus its best feature with the ability to create and send the invoice to my clients. The only downside from Billings Touch invoice is that the app automatically convert and send the invoice as HTML not PDF and doesn’t have more invoice template options as in the Billings for Mac.

3. Awesome Note ($3.99 | Free)

Awesome Note

This is one of my favorite iPhone app. Notice from the name, this app doesn’t give you a fake promise. It’s Awesome Note, literally. Other than the pretty interface, this app is a great app to keep your to-dos, notes, quick memos. You can view them by calendars or note’s name. Not only that, you can add photos or map to your note as well. Their new version now have the ability to syncing with Google Docs and Evernote, backup/restore on your computer over Wi-Fi, added the handwriting feature in Quick Memo, password protected, and much more. How awesome is that?

4. iBlueSky ($9.99)

iBlue Sky

Sometimes when you’re out mobile, new ideas keeps popping in your mind and you will need to map your brainstorming path. Try iBlueSky, one of the mindmapping for anyone, including you as designer. The company, Tenero Software Limited have tested that iBlueSky is good for problem solving, task breakdown, risk management, SWOT analysis, brainstorming, project and event planning, screen writing and as a study aid for learning complex information. Once you’re done you can email your organized ideas in PDF or PNG formats.


Dexigner (Free)


Dexigner is an app that delivers latest design news, events, exhibitions, conferences, and design competitions. This app is perfect for every creative in industrial design, illustration, graphic design, fashion, architecture, interior design, animation, and art. You can view the info near your location on Around Me tab, or if you are planning to travel to another location, simply check the info on Around There tab. You will find this app extremely useful as a designer who wanted to be up to date with everything on Design subject. It also accompanied by a beautiful interface and regular news updates. I personally recommend this app for every designers who holds an iPhone.

What’s your favorite design related iPhone app?

Do you find our reviews useful? Share it with others and tell us which iPhone app is your favorite. Any comment or suggestion for more design related & project management iPhone App are welcome on the comment section below.


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