23 Creative Uses of CSS3 Text Effects to Enhance Your Web Presence

23 Creative Uses of CSS3 Text Effects to Enhance Your Web Presence

Is your text blurred with Photoshop? If yes, CSS3 offers some great text effects. To give a website a visually impressive look, designers put emphasis on neat and stylish typography. For years designers have depended on Photoshop, but CSS3 is a revolution with easy-to-create text effects. Mastering CSS3 properties not only helps designers to create cool text effects, but CSS3 properties are now supported by many browsers, therefore diminishing compatibility issues.

23 Creative Uses of CSS3 Text Effects to Enhance Your Web Presence

CSS3 Text Effects

The following selection of CSS3 effects will help to reduce the JavaScript and Flash snippets from your designer tool list.

Inset Typography With CSS3
Letterpress or inset text is an impressive text effect which can be created easily using CSS3 properties. How to create this in CSS3 is explained in this simply written tutorial. Inset text gives the text a debossed look that makes the text appear embedded in the background. It works perfectly in web kit browsers, but may not work in old browsers like IE.

Inset Typography CSS3

Create Beautiful CSS3 Typography
Stylizing your text may not be a tricky job, but to make it readable yet stylish is. Work through this tutorial and it will show you how you can make your text artistic but still be readable.

Create Beautiful CSS3 Typography

Letterpress Effect With CSS Text-Shadow
Give your text a cool look via this incredible CSS property. Letter press was previously considered an industrial printing method, and it is now frequently used in website design. CSS3 has a very interactive way to create this effect.

Create a Letterpress Effect with CSS Text Shadow

Cool Anaglyphic Text Effect with CSS
Chris Spooner a very creative web designer explains in this tutorial how to create an anaglyphic text effect by using a simple CSS technique. Anaglyphics are the 3D images that can be seen with 3d specs. And giving the same 3D look to the text would be an amazing venture.

Create a Cool Anaglyphic Text Effect with CSS

Text Rotation with CSS
This one is probably my favorite one, as many popular browsers support text rotation. Jonathon Snook has written this very effective tutorial on how to transform text. Rotation can give text a very stylized look, and by using CSS3, there is no need to stick to boring horizontal effects only.

Text Rotation

Text Embossing Technique With CSS
Create a magical embossing text effect with this amazing tutorial by Steve using CSS. Embossing effects can be considered bit outdated, but there are many designers who really love this stylish effect. There are numerous beautifully designed sites that use the embossing text effect.

Text Embossing Technique with CSS

Create Outline To Your Text
Outlining text with an impressive color can give it a cool look. Matt shows you how to outline text with his tutorial using CSS. But the drawback of this property is that it only works in Safari and Chrome.

Create Outline to Your Text

CSS Gradient Text Effect
Designers use gradient effects to create glossy text. This tutorial will help you create a fancy heading by using a simple CSS trick. It works on all browsers, including IE6.0 (Only a PNG hack required). Basically this look is achievable by adding a 1px PNG (alpha transparency level) over the text.

CSS Gradient Text Effect

Subtle CSS3 Typography
I am sure this tutorial will instantly grab the attention of every designer. All thanks to CSS3 outlines and text shadows properties which Jeffery Way uses to create this subtle typography. And the amazing part is no one can distinguish that it is created with CSS3 rather Photoshop.

Subtle CSS3 Typography

Text Shadow Box
Please your visitors with this beautiful text shadow box. CSS text shadow property is used in creating this effect, and it is compatible with popular browsers like Chrome, Safari and Firefox 3.5. Just move your cursor and see the shadow magic.

Text Shadow Box

Matrix Animation with WebKit CSS3
Experience matrix animation and feel the fun. Works in Safari 4, but not supported by Chrome. The author does not use the real Japanese characters, instead he creates this cool effect by the using @font-face rule to embed a Katakana dingbat-like font.

Matrix Animation with Webkit CSS3

Inset Text With CSS3
Stylizedweb presents a detailed and very comprehensive tutorial on creating an inset text effect using CSS3. They have broken down the whole procedure in to three simple steps.

How to Create Inset Text with CSS3

Cool Text Effects Using CSS3 Text-Shadow
Alfonse Surigao shows how much variety a designer can avail using CSS3. Again, text shadow is used here. And much more variety can be achieved by using different font styles and sizes.

Cool Text Effects Using CSS3 Text Shadow

Change Default Text Selection Colour
Quite an amazing effect, highlight selected text in your favorite color. This property is supported by almost all browsers. So have fun with this amazing effect.

Change Default Text Selection Colour

CSS3 Poster With No Images
Create a typical vector artwork, simply go through this amazing tutorial with Chris. This poster’s design uses circles of various diameters with varying levels of transparency. Runs perfectly in Firefox, Chrome and Safari, but IE and Opera may have some issues.

CSS3 Poster with No Images

True Inset Effect using CSS3
Gordon Laundry Hall’s this tutorial come has an innovative aspect. He claims that in many tutorials a specific element of inset text is missing. Many tutorials miss the inner shadow that is an important aspect. So this tutorial is a must read for inset style lovers.

True Inset Effect Using CSS3

Flash Light
Do experiment, and create this flashlight effect. The only drawback is this works only in Safari. Again, text shadow is used along with the transparent text. Rotate-y transition with low perspective is used to create the hover effect.

Flash Light

Create 3D Text Using CSS3
Everyone loves 3D, so does Rohit Aneja. He adds text shadow to headings and paragraph tags to create the 3D look.

Create 3D Text Using CSS3

How To Use Text Shadow With CSS3
Ali Hitch gives a complete overview of the CSS text shadow property. He shows all the effects the text shadow property can create including artistic typography styles like Blur, 3D, Glow and indent effect.

Text Shadow with CSS3

CSS3 Tilt-shift Text
Learn to create a Tilt-Shift text effect. The author has used offset-y and blurred the radius from the top and bottom edges to create a lens blur effect specified with Tilt-Shift effect. Also, rotation is used so that the text matches the background.

CSS3 Tilt Shift Text

Glass Text Effect
Glass text effect or refractive index effect, this tutorial teaches you how to create this. Basically the developer has experimented with the edges and kept the markup as minimal as possible to create the animation.

Glass Text Effect

CSS3 Cookbook
This tutorial is amazing in the sense that you do not need to put in a lot of effort – simply copy and paste this code or customize it and insert into your project. Create fun and elegance in your text by using Small Caps, CSS Coupon, Stitched, Simple Stroke and double Stroke tricks.

CSS3 Cookbook

CSS3 Background Clip
Background clip was missing in all the above, so here it is. This tutorial is itself an experiment background clip, text and font face via typekit.

CSS3 Background Clip


All the above incredible tutorials to me show a threat that maybe Adobe Photoshop will soon be in for a tough time. Now every browser supports CSS3 properties, so designers can now create smart web designs in a few minutes with CSS3.


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