25 Save the Date and Wedding Invitation Designs by Web & Graphic Designers

25 Save the Date and Wedding Invitation Designs By Web & Graphic Designers

As we go on and find ourselves meeting the one person we would like to spend our life with, we like to make sure that the celebration will be memorable. Starting by sending out Save the Date postcards or announcements, followed by the wedding invitation, and finally the wedding.

Each person has their own personality, and when uniting the two personalities to one unique save the date or wedding invitation design, it can be a tough task. However, any good designer will spend the time to unleash their inspiration and creativity to any type of media even techniques to create a significant save the date or wedding invitation.

25 Save the Date and Wedding Invitation Designs by Web & Graphic Designers

Listed below are some hand picked save the date and wedding invitation designs created by designers themselves. Most of them are for their own weddings, while some others are dedicated to friends or clients.

Save the Date and Wedding Invitation Designs by Web & Graphic Designers

Aluminum Wedding Invitation by Mark Caneso
Aluminium Wedding Invitation

Greenhouse Wedding Invitation by Jill Pilotte
Greenhouse Wedding Invitation

Chocolate Bar Wedding Invitation by Uncle Pear
Chocolate Bar Wedding Invitation

Delicacy Wedding Announcement by Marie Brun
Delicacy Wedding Announcement

Wedding Invitation by Rui Granjo
Wedding Invitation - Rui Granjo

Triangle Wedding Invitation by Jimena Hernandez
Triangle Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation by John Thomas
Wedding Invitation - John Thomas

Wedding Invitation Set by Sara Hanks Giessen
Wedding Invitation Set

Wedding Invitation by Fabiland Fabiola Ibanez
Wedding Invitation - Fabiland Fabiola Ibanez

Wedding Invitation Booklet by Nicole Ziegler
Wedding Invitation Booklet

Wedding Invitation by Chris Trivizas
Wedding Inviation - Chris Trivizas

Wedding Invitation by Sophia Tarasova
Wedding Invitation - Sophia Tarasova

Crete Wedding Invitation by Chris Trivizas
Crete Wedding Invitation

B&S Wedding Invitation by Inksurge
B&S Wedding Invitation

Doodle Wedding Invitation by Rudi de Wet
Doodle Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation Set by Philatype
Wedding Invitation Set - Philatype

Collage Wedding Invitation by Wundercloud
Collage Wedding Invitation

Letterpress Wedding Invitation by Matthew Duerksen
Letterpress Wedding Invitation

I Do’s Wedding Invitation by Eric Carver
I Do's Wedding Invitation

Cards Wedding invitation by Kimberly Dunn
Cards Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invites by Matthew Muller
Wedding Invites

Vintage Wedding Invitation by Urban Influence
Vintage Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitation Suite by Andrea Mentzer
Wedding Invitation Suite

Wedding Invitation by Disturbance
Wedding Invitation - Disturbance

Wedding Invitation by Studio Zazou
Wedding Inviation - Studio Zazou


Hopefully you can derive ideas and inspiration for the design of your own save the date and/or wedding invitation from the showcase above.

Sure you can just buy them, but hey since you’re a designer why not try creating one of your own. From vintage to modern style, aluminum to wood-like paper, there are no limits to what you can create. So, what’s your idea for a unique wedding invitation? Please leave your comments and opinions in the section below.

Ari Suardiyanti also known as Chykalophia, is a professional freelance designer in graphic and web design with 3 years of experience. Founder and Editor of Frespiration!, she recently won The Annual Design Awards 2010 for best product packaging design. Other than design, she loves playing with her mac, being photographed, watching movies and listening to alternative rock.


    • Saya,
    • May 31, 2012
    / Reply

    I want to see how they mail “Greenhouse Wedding Invitation” and the reaction of people get it:)

    1. / Reply

      I’m pretty sure they will have to package it, I’d love to get an invitation like this :)

    • Rose,
    • May 31, 2012
    / Reply

    Very nice post. Love this article! Gives me a lot of ideas and inspires me to create our own design for our future wedding invitation:) Thanks for sharing!

    • Puneet Gupta,
    • June 1, 2012
    / Reply

    I like wedding invitation suite by Andrea Mentzer.

  1. / Reply

    Really nice collection! It is refreshing to see so many unique designs on the subject.
    My favorite Wedding Invitation is the one done by Chris Trivizas. It’s so funny ( and true )!

  2. / Reply

    great wedding invitation,really creative work.. plz add more

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