35 Coolest Depth Of Field Photos to Chase Those Monday Blues

35 Coolest Depth Of Field Photos to Chase Those Monday Blues

Depth of field is a creative technique in photography that brings out the focus of a particular matter in the image. Most commonly known as DOF, it is the total distance between the nearest and furthest object that appears reasonably sharp in photography. There are three factors pertaining to the effect of the depth of field – lens focal length, aperture and shooting distance.

35 Depth of field inspiration

Such a technique gives a three-dimensional effect to the image, making the object look as though it’s popping out of the photograph. Most of these images are usually close ups, where textures and details are extremely conspicuous. These characteristics, depth, textures and details of the image, allows you to develop a deeper understanding and adds some emotional value for the subject in focus. Today, we have picked out 35 interesting depth of field photos especially for you.

Have a visual feast!

35 Coolest Depth Of Field Photos

Loosing my Religion
Girl desaturated


Tribal Instinct
Tribal instinct


Words Of Love
Lovers on the boat

Wet grass

Girl on Tracks

Mini Water Tower
Grass dew



Soft Pink Smoke
Soft pink smoke

Lines and Perspective
Light and symmetry

Baby’s Foot
Baby's foot


Bowl of food

Practice Makes Perfect





Girl's Back


Two Wheels

Butterfly Kisses

Iced Rowan

Pretty Beak
Bokeh bird

Siberian Tiger
Siberian Tiger

Tail Art

Dew Droplets

Flowers For You
Green parrot

In The Woods
Girl in woods


Summer Is Leaving
Summer is leaving

Snapping Away?

We hope you like the chosen set of bokeh images. Mastering this technique may not be easy, but when you manage to achieve it, you are able to create a whole new spectrum of stunning visuals. It takes lots of practice, trial and error to achieve such an effect. Whip out your camera and try it yourself today!

Have you got more to share with us? Kindly leave them in the comment box below.

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    thank you

  2. / Reply

    This is a great collection of photos. I think my favorite is “Levitation for Dummies”. Great job on all the photos though. Great post.

    • M.R.,
    • November 23, 2009
    / Reply

    Cool collection. My favorite was the levitation one.

  3. / Reply

    This was very common and easy to do, with an adjustable film camera. You simply got your correct exposure and set the F Stop to the lowest number. The correct shutter speed might mean that you needed a tripod. The closer the subject, the more out of focus, the background would be.

  4. / Reply

    Beautiful selection indeed ! Incidentally many of this would work great as cell phone wallpapers :)

    Mike is right, it was way easier to produce out of focus backgrounds and gorgeous bokeh (out of focus higlights) with 35mm film cameras since the sensors of todays compact digicams are about 1/16 their size, thus use much shorter focal lenghts.

    Were the first eight shots taken in Medium format ? (the square ones)…That would explain the smooth out of focus without resorting to the extreme perspective compression of the later shots.

    Check some more nice out-of focus shots in this documentary I shot mostly with 50mm and 100mm lenses at F2 in a full frame Canon 5D:


    1. / Reply

      Great images you got there Jorge :) I really love the lighting. You captured the authenticity of their culture.

      I’ve got a 7D and 50D with a 18-200mm lens (all-in-one lazy kind of lens), but I’m thinking of investing on other lenses too, to capture more stunning shots.

      Some of the photos above are taken on film 6×6, some 40-150mm lens. You may click on the images to find out the specifications.

    • dv,
    • November 24, 2009
    / Reply

    that tiger is bad ass.


  5. / Reply

    Amazing collection of photos

    • mg,
    • November 26, 2009
    / Reply

    Sorry to be a stickler, but it’s SHALLOW depth of field that you’re talking about; meaning there is a relatively thin plane of focus.

    You define depth of field correctly, but images that are completely sharp from front to back are “depth of field” photography just as much as these images are; except they are deep depth of field, rather than shallow…

    • Danny,
    • November 27, 2009
    / Reply

    the second photograph is fantastic.

    lovetothetigertoo. rar!

  6. / Reply

    Some great photographs but what’s with all the promotion of smoking? Why not just show someone shoving a needle in their arm? Personally, I’ve had enough of the cancer sticks. Sheesh.

  7. / Reply

    Awesome photos.. made my day :))

    • chris,
    • December 6, 2009
    / Reply

    I think I love “Practice Makes Perfect” best, it’s fun!

    • Amit,
    • February 24, 2010
    / Reply

    excellent examples on the depth of field..liked the exposure & the bokeh in the images..the butterfly kiss & the Siberian tiger are spectacular capture!!

    • Elfe,
    • October 3, 2010
    / Reply

    the mannequin has so much depth and thought, of course it’s a depth of field picture but this one definitely had my attention and i must have stared at for a good 3-5 min straight. i love it’s “personality”.

    • Elfe,
    • October 3, 2010
    / Reply

    also the words of love is amazing! how long did it take you to capture this? and how many people helped you with it? I mean the falling petals just adds another amazing affect.
    Everything is absolutely amazing. I really enjoy your work.

    • ?????,
    • December 14, 2011
    / Reply

    the soft pink picture is fantabulouse and so it the one of the girl on the tracks these are beautiful images they have given me so much insperation thank you x

  8. / Reply

    these images ar just fantastic the soft pink one and the girl on the tracks is beautiful to i just love this work

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