38 Photoshop Photo Manipulation Tutorials: Intermediate to Advanced

38 Photoshop Photo Manipulation Tutorials: Intermediate to Advanced

Photoshop is a wonderful tool for creating photo manipulations if the user knows their way around! This list of tutorials is aimed at users who have a very good working knowledge of Photoshop – they are all intermediate to advanced user level.

The beauty of following tutorials is not always for the end result, but what is learnt along the way – tutorials help to advance knowledge of the tools and techniques used to create certain effects which can often be applied for other uses. Hopefully everyone can learn something from the following list of photo manipulation tutorials.

38 Photoshop Photo Manipulation Tutorials: Intermediate to Advanced

38 Photoshop Photo Manipulation Tutorials

How to create a space girl photo manipulation
Space Girl

Angelina Jolie as a Na’vi from Avatar Movie
Navi from Avatar

Design an Epic Sci-Fi Urban City Scene
Urban City

Dark Flaming Hell Scene
Hell Scene Flatten

Making of the Imaginary Paint Dancers
Paint Dancers

Distant Desert City Scene with Energy Ray Blast
Desert City Blast

Dazzling Dance Photo Manipulation
Dazzling Dance

Surreal Photo Manipulation
Photo Manipulation

Out of Bounds Fantasy Illustration
Out of Bounds

How to Create a Fantasy Flower Creature
Fantasy Flower

How to Create a Flying Land Illustration on Fire
Final and Illustration

The Making of Mystic

Create Dynamic Distortion Effects
Dynamic Distortion

Create a Powerful Mental Wave Explosion Effect
Explosion Effect

How to Create a Slice of Nature Photo Manipulation
Slice of Nature

How to Create a Dark Surreal Illustration
Dark Surreal Illustration

Alien Photo Manipulation

The Garden
The Garden

Photo Manipulate a Stunning Under World Scene
Underworld Final

Retro Style Illustration
Retro Style

Photo Manipulation
Eye Manip Final

The Making of Chimera

A Man Without a Face
Man Without a Face

Fantasy Floating Mountain Scene
Fantasy Floating Mountain

Glowing Fashion Photo Manipulation
Fashion Photo

Making of a Mythical Encounter
My Thicalen Counter

Create a Fantasy Photo Manipulation
Fantasy Photo

Water Effect Photo Montage
Water Effect

Create Rockstar Poster
Rock Star

Make a Freezing Cold Snow Themed Abstract Piece
Freezing Abstract

Watercolour Style City on Cloud
City On Cloud Flatten

How to Create a Post Apocalyptic Photo Manipulation
Post Apocalyptic

Iron Man View Interface

Create a Dark and Surreal Poster using your own Portrait
Surreal Poster

Create an Explosive Cover with Precise Photo Manipulation Techniques
Explosive Cover

Create a Magical Image using Photo Manipulation
Tree Final

Creating a Nuclear Explosion Effect
Nuclear Explosion

Doing an Invisible
Doing Invisible


We are very fortunate that such talented Photoshop users are prepared to share their knowledge with us. Many of these tutorials wander into the realms of art, and some artistic talent is required even with the tutorial to follow.

We would love to hear from you if you have a sneaky little Photoshop trick or technique that you have stumbled upon or discovered through trial and error with your Photoshop experiences. Please let us in on the secret in the comments below.


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