40 Examples of Nicely Illustrated Logo Designs

40 Examples of Nicely Illustrated Logo Designs

A logo usually has some philosophy and meaningful concept behind it and an illustration could help to describe those two elements well to the audience. Illustration in logo design helps designers to deliver the message in a logo concept and it also helps people to catch and interpret the message in an easier way. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, an illustration could be very effective to create a witty logo with a smart concept that will make peoples jaws dropped.

40 Examples of Nicely Illustrated Logo Designs

Nowadays, with the increasing number of creative designers, illustration in logo is just getting wittier and more fun. Therefore, this time we will share a collection of illustrations in logo design for your inspiration.

Nicely Illustrated Logo Designs

Big Colors by Nadir Balcikli

Insomnia by Nadir Balcikli

Propane Monkey by Myway999

Queen by Gal

Spacepet by Nadir Balcikli

Silent Monkey by George Bokhua

Smorss by Brandclay

News Rocket by All4Leo

Royal Theater by Arnas Goldbergas

Go North by Cris Labno

Portrait Photos by Atakan Seckin

SMS Panda by Brand Mango

Ecotaste by Yuka Highbridge

Women Meet Literature by Emrekoc

Optical Strength by Felipe Rojas

Cooks by Anton Akhmatov

Mr. Couch by Arnas Goldbergas

Paper Rocket by Nadir Balcikli

Love Clip by Rich

Desert Fork by Goran Vujinovic

Kitchen Love by Bas

Dog Care Veterinary by Gary

Pinocella by Nikita Lebedev

Buzz Cart by Sean Heisler

Sumo Suit by Rich Scott

Mr. Cutts by Tabitha Kristen

Eskeemo by Nadir Balcikli

News Flash by Joe Keller

Note Star by Rich

Winky Cup by Goran Vujinovic

Urban Gourmet by Sean Heisler

Catch 5 by Mike Erickson

Elephruit by Nido

Lions & Lambs Media Group LLC by Gareth Hardy

Caged Tweets by Michal Ozorowski

We Love Underwear by Gareth Hardy

Lovetie by Sean Heisler

3Bee by Dbunk

Dreamtime by Josiah Jost

Animals Today by Mike Erickson


Creating a logo with a nice, suitable illustration is not an easy task. It will need some experimentation, resources, knowledge, playfulness, sketching and creative ideas first. However it is really worth trying since the result could be wonderful.

So what do you think about illustration in logo design? Which logo of the examples above is your favorite? Do share with us in the comment below.

Oridusartic is a graphic designer by day and a blogger by night. Her enthusiasm for illustrations and design often takes her on long surfing trips on the internet, looking for new and interesting stuff. Just read the letters of the word ‘Oridusartic’ backwards and what you get, is her real name.


    • Cyle,
    • June 9, 2010
    / Reply

    I like them all! but the Lions and Lambs stands out for me. It’s very clever!

    • kumar,
    • June 10, 2010
    / Reply

    really liked Smorss by Brandclay.

    News Rocket by All4Leo
    Paper Rocket by Nadir Balcikli

    • Alan,
    • June 10, 2010
    / Reply

    The negative space in the Elephruit logo really catches my eye. Great use of simple shapes to create an illustrated logo.

  1. / Reply

    very neat, very kewl design..
    winky cup wins it for me, love the curves..

  2. / Reply

    Wow, excellent collection, nice inspiration – Elephruit is super.

  3. / Reply

    Love the bigcolors logo! Ecotaste is awesome as well!

  4. / Reply

    It is a nice collection

  5. / Reply

    really awesome inspirations,liked the ‘Dog care veterinary’, ‘Catch 5′ ,’Lions and Lambs’ and ‘Animal today’.Nice post.

  6. / Reply

    All are great but I like the Bigcolors most

    Thanks Citra:)

  7. / Reply

    Great collection !!
    but i think that the kitchen love logo is not lovely with the knife to the down like this ..!

    • Red,
    • June 10, 2010
    / Reply

    Nice collection, I think spacepet is brilliant!

  8. / Reply

    Awesome collection!

    • Lawrence,
    • June 11, 2010
    / Reply

    My fav one is LOVECLIP.

    • Vinay Teli,
    • June 11, 2010
    / Reply

    Very Nice!!! I liked Dog Care Veterinary!!

    • dobdob,
    • June 12, 2010
    / Reply

    Exceptional collection! I truly am in awe when I discover such creativity. To see how these designers could crystallize their clever ideas through these beautiful logos inspired me! Thank you.

  9. / Reply

    Great source of inspiration, especially I like Mr. Couch logo, so cute :)

    • BORA,
    • June 15, 2010
    / Reply

    Thanks for putting together this great list!
    Best wishes

    • Thomthom,
    • June 15, 2010
    / Reply

    I like NewsFlash! WomenMeetLiterature is also very witty and naughty at the same time.

    • sudheesh,
    • June 18, 2010
    / Reply

    very nice collection
    I like Lions & Lambs Media Group LLC by Gareth Hardy

    • shikha,
    • June 23, 2010
    / Reply

    women meet literature is absolutely brilliant, and yet so simple!!!

    • shikha,
    • June 23, 2010
    / Reply

    And lions and lambs too. Very clever.

      • irru,
      • March 15, 2011
      / Reply

      hmmm….very truth… :)

  10. / Reply

    Excellent collection! Oh so clever designs! I like them all..but the ecotaste and notestar are my favorites!

    • 4mi,
    • August 20, 2010
    / Reply

    All are very good but lions and lambs is too good.

  11. / Reply

    I couldn’t stop myself to see these logos again.. superb work!!

    • Nath,
    • January 3, 2011
    / Reply

    Nice collection

  12. / Reply

    Just got some inspiration from the we love underwear one! fantastic collection and brilliant arcives.

    • irru,
    • March 15, 2011
    / Reply

    woooooooo….awesome buddy…nice collection !!!

    • Pete,
    • July 11, 2011
    / Reply

    The illustrations are mind-blowing. I like the Women Literature logo as well as the SpacePet, Propane Monkey and Portrait Photos. The designer(s) managed to integrate a surprising yet subtle element in each of the design to make the design unique. The animal character design was really detailed and fresh. I recently had a mascot design of a chimpanzee done at http://www.mascotdesigncorner.com and the cartoon character design came out better than expected. I highly recommend them. And thanks for posting those designs. They are truly inspiring.

      • LeahG,
      • November 3, 2012
      / Reply

      I myself create illustrative logos, mainly cartoon but vector also. It is a logo option that I believe offers the most impact as the illustration itself if good enough can act as a brand icon or mascot. LeahG

  13. / Reply

    I really like LoveClip. Thanks for this collection, it’s very inspiring

    • hassan,
    • June 27, 2013
    / Reply

    star and women meet logo is very creative the idea is out standing

    • hassan,
    • June 27, 2013
    / Reply

    Can i show my logo design on this page .

    • ListaLisa,
    • August 28, 2013
    / Reply

    Awesome works, simple, creative and very inspiring.

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