Big and Bold Typography: A New Trend in Web Design

Big and Bold Typography

Big and bold typography is an absolute classic of website design. It is a timeless, old-school stylistic option that works like a Swiss watch, regardless of the environment that surrounds it. It is one of those solutions that everyone can rely on. Even though it does not have an element of surprise like many voguish techno extravaganzas have, yet it still has a wow factor that can win over even the toughest audience. Besides, it is back in fashion again.

An overwhelming size and enormous weight are two main characteristic traits that define big and bold typography of these days.  As a rule, web designers prefer to stick to neutral, formal type families. However, there are cases when decorative scripts are involved as well. In this collection, let us consider a dozen exciting website designs to see how the trend manifests itself and benefits web projects today.

Outstanding Examples of Big and Bold Typography


Oust is an example of using big and bold typography in a website

Oust is a creative agency that skillfully embraces the power of this trend. The team has taken it to the next level with some smart tricks.

The hero area welcomes the audience with two huge letterings. The first one declares the catchy tagline occupying almost half of the screen and serving as a background for the second one. The latter states the brand name and plays a video inside. Note that the first one is static, whereas the second one is dynamic. This unique combination breathes new life into the concept as well as commands the attention right away when the user lands on the page.

Henriquez Partners

Henriquez Partners is an excellent example of using big and bold typography in a website

The Oust’s team sticks to the traditional route, and feature the big and bold typography in the hero area to boost the first impression. However, it does not mean that you cannot use and benefit from the trick somewhere else on the page. Take a look gander at the official website of Henriquez Partners where the concept does good right in the middle of a homepage.

The website has a welcome screen that radiates off a businesslike vibe right out of the gate. Nevertheless, it is neither boring nor banal. The team managed to add a piquancy to the experience by applying the trend in the third section. They have featured the name of the company forcing the brand identity to work for them. Also note that a simple sans-serif typeface has been involved again. It perfectly finishes off the robust, boxy aesthetics of the website.

Violin Rio Dance

Violin Rio Dance

Big and bold typography can also be found in the footer. While it may seem a bit odd and illogical, yet this trick helps to strengthen the general impression and gives an extra zest to the user experience when nobody expects it.

In the case of Violin Rio Dance, it serves other functions as well. First, it duplicates the logotype, strengthening the visual identity. Second, it saves the footer from looking simplistic with its beautiful, elegant letterforms. Finally, it features the woman behind the concert as part of the composition, adding a powerful human appeal to the project. Note that the solution feels incredibly exquisite, meeting the mood of the upcoming event.



The team behind Mav shows us a perfect example where the old-school trick meets the modern one. Here, big and bold typography is used as part of an intricate slider. It is masked to reveal what is hidden inside and enriched with inner shadows to give the presentation a subtle feeling of depth. It takes up almost the entire screen, looking like a real star of the show.


Flocc is an excellent example of using big and bold typography in a website

Big and bold typography looks extremely good when it’s used in tandem with vertical rhythm as well. These two effects make a good couple.

The creative team behind an official website of Flocc leverages the solution not only as a tool for displaying the company’s name but also as a decorative element of the hero area. Much like in the previous example, it is also masked. This time, it has a video background. But, there is even more: it is part of an interactive playground too. Move your mouse cursor closer to the lettering, and you will see the magic.

The team has come up with a perfect symbiosis of businesslike appeal and creative feel.

Big and Bold Typography with a Decorative Note

As we have mentioned earlier, even though we are blessed with a choice of hundreds of type families, the current trend of big and bold typography implies the utilization of neutral typefaces. However, no one stops you from pushing boundaries a little bit more and trying some fancy decorative options. Let us consider excellent examples of websites using this kind of design, too.

Paul Shtyler

Paul Shtyler

The personal portfolio of Paul Shtyler has not one, but two beautiful typefaces. However, they do not compete with each other. On the contrary, they perfectly co-work together, creating a compositional harmony. The first font has simple letterforms, yet it also makes use of glassy textures, which result in a fantastic design. The second one is a traditional script that was taken to the next level with the help of a highly realistic 3D realization. The idea is incredible.

Hack Wired

Hack Wired

Although Hack Wired looks simpler than the previous example, it certainly feels more exquisite than designs based on regular sans serif typefaces. Here, you can see how the charisma of an elegant and refined line-style typography does magic. The word “HACK” instantly commands attention with its impeccable letterforms. Moreover, it perfectly blends into the sophisticated design of the website.



Much like the first example in this section, EPFL gets its beauty from the digitally reproduced typeface. Here, each character is constructed from hundreds of dots that are connected with ultra-thin lines. The “2018” looks outstanding. Note, it does not overpower the audience with its complex structure. On the contrary, thanks to the companionless environment, it is just what the doctor ordered.


Although the trend of big and bold typography centers around the neutral sans-serif typefaces that sometimes feel a bit rustic, it still has its own merits. First, even though it does have a significant visual weight, it does not overpower the audience. Second, thanks to the absence of quirky details, it does not look schmaltzy and childish, serving as an excellent instrument for corporate websites. Finally, you can use the trend as a sound base for other experiments such as masking or interactive canvases, too.


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