Creative and Modern Office Designs Around the World

Creative and Modern Office Designs Around the World

Dying to break free from your cubicle? Creative companies are increasingly waking up to the idea that artistic employees work best in artistic environments. Thus, they’re forgoing typical office design – fluorescent lighting, closed off conference rooms, and mazes of cubicles – and instead replacing the traditional landscape with large open spaces, glass walls, dynamic colors, and innovative structures. Spaces are designed to foster community and creativity, with elements included to increase communication and spark inspiration.

Creative and Modern Office Designs Around the World

15 Creative and Modern Office Designs

These fifteen creative companies showcase office designs that break tradition and display an array of modern trends. From architecture firms, to filmmakers, to clothing and graphic designers, there’s no better place to learn about artistic space design than from the offices creative types have designed for themselves.

Ricardo Bofill (Architecture)

Bofill 1

Bofill 2

Cheap Monday (Fashion)

Cheap Monday 1

Cheap Monday 2

Escada (Fashion)

Escada 1

Escada 2

Etsy (Design)

Etsy 1

Etsy 2

Fabricville (Design)

Fabricville 1

Fabricville 2

Het Atelier (Architecture)

Het Atelier 1

Het Atelier 2

Ippolito Fleitz Group (Design)

Ippolito Fleitz 1

Ippolito Fleitz 2

Lehrer Architects (Architecture)

Lehrer Architects 1

Lehrer Architects 2

Mr Design (Design)

Mr Design 1

Mr Design 2

NORTH (Design)

North 1

North 2

Onesize (Design)


Onesize 2

PostPanic (Design)

PostPanic 1

Post Panic 2

SelgasCano (Architecture)

Selgas Cano 1

Selgas Cano 2

Street and Garden Furniture Company (Design)

Street and Garden 1

Street and Garden 2

Diane von Furstenberg (Fashion)

Von Furstenberg 1

Von Furstenberg 2


Whether opting for sweeping communal spaces or glass walls that encourage dialogue, clean lines that promote orderliness, windows that allow for inspiration from nature, or flights of fancy that add some fun to the work environment, these creative companies have enlivened their work spaces so that it is a true pleasure for employees to be on the job. And as happily motivated employees are a hallmark of successful businesses, it’s a sure bet that the trend towards modernity and creativity in office design will continue.

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    All look good, but the only one I like is NORTH. Would love working in a place that looks like that.

    • Lee,
    • May 18, 2011
    / Reply

    All look very cool but there are a few which don’t look like they’d actually be nice environments to work in. Personally I’d focus on making it comfortable and then make it look good based on that.

  2. / Reply

    These are some great work areas…

    Check out
    One of the largest art buyers in the nation.

  3. / Reply

    Awesome examples thanks for sharing! I pick Escada…

  4. / Reply

    I like North design because of black color. It matched perfectly

  5. / Reply

    all is look good… awesome.. but i think its required alot of spaces… but how if the space is limited… ???

  6. / Reply

    There are some lovely examples in here, great work. If you’re interested in this kind of thing, you could take a look at There are some really inspiring office spaces in there too

    • onebyelove,
    • June 8, 2011
    / Reply


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