Creative Self Promotion – Infographic-Style Curriculum Vitaes

Creative Self Promotion – Infographic-Style Curriculum Vitaes

It is believed that a potential employer needs only 6 seconds on average in order to make the initial decision on a competitor, so your resume – the first thing that catches his eye – will either help you to pass this small test or vice versa will ruin everything. Care taken about a simple piece of paper that will briefly uncover information about your skills, talent, experience and even preferences and personal traits is really crucial.

The CV has undergone some changes and nowadays this is not a simple white sheet of paper where your possibilities are listed in black and white. It plays a role of a trap for an employer that is aimed to force him not to turn down your application and examine it in detail. There are numerous solutions of how to make your resume look original, attention-grabbing, and at the same time, professional and businesslike. You can employ different styles, resort to specific themes, leverage illustrations and simply start your own self-promotion campaign.

However, today we are going to examine magnificent curriculum vitae designs that are made with infographic style in mind.

Curriculum Vitae Presentation in Infographic Style

1. Infographic Resume by Studio Creosoul

This resume entirely relies on an infographic style; every essential aspect such as education, experience, skills, theories and even preferences are presented via charts and graphs made in a muted coloring that gives the whole design a strong businesslike appeal.

Infographic Resume by Studio Creosoul

2. Infographic CV by Gary Corr

The designer’s professional bio features a powerful combination of typography and infographics. The first page of the CV indicates the creativity and originality of the artist, whereas the second part clearly demonstrates skills and experience.

Infographic CV by Gary Corr

3. Anatomy of a graphic designer by Francesco Rivieccio

This ingenious paper-based profile has its own title and even a catchy slogan “Think Creative”. The designer has done everything in order to make the design match these statements. He introduces himself with the help of a fully illustrated resume that uncovers various professional abilities that are bolstered by original graphics and drawings.

Anatomy of a Graphic Designer by Francesco Rivieccio

4. Resume 2014 by Silviu Ardelean

The designer’s synopsis of his professional activity is based on a standard horizontal strip layout that makes the resume look perfectly organized. Though it comprises only 3 main sections (About, Experience, Expertise), yet this is quite sufficient to effectively familiarize potential clients or employers with his possibilities.

Resume 2014 by Silviu Ardelean

5. My curriculum vitae by Simone Primo

This CV looks neat and tidy. The designer utilizes nifty flat visuals that are wonderfully bolstered by soft pastel bluish coloring that adds a businesslike air. Everything is densely packed together, and the vector style enormously contributes to the whole aesthetics.

My Curriculum Vitae by Simone Primo

6. 2013 Curriculum Vitae by Robbie Bautista

This fantastic vibrant resume has an alluring cartoonish vibe. The designer presents himself via a lovely character that is aimed to build up trust. The garish color palette, bright intelligible icons and smooth charts recreate a truly positive atmosphere that simply beckons.

2013 Curriculum Vitae by Robbie Bautista

7. Infographic Resume by Lim Zhiyang

Much like the previous example, this is another excellent creative, fully illustrated self-promotional artwork that grabs attention by means of the designer’s drawing skills. Icons and graphics are used to amply display levels of various professional abilities.

Infographic Resume by Lim Zhiyang

8. Curriculum vitae by Wahib El Younssi

This CV is well-organized and easy-to-scan outward. The perfectly formatted layout lets users immediately get the picture of the designer. Neatly located blocks in tandem with lots of white space and sharp typography enhance the readability.

Curriculum Vitae by Wahib El Younssi

9. John Caseda

This designer has a matchless flat-inspired curriculum vitae that boasts of its professional, well-thought-out and a slightly widgetized appearance. The designer has chosen an excellent color combination, utilized various vector charts as well as populated the design with intelligible icons.

John Caseda

10. Curriculum Vitae by Anton Yermolov

This designer has wisely split his resume into several equal columns and blocks in order to make everything look properly-organized. He mostly leverages icons and graphics for promoting himself in the best possible light.

Curriculum Vitae by Anton Yermolov

11. My CV – Resume by Jacopo Pulcini

Unlike the majority of the above CV examples, this one has faith in a clean and exact way of data presentation. The conventional combination of black and white tones along with basic components inherent to infographics make it look slick and professional.

My CV Resume by Jacopo Pulcini

12. About Me by Gonzalo Lebrero

Read, read and again read. In order to become acquainted with this person you need to bury yourself into text. This is certainly a typography-inspired design that is broken into 2 separate parts for better exploration.

About Me by Gonzalo Lebrero

13. Self Promotion by Bendik Bratseth

This polished resume is a part of a self-promotional campaign that is aimed to shed a light on a talented graphic designer. The chalkboard style background effectively highlights foreground elements. Icons, timeline and of course, graphs are also involved in this artwork.

Self Promotion by Bendik Bratseth

14. Infographic CV by Robin Poitevin

Infographic CV by Robin Poitevin

15. Curriculum Vitae Design by Alin Catalin Maniu

This splendid resume should be scanned line by line. The artist properly introduces himself with the help of a timeline, pie charts and simple graphics, leaving enough free space for comfortable reading.

Curriculum Vitae Design by Alin Catalin Maniu

16. Curriculum Vitae by Arthur Ferreira

This CV has a clutter-free appearance that is achieved by a contrasting color palette and the absence of all the excess. This is a classic inforgraphic-style resume that displays the designer’s profile via charts, graphs, and a timeline, as well as containing a minimum amount of text.

Curriculum Vitae by Arthur Ferreira

17. My Resume by Gabriel Ghnassia

This resume has a very similar design to the previous one; it is divided into functional blocks that follow each other. Every section features fundamental aspects of the professional activity presented via simple yet visually pleasing graphics.

My Resume by Gabriel Ghnassia

18. My Curriculum Vitae by Romain Sillon

This is really interesting to explore since it skillfully mixes together data and illustrations. Though it looks a bit messy, it has its own special allure.

My Curriculum Vitae by Romain Sillon

19. Infographic CV by Thiago Rodrigues dos Santos

The designer has managed to place all data connected to his professional activity on one small piece of paper that is surprisingly easy to scan and read. The grid-style layout simply works wonders for this resume.

Infographic CV by Thiago rodrigues dos Santos

20. My résumé 2014 by Alexandre de Contes

This resume demonstrates an optimal mix of graphic filling and context. The triangle is the main shape here that is aimed to elegantly tie every piece of resume and provide a harmonious appearance.

My Resume 2014 by Alexandre de Contes


The infographic-style CV is able to present a bunch of data quite clearly and unobtrusively. Use of vibrant charts, sleek graphs, elegant timelines, fantastic illustrations, drawings and even mascots help to enhance readability and make a “cover of your book” look professional and inventive.


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