Enhance Your WordPress Blog With These 12 Plugins

Enhance Your WordPress Blog With These 12 Plugins

A blog used to be just a place for the owner to rant or talk about life. Today, WordPress blogs are now the foundations of all kinds of websites. To enhance these websites, developers offer plugins for a wide range of features. Choosing the best plugins can be confusing with the vast amount available today.

Enhance Your WordPress Blog With These 12 Plugins

WordPress Plugins

So here are some recommendations that can provide you with reliable improvements:

Broken Link Checker
The best websites in the world will lose credibility if it has broken links, but it happens to the best of us. Videos or photos get deleted, pages are taken down, websites move to new servers. It is time consuming and difficult to check each link on a regular basis. This plug-in automatically checks links in posts, comments, pages and the blogroll. It notifies you about problems and allows you to edit all instances of the broken link from one place.

Broken Link Checker

WP e-Commerce
It is becoming more and more common to use WordPress as the framework for a website that engages in sales. This plugin will make setting up your e-commerce website a cinch. It provides a variety of professional looking store front styles without the huge expense of hiring a designer. It allows you to import your products into Facebook Marketplace and Google Base. You can even accept payments online with Google Checkout or PayPal among others.

WP Ecommerce

All In One SEO Pack
The importance of SEO practices is common knowledge. What isn’t common knowledge is how to handle SEO on a WordPress blog format. Here’s a package that will help you get things optimized for all the search engines. It can be set up to automatically rewrite your titles, tweak your descriptions and generate the proper keywords. 

All In One SEO

NextGen Gallery
If you need a way to organize your photos and show them off to the best advantage, NextGen is the best thing going. This application lets you set up slideshows, put rotating images in a sidebar or easily move pictures from one gallery to another.


With this plugin on your blog, your readers can easily share your posts on any social network they want from Facebook to Delicious, Yahoo Buzz, StumbleUpon and Windows Live among many others.


This is another social network application that allows your visitors to link you into their friends. The icons it provides lets them pick their favorite pages quickly and easily. It also connects with Google Analytics to let you analyze where your readers come from and which posts they find most appealing.


WP Security Scan
In this age of security consciousness, this little plugin provides you with the ability to find vulnerabilities on your WordPress website and suggests the best way to fix them. It provides a password generator, database security scanner and WordPress admin security.

WP Security Scan

OpenID allows users to authenticate themselves on your website without the need to create a new password. They simply log in using their own WordPress account identification.


GD Star Rating
See what topics get the most comments from your users by setting up a customized rating system. This plugin has many features and allows a great deal of customization. There is also a subscription service available from the developer that gives premium tutorials, a forum and tips.

GD Star Rating

Super Cache
This plugin speeds up your page actions and lightens the load on your database server whenever you run into traffic jams on your website. It generates HTML files that can be served directly instead of individually processing each request with PHP scripts. If you are linked to Digg.com, Slashdot or other similar sites, this plug-in is a must.

Super Cache

WP Widget Cache
This works along with Super Cache by caching the output of your blog widgets. If you get heavy traffic or are on a shared server, this plugin will greatly improve your speed.

Wp Widget Cache

Ultimate GA
This plugin adds the Google Analytics codes to your website for you so that you can track the activities of your users while they are on your website without the hassle of copying the code to each page by hand. Figure out where your readers come from, how long they visit and what they read while they are there to better plan your next post.

Ultimate GA


With so many WordPress plugins at your disposal, the ability to raise the bar of your website on your own is simpler than ever before. But always remember to read the ratings and reviews of each plugin to ensure that they are well developed because a poorly developed plugin can actually harm the performance of your website and in some cases even break it. But nevertheless, the plugins we recommend in this list can really take the functionality and performance of your site to another level.

Maria Abugan is the Product Marketing Specialist for InMotion Hosting, one of the top dedicated server providers in North America. She is the primary writer for WebHostingHelpGuy, InMotion Hosting’s blog that is filled with a plethora of useful web design/development pointers and tutorials.


  1. / Reply

    I think w3 total cache more great than wp super cache :)

    • Kyle,
    • March 23, 2011
    / Reply

    WP-DB-Backup is pretty hand also. You never know when a database could be lost.

    • Barry,
    • March 23, 2011
    / Reply

    Nice list. I use Yoast SEO plugin, another favorite.

    • Nida,
    • March 23, 2011
    / Reply

    really thanks for some useful tips about blogs.

    • Dzineblog360,
    • March 23, 2011
    / Reply

    certainly these are important plugins

  2. / Reply

    A nice list of plugins! Some of them are really useful for a blog. Thanks for sharing.

  3. / Reply

    I really don’t rate Sociable, could only get it part working on my site. Switched to Disqus instead. Found that to be much better. Better support too!

  4. / Reply

    Thanks for the tip. I’d add these plugins to what I regularly use at my sites.

  5. / Reply

    Broken Link Checker is one good plugin and it is seriously recommended.

  6. / Reply

    @Satrya: ‘W3 Total Cache’ is probably the best WP plugin available for overall site speed/efficiency. I use AutoOptimize as well, and the two combined really help my sites fly!

    ‘JavaScript to Footer’ is another must have (if you utilize JavaScript) It only makes sense to use it!

  7. / Reply

    nice list, i like the Broken link checker really great tool.

  8. / Reply

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      • Kim,
      • March 28, 2012
      / Reply

      Uh yeah, you copied and pasted the wrong link bro.

  9. / Reply

    Nice list of SEO plugins, would just like to add Platinum SEO and Simple tags to the mix

    • Ishe,
    • July 31, 2011
    / Reply

    Thanks for the list. I like a plugin that allows anyone to log in using their Google or Facebook details, and not to worry about creating a login or registration page.

  10. / Reply

    Maria: SEO Ultimate is three times better & feature-rich than All-in-one-SEO plugin(free version).

    Seems to be like that you have missed it.

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