26 Interesting Firefox 3.0 Add-ons For Web Designers And Developers

No matter all the good things you hear about Google Chrome, when it comes to web design and development, Firefox is still the best browser you can find with the most developer friendly environment.

Heck, Firefox even has a special edition of the browser built just for web developers. That’s how much Mozilla cares about web designers and developers.

Firefox also has a massive collection of extensions that supercharge the browser for the maximum effect. Followings are some of the best Firefox Add-Ons you can use to make your web development life so much easier.

Install, test, and make the most of these extensions. After all, they are all Free to use!

#1 Firebug

  • Best For: Web designers and developers.
  • What It Does: Inspect web pages.

Firebug is an extension both web designers and developers can’t live without. This extension is like an advanced version of the integrated developer console that comes with Firefox. But, Firebug makes things a lot easier for you to inspect elements on web pages and see how things work on different websites.

#2 FireFTP

  • Best For: Web developers.
  • What It Does: Fire transfer client for Firefox.

FireFTP is an FTP/SFTP client for Firefox that lets you securely upload and transfer files between your computer and the server directly from within your browser. Thanks to this add-on, you’ll never have to jump back and forth between your browser and FTP client apps ever again.

#3 Web Developer

  • Best For: Web developers and designers.
  • What It Does: Analysing and inspecting web pages.

This is kind of an all-in-one extension that adds a number of useful tools to your Firefox. Some of the tools included in this add-on are displaying and editing CSS Stylesheets, disabling styles, debugging tools, and more.

#4 ColorZilla

  • Best For: Front-end designers.
  • What It Does: Color analyzing tool.

ColorZilla is a great tool all front-end web designers will find to be quite useful. This plugin has an eyedropper for quicking picking colors on web pages, a CSS gradient generator, color analyzer, color palettes, and much more.

#5 Greasemonkey

  • Best For: Web developers.
  • What It Does: Change websites with custom code.

Loved by over a million Firefox users, Greasemonkey is an extension that you can have an endless amount of fun with. What this plugin does is it allows you to customize popular websites by editing them with your own custom JavaScript code. You can also have fun with the scripts already created by other developers as well.

#6 Pixel Perfect

  • Best For: Front-end designers.
  • What It Does: Adjust offset of web elements.

A simple yet a useful plugin that allows you to inspect elements and visually see how many pixels are off in elements by creating a composition with transparent layers. Using this composition, you can adjust your real web page to match the overlay to achieve the best result without any guess work.

For example, if one of the images on your web page is overlapping another object, you can use Pixel Perfect to determine how many pixels you need to adjust to get that image in the right place.

#7 DownloadThemAll

  • Best For: Web designers.
  • What It Does: Download everything on a web page.

This plugin lives up to its title by letting you download everything on a web page. With a single click, you can download all images, links, and more contained on a web page using this plugin. It also has an integrated download accelerator that optimizes download speed by 4X.

#8 IE Tab V2

  • Best For: Front-end designers.
  • What It Does: Test web pages on Internet Explorer environment.

Believe it or not, there are people out there who still use old versions of Internet Explorer to browse the web. Designing websites that works well on these old browsers is one of the problems web designers are still struggling with. This plugin makes things easier to adjust your web designs for older Internet Explorer browsers by creating a new tab with IE environment.

#9 BuiltWith

  • Best For: Web designers and developers.
  • What It Does: Learn about the technologies used on a website.

Want to know what kind of technologies are used to build your favorite websites? Then this add-on will come in handy. BuiltWith is an extension that allows you to scan websites to find what kind of technologies are in use on the page. A nifty tool for all aspiring web designers to learn from established websites.

#10 QuickJava

  • Best For: Web developers.
  • What It Does: Turns Java on or off.

This add-on lets you easily turn Java on or off on your browser. It can also turn off Javascript, Cookies, Animated Images, Flash, and more on a web page. It’s a useful plugin not just for developers, but also for regular users for improving browser security and lowering bandwidth usage.

#11 MeasureIt

  • Best For: Front-end designers.
  • What It Does: Measure web elements in pixels.

The function of this add-on is simple, it just allows you to draw a virtual ruler across a web page or an element on a page to measure the width, height, or alignment of an element on a web page in pixels. MeasureIt will come in handy for most front-end designers for crafting mockups.

#12 Quick Locale Switcher

  • Best For: Front-end web designers.
  • What It Does: Switches language of Firefox.

This is a useful tool that instantly converts your Firefox into a different language. Everything in your browser, including the User Interface, Spell Checker Dictionary, and website content will be switched to your chosen language. A great feature you can use when designing multilingual websites.

#13 Dummy Lipsum

  • Best For: Front-end designers.
  • What It Does: Generates dummy text.

Generating dummy text for your new website mockups and prototypes is a boring task that no web designer enjoys doing. This add-on will make that process less boring by allowing you to generate “Lorem Ipsum” dummy text directly from Firefox.

#14 Cookies Manager

  • Best For: Web developers.
  • What It Does: Edit and create website cookies.

This add-on is not just about managing your website cookies, it also let you easily edit and create new cookies as well. Some of the features of the plugin include a built-in cookies viewer, ability change domain, path and name of a cookie ability edit multiple cookies at once, and much more.

#15 colorPicker

  • Best For: Front-end designers.
  • What It Does: Pick colors from web pages.

An easy-to-use eyedropper tool that lets you pick the colors of any pixel on a web page and easily copy the RGB or Hex color code to use with your own designs. The beautiful and the visual interface of this tool makes it much easier for beginners to learn about colors on web pages.

#16 Wappalyzer

  • Best For: Web designers and developers.
  • What It Does: Learn about software being used by a website.

Similar to the BuiltWith add-on, Wappalyzer is another useful extension that lets you find out what kind of software is in use on a website. For example, you can find out what kind of a CMS a website is using, which operating system the website’s server is powered by, and much more with this add-on.

#17 User-Agent Switcher

  • Best For: Web developers.
  • What It Does: Changes the browser’s user-agent.

Want to see what your website will look like on different platforms and operating systems? Then this is a tool that will come in handy. User-Agent Switcher allows you to switch between different platforms, such as Android, Mac, Windows, and choose operating systems to change your browser’s user-agent.

#18 Tab Memory Usage

  • Best For: Web designers and developers.
  • What It Does: Example browser tab memory usage.

This is a handy add-on that will help you determine how much of your computer resources are being used by each opened tab on Firefox. You can use this tool to figure out how much resources are used by your website and optimize the site for the best performance.

#19 Open With Photoshop

  • Best For: Front-end designers and graphic designers.
  • What It Does: Opens images in Photoshop.

This add-on does what it says on its title, it simply opens the images you find on a web page via Photoshop with a single click. No need to download the image or launch Photoshop, the add-on will do all that work for you.

#20 TableTools2

  • Best For: Front-end designers.
  • What It Does: Enhances HTML tables.

Charts, statistics, comparisons, tables, this add-on can do it all. You can use this tool to create advanced and beautiful HTML charts and tables with ease.

#21 FireSSH

  • Best For: Web developers.
  • What It Does: SSH terminal client for Firefox.

Usually, you have to install an app to launch an SSH terminal. These apps vary from one operating system to another. FireSSH, however, works on all platforms, as long as you have Firefox. The add-on allows you to launch an SSH terminal directly from your browser.

#22 Auto Refresh

  • Best For: Front-end designers.
  • What It Does: Automatically refresh web pages.

One of the annoying things web designers face when designing websites is having to refresh the web page manually after making every small change to the code. Auto Refresh is an add-on that fixes this problem by allowing you to automatically refresh a single or a group of tabs on Firefox at intervals defined by you.

#23 Firesizer

  • Best For: Front-end designers.
  • What It Does: Resize Firefox windows to specific sizes.

This add-on helps you to resize your Firefox window in specific resolutions to see how your website look like in different screen resolutions. You will need to install the Firefox Add-On Bar for this extension to properly function.

#24 Font Finder

  • Best For: Web designers and developers.
  • What It Does: Find font information on page elements.

Font Finder is a handy tool that lets you examine elements on a web page to find out important information about the fonts used on the page, such as the font family name, colors of the font, font spacing, decorations, and much more.

#25 Open With

  • Best For: Front-end designers.
  • What It Does: Test web pages in different browser environments.

The function of this add-on is simple. It lets you instantly open any web page that you’re viewing on Firefox with another browser with a single click. No need for copying the URLs, opening each browser one by one, and pasting the URLs to open websites.

#26 Clear Cache

  • Best For: Web designers and developers.
  • What It Does: Clears browser cache.

This add-on instantly clears your Firefox browser cache (RAM and DISK) to clean and reduce your computer resource usage. The add-on lets you clear cache by simply clicking on a button or pressing the F9 key on your keyboard. When you want to quickly see the changes you made to a web page, this add-on will prove much useful.


Head over to Firefox Add-Ons store to find more amazing extensions for your browser. However, also keep in mind that adding these extensions will eat up some of your computer resources. So, try not to install too many add-ons.

If you’re a fan of saving time, be sure to learn about Firefox keyboard shortcuts and many other tools you can use to your advantage.

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