How Video Can Improve your Social Media and SEO Status

How Video Can Improve your Social Media and SEO Status

An in-depth study by Forrester in 2010 found that a page with a video on it is 53 times more likely to achieve a page one result on Google. This is considering that the page and video are both used in conjunction with typical SEO methods. In the world of marketing today, the fastest growing segments are social media and SEO. With these snowballing into the biggest tools used by online companies to market their products, videos are propelling some sites above others.

How Video Can Improve your Social Media and SEO Status

How Video Can Improve your Social Media and SEO Status

While SEO hasn’t been around long enough for a foolproof way to increase your rankings through Alexa or Google page rank; there are many generally accepted guidelines to follow. While taking these into consideration, it is also important to realize that Google is constantly updating their algorithms.

This was especially evident with the release of Google Panda and the increasing use of AI to return higher quality sites with a longer click through rate. On top of adding a longer click through rate to their algorithm, Google has also used their universal search feature to return videos and images on the first page of search.

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With Panda, Google increased the importance of a longer click through rate for SEO. This in turn has placed a higher rating than ever before on pages that have visitors staying longer. Visitors generally will always stay longer and be more engaged when watching a video compared to when they are scanning a text page.

This is where videos began to become ranked higher than ever before when compared to a text page with a much lower click through rate. The longer click through rate, added with the higher likelihood of a video becoming viral, are both major reasons to begin using videos to increase your ranking and benefit your social media presence. In the end, it is all about driving people to your website and making revenue, not just creating meaningless buzz.


The reason that Google’s new algorithms rank sites higher that have a long click through rate is because they consider them to be higher quality. They believe the length of time a person stays on a given page directly correlates to the quality of the page. If someone is engaged and staying on a page, that page must have a high quality of content.

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This is especially true for videos that are informative as opposed to videos attempting to sell a product. It is more beneficial to create a video that answers a problem about the product you’re selling, and then using the video to drive the viewer to your website afterwards.


Videos go viral. This is a very noticeable fact in today’s society where even small time videos can blow up and be seen by millions. Viral videos go absolutely everywhere, and create a vast amount of links quickly. This isn’t to say that you are likely to create a video that will get millions of hits, which often creates unrealistic goals by most people trying to build a social media presence.

It is important to realize that even a video with links totaling in the hundreds or low thousands is a success. This is far quicker than traditional link building, and when the two are used in conjunction can be very powerful.

Creating Discussion

No matter what product or service you’re selling, it is always beneficial to create discussion around it. You do not want to create videos that come off as sales pitches, but instead inform people about the problem that you’re product/service solves. These videos are much more likely to be shared and clicked on by others. They are also much more likely to be circulated on other blogs and websites. Each of these helps to drive potential customers to your website.

Video Sharing Sites

There are many ways to get your video onto the web. The most dominant is YouTube which accounts for nearly 80% of the results that Google returns. However, it is important to get your video onto as many different platforms as possible because it is all about driving customers to your website. There are many different platforms other than Google and it can be quite painstaking to upload videos to each site every time.

However, there are great websites that allow you to upload one time, and they will get your video on nearly every hosting site in an incredibly short time. Two solid sites are Oneload and Pixelpipe. They both charge money but the fee is very small compared to the huge benefit provided.

Just Get Started

The common theme that has been taught by some of the best social media entrepreneurs who use video is “just get started.” Don’t worry about getting the perfect video camera, or having the perfect lighting. It is important to get the ball rolling and learn from each video you create, while taking in feedback from comments. People are very likely to continue watching a video that isn’t perfect because they can relate to it.

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The most important factors are sound, content, originality, and relevancy. The video must be easy to listen to, with minimal background noise, and clear audio. There must be informative content, not just a sales pitch. Originality is big because people do not want regurgitated information, or they will leave your page.

Lastly, relevancy to the topic is incredibly important. The title of the video and the content must relate completely or you will lose viewers quickly.


In the end, the goal of any social media or SEO campaign is to increase revenue. This should be the main goal while using social media and SEO techniques as steps to achieve it. Videos are one piece of the puzzle and should be used as a technique to drive customers to your website and make sales. Videos are quickly becoming driving forces. They have generally been ignored by marketers with the exception of TV advertisers moving to sites such as YouTube. With this small amount of competition in most areas it is important to start immediately.

Just get started and you will find yourself learning as you go. Don’t lose track of your goals though, because you must be focused on increasing revenue. Videos are simply a strong tool to make your goals a reality.

Matt Crowley is a writer for the website Broadband Expert where you can compare prices on different deals for cable and satellite, and find providers in your area.


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    Great insight into video and SEO, and great call to action to ‘just get started’…

    We’d like to add that adding a ‘transcription’ – essentially translating the verbal content of your video into text – is also a good idea. Include the transcription in the description of your YouTube video, or in the blog posting that you feature your video in. Can’t hurt to have the Search Engine Spiders crawling through the words the old fashioned way!

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    You have picked it rightly, that videos are more compelling and a way to attract more visitors. No doubt, that videos can communicate more effectively than text, which is resulting in more and more websites to incorporate videos in their website. Videos are playing the dual role these days. Firstly, they are helping in increasing the page rank, and secondly helping businesses to generate more revenue.

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    Great tips. Being a new social media strategist, I never came across the importance of videos in social media and SEO. Thanks for the detailed tips.

    • Jaswant Kurmi,
    • June 25, 2012
    / Reply

    It was very informative and i was waiting to read this kind of good article. In this Blog you gives the important of videos in SEO .

  4. / Reply

    Thanks for sharing these tips as I have never use videos and images to improve my SMO efforts, but now I came to know the importance so definitely will do it.

  5. / Reply

    I have just starting doing video.
    This is quite new for me but this post help me getting more useful information that I have been looking for.
    Thank you

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    Here is a webcast I put together to educate people on how they can create a video to improve their S.E.O.

  7. / Reply

    The video will be increasingly important, as written also universal search will be increasingly important. The videos are also very interesting to communicate messages which usually consisted of only text or images, multiplying exponentially the interest and effects.

    • Oldbittygrandma,
    • March 3, 2013
    / Reply

    Not just any video will do. You have to create something that others will want to share, laugh at…perhaps taking a different approach, using sarcasm, or characters, to deliver your message…that takes an accomplished writer, performer, videographer and video editor. Are you those things? Probably not…so let a professional help you. I am a provider of a lot of different types of video that drives traffic and improves SEO. I found this to be an exceptionally written article. Well done Matt!! :)

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