India’s Web Industry: 30+ Promising Indian Web Talents and Agencies

India’s Web Industry: 30 Promising Indian Web Talents and Agencies

India is a peninsula with the Arabian Sea to its west, the Indian Ocean to its south, and the Bay of Bengal on the east while in the north it shares borders with Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Myanmar. A culturally rich country, India has the second largest population on earth with 15% of the world population under its belt. With its large population, it is not surprising then that India is a country brimming with talented individuals.

Looking at its long history of tolerance, India has been able to be accommodating towards variety in terms of culture, religion and social levels. However, India is still a country that is grounded in tradition, one that they are fiercely proud of. Even among young Indian yuppies, there are distinctively Indian ways of doing things in terms of fashion, gender roles, work attitudes, family and life in general. In order to gain a better insight into the Web industry in India today, we take a look at what people in the industry, like freelancers, creative agencies, entrepreneurs, and other outstanding individuals has to say.

Be the change that you want to see in the world. – Mohandas Gandhi

India’s Web Industry: 30 Promising Indian Web Talents and Agencies

Design & Art in India

For centuries, Indian art and designs have been distinguished for their great aesthetic and functional value. In ancient times, Shilpis (traditionally trained Hindu sculptors) conceptualized the intricate designs and patterns, which were painstakingly crafted into the temples and objects associated with them. In fact, India has the widest variety of crafts compared to anywhere else in the world.

The diverse and intricate range of craft forms produced by Indian craftsman has always been the basis of the creative process of the artisan tradition. It presents both the wide canvas of creative activity and the broadest spectrum of development. This concept has been embraced by today’s great architects and artists, designers, creative agencies and software engineers.

India Arts
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Design is an essential part of the Indian culture. One look at the architectural beauty of the Taj Mahal, and you cannot deny the amazing capability and possibilities inherent in India and among its people. The Taj Mahal is a mausoleum built on the southern bank of the Yamuna River outside Agra in India, and one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. Built by a group of about 20,000 men for emperor Shan Jahan in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal, it is a testament to what love and passion can accomplish.

Taj Mahal
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We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made! – Albert Einstein

The Real India

With more than 930 million inhabitants, a projection of 60 million Internet users and set to grow rapidly to the third largest Internet user base in the world, the number of Internet users worldwide is expected to touch 2.2 billion by 2013.

In a time when the outsourcing of projects is favored, many companies and brands in India are making a stand in the Web industry. Although Indian designers follow the web design trends of the world, there is a relatively low demand internally. Now that communication is so easy and uncomplicated with new and constantly improving technologies, overseas companies are flocking to Indian creative firms. This way, they get quality work done at a lower cost, although there has been an increase in price evaluation in recent years.

Festivals of India
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The online user base has reduced to 47 million in India in recent years. Although the overall base of Indians online has shrunk, on the positive side, 3 out of 4 Internet users are now on the net ‘daily’.

Google is clearly the most popular website among online Indians, with 35% of all online Indians claiming to use this website the most. Yahoo trails behind at second place with 28% of all Internet users using it the most. Gmail, Orkut and Rediff are the 3rd, 4th, and 5th most used websites in India respectively.

Outsourcing to India

Described as the paradise of outsourcing, however, the reality is that wages are rising in India. The cost advantage for off shoring to India used to be at least 1:6. Today, it is at best 1:3. Attrition is a frightening concept but unavoidable. Jobs that are low value-added and easily automated will very likely disappear within the next decade or so.

There is a lot of talk about India moving up the value chain. Some of that has indeed happened. An industry that gained momentum is software development. Indian software developers were tapped to help fix the “Y2K” problems in old software code and the industry have blossomed beautifully into one that offers a more comprehensive spectrum of services. Yet India is still the world’s back office. India’s tech and web industry has an abundance of worker bees. What customers expect or want, India will provide no questions asked.

With this boom in offshore outsourcing, India’s software and services exports are estimated to grow rapidly. Rates are rising quickly in all markets and the lowest rates are in Pakistan and Ukraine. While America and India are in the middle, Europe and California are the most expensive. In the tech world, one must really classify California as a “country” on its own separate from America. Russia is regional, while there is almost no development services exported from Japan (low supply) and from the hyper-fast growing economies like China (too much internal demand).

Outsource to India
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Indian development companies will argue that they really are cheaper than other top countries development companies. This was true in the past. Even now, Indian labor is a lot cheaper if you are buying generic “resources”, which is what the Indian companies want to sell. However, a generic “resource” is not the same as having a talented person.

There are many programmers and developers in India as it is considered a lucrative and stable career path. However, not all are passionate and strive to excel in this field. As such, not many have the drive and determination to succeed in other countries or make it to the top. There may be quantity but perhaps lacking in quality. However, this is the same situation in any country.

The percentage of truly talented developers or designers is small no matter where they come from. And the asking price of good programmers and designers, the people who can make it anywhere that everyone wants to work with, cost almost as much whether they are hired from India or other countries with a top-notch Web development industry.

India still has some of the best and talented developers and designers and even as I explore and discover these talented individuals, more new and talented individuals rise up the ranks. Here are some of the best in the industry and this list will definitely continue to grow.

30+ India’s Web Talents and Agencies

The talents mentioned in this list are not only great assets in the field, but also have made waves by stepping out and be heard. They have all played a part in making the India’s Web Industry a success.

We are responsible for what we are, and whatever we wish ourselves to be, we have the power to make ourselves. If what we are now has been the result of our own past actions, it certainly follows that whatever we wish to be in future can be produced by our present actions; so we have to know how to act. – Swami Vivekananda

Adit Gupta
What A Geek

Fijo Jose
My Web Carpenter

Kishore Kumar Nagarigari


Indo Folio

Gursimran Kaur

Leroy Fernandes
Fuel Media Works

Girish Gopal

Creative Leaves

Colour Pixel

Nikhil Malhotra
Fast Track Creations

Chirag Solanki

Amrinder Sandhu
A Way Back

Atul Thanvi

Arun Kumar Pattnaik

Sanjeev Sharma

Sunil Verma
Art Flavours

Amit Khera
Design Den

Sani Mani

Prashant Bhargava
Red Vapours

Kedar Patil
Kedar Web

Kalyan Chatterjee
Kalyan Chatterjee

Mohit Aneja
Css Jockey

Puneet Sakhuja

Sainath Chillapuram

Interactive Agencies in India

High-quality interactive agencies can be found all over India. Some have won prestigious international prizes, including the acclaimed Cannes Lions. Here are some of the most renowned agencies, listed in random order.


Mozi Web
Mozi Web

Jeannie Web
Jeannie Web

Get Me Fast
Get Me Fast

CSS Chopper
Css Chopper


More of India’s Pride

These are more of India’s web talents and creative agencies. Do check them out as well.

Icreon Design Studio

Karl Francisco Fernandes

India: Still Water Runs Deep

Although some clients have a preference of choose their designers or developers based on the country they come from, it should never be the sole deciding factor. Race, religion or nationality should not have any effect on your choice of who works for you. Adopt an open mindset and make the wise choice based on talent and suitability in terms of working attitudes, skills, knowledge, and service orientation.

Talent is everywhere and does not discriminate based on race, religion or nationality. Talent exists, you just have to find the talents, nurture them and let them shine. Many talents from India do not have a portfolio or a strong presence on the Web. As such it is unfair to make any judgment based on the few Indian designers or Web professionals that are better known.

Feel you can make a difference and do your country proud? Submit a link to your portfolio at the comment box below. Show the world what India can produce and do. Give us an insight into the situation of the industry in your country. We are eager to learn more about your experiences and thoughts. If you have worked with talented Indian freelancers or creative agencies/companies from India, share you experience with us as well. Talent is everywhere; it just needs to be discovered by the world.

I’ll be constantly adding new web talents and creative agencies in the list. So please come back and check them out!

Aidan Huang is a web enthusiast and ingenious blogger who loves all things design, interesting and technology. He is the editor-in-chief at Onextrapixel and have founded several other interesting blogs. Do keep in touch with him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.


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    A very well written and interesting article!!
    I definitely agree with your statement “Talent is everywhere; it just needs to be discovered by the world”..

    I hope you get a fair few responses from designers and developers based in India.


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      Hi Krishna, I hope all talented India designers and developers will not be shy to share their talents here!

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    World is becoming flat! Designers at India are highly influenced by western trends as they work for outsourced projects. It’s changing and time for local flavor is increasing these days. Desi design contents are slowing surfing up.

    Kudos for the listed designers here! Good article focusing on Indian talent!

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      Hi Senthil, I’ve to agree with you that almost every part of the world are being influenced by Western trends some way or another.

      I believed you have your fair share of contribution to the progress of India Web Industry as an User Interface Designer.

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    Akyno, I caught it right away as well…complete rip off and it infuriates me.

    Aiden, you really need to remove that one and maybe contact Agami about this.

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      Thank Mike for your suggestion. I have email Agami for verfication. Thanks.

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      think about it..

      and then again, you may be right!

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        Hi Nandu, I’m still waiting verification from both parties. I guess the person who know the truth has to be themselves.

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    There’s one small mistake, its Shah Jahan not “Shan Kahan”

    Nice article.. :)

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      Gandhi not Ghandi…. Good piece.

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        Hi Muanthang, Thanks for notifying. Got it amended!

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    There are definitely great designers emerging from all parts of the world, and india is one of them!

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      Hi Melody, I have to agree with you on that.

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    You should’ve added as well.

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      Hi Creative Nuts, perhaps you would like to introduce more about yourself, like the founder and the kind of contributions you have brought to India Web Industry. Thanks.

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    Very nice article. I was wondered by additional info that you gave about India. Cause generally these kind of articles titled as list or featuring quantity artists are just mentions of there website to attract traffic, I must say it was not one of them.
    Any thoughts on my website ?

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      V-render, perhaps you would like to introduce yourself as a individual?

      It’s good to see that there are many type and style of Web design talents in India. It’s great that you are sharing your skills and talents on your site too.


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    Its an honor to be in this roundup.

    Thanks a lot.

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      Thanks Atul. Keep up the good work!

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    wonderful creative sites


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    Thanks Aidan! It’s really an honor to be featured in this list. :)

    Moreover, this is a very well written article. You have covered a lot about the situation of web design industry in our country. I agree that we don’t have a big market for web designing in India, but I think that’s going to change in coming years.

    Other than web design, there have been many discussions on why India is not having a single brand in software or hardware industry in spite of being an IT Hub. It’s true that we have prestigious IT companies like Infosys and TCS, but their major focus is on outsourcing rather on developing applications and products for the masses.

    I think we should contribute many more applications and products to the world. I am trying to give my two cents and hence would be launching 3 web applications this year. :) I really hope that articles like these will inspire many more web designers and developers to come out and display their talent to the world. :)

    1. / Reply

      Hi Adit, first of all, thank you for your kind comments!

      I believed India’s talents should sometime stop becoming a producer and instead become a creator.

      All the best on your 3 web applications and we will definitely be seeing how it can helps to improve our web experiences.

      Alright Indian’s talents, you all have heard Adit calls, please stand up for your talent!

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      HI Adit,

      This is inform you about your comments “prestigious IT companies like Infosys and TCS, but their major focus is on outsourcing rather on developing applications”

      Infosys, has one of the leading Core banking Product called “Finacle”. It’s an ace product. Gartner, Inc. has positioned Finacle core banking solution in the Leaders Quadrant of the recently released ‘Magic Quadrant for International Retail Core Banking (IRCB)’ report. 1 .

      – SP Senthil Kumar-

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        Hi Senthil,

        Thanks for the enlightenment.

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    Thanks for the inspired article.

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      Hi Ramesh,

      You may wish to work on your website before promoting it. It’s just a splash page.

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    Is my website good enough to be listed here? Am not sure. Anyway, check out:

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      Hi Fahad,

      It’s a nice sleek site you got there. Welcome to be part of India’s Web Talents!

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    Thanks… me too! I love doing this blog b/c I’m learning something new about Indian Art, or seeing something new, nearly every day.

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    Thanks Aidan!
    its really soothing, encoraging and proud feeling while reading this post. But I think as per agencies you have not covered lot of ground.
    Bangalore based Sourcebits Technologies is an very strong and offbeat contender for your listing which has very strong portfolio and many of its web projects has been listed on smashing magazine.

    1. / Reply

      Hi Dilip, as I am not in India and have not yet visit this great country, I may have missed out some of the India’s best.

      Thank you for your recommendation. It’s the sharing spirit that keep our community alive.

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    thanks Aidan,

    an eye opener article even for we indians, and in the line of my thinking!

    in course of collecting/scaning indian design sites you must have realized that very few indian design(er) sites have any original idea(s). that’s due to very few incentive to be the original creator. idiot boss (in case of private company), corrupt officer (in case of public company) and above all very thin design community.

    but again prise your effort. you have light the torch see how many others carry it.

    charu, from above bastar (tribal/naxal area of chhattisgarh) and side of Bhilai Nagar (sending largest numbers of student to IIT) place called DURG.

    1. / Reply

      Hi Charu,

      I believed that the design community in India should work together rather than compete with one another.

      It’s not easy but definitely a goal that every India’s Web talents should work towards to.

      Thank you very much for the comment.

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    Hey there cool designers and critics, I am a web & graphic designer…. I created my online portfolio, Kindly give some expert comments on the same

    My Profile :
    My Portfolio :

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      Hi Taroon. Thanks for sharing your profile. Just curious, why don’t you merge the two sites into one? It’s better to build one distinctive identity.

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    oh yae we are talented………. keep rock joby ………….

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      Hi Jobin. Thanks for the comments. Why not introduce yourself to your fellow designers?

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        I am looking foreward to do that soon…. will be putting up a new design that combines both….. thanks anywayss

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    **Stops Sulking**


    I know a few people from this list. I like this round-up as it introduces me to few other talented individuals who I didn’t know about.

    I would like to iterate the fact that the reason for a serious dearth of world-class talent in India is the lack of a proper education system for web. Diploma in Web Design: 3 months? lol ;)

    Also, we hardly have any good conferences for webbies in India. We should have our own FOWD/FOWA, etc.. One of the things I would like to do.

    P.S- Did I mention the companies who sell Web 2.0?

    1. / Reply

      Hi Mustafa,

      Thanks for your comment. It’s encouraging that you are thinking of setting up conferences and other form of recognition for Web Talents in India. Though it is tough but Gandhi can do it, so can you!

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        I definitely hope so ;)

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    i want to learn designing from the scratch.. can i??

    tips please..

    i am school drop out… :(

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      Well anonymous, I think you should introduce yourself first rather than be called anonymous. There are lot of courses available online that teaches design. You may want to try them out.

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    This is a very well researched article which covers almost every aspect of India’s situation in the web/art/culture globally. I’m beginning to think whether anyone could have pulled this one off better than you, Aidan. Great job!!

    As Adit says, agencies here should start contributing more instead of outsourcing, otherwise this will make us lose our identity as one of the pioneers in Art. Its undeniable that our love for Art and creativity goes back to many centuries.

    This will definitely shed some light on the designer/web agencies and motivate them to create great apps and designs.

    I hope this message reaches out to every Indian on the planet regardless of whether he is a great web designer or still a novice.
    Thanks for the enlightenment Aidan.


    1. / Reply

      Hi Richie,

      First of all thank you so much for the kind words. I believed that every Indian designers no matter where they are, will be doing their part for the success of India Web Industry. No effort is too small.

      Let’s hope that all Indian Web talents will work together towards this common goal.

      Thank you.

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    Nice Designs. Kudos to the India Web designer.

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      You are very much welcomed! The pleasure is ours.

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    really good … at least for me . .as i m newbie in freelancing world ..

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    Hi Aidan,

    This is a nice compilation … however, I doubt if many of them can really come into the brand of awesome sites… Being associated with the best brand design firms of India for some time now… I have my reservations if some of the sites can really qualify as good user friendly sites forget about being promising interactive web or agencies.

    I am been in this field for last 14 years and have served this genre being a freelancer, to animator, Graphic designer and presently holding the designation of Creative Director of a US based firm looking after their Global branding…

    I would really love to know what are the parameters which has guided you to arrive at this conclusion of 30 promising freelancer and agencies in India…

    Well to give you a small input… my Freelance hub is in the field for last 3 years and boasts of some biggie clients all over the world and some real kool stuffs that has been appreciated worldwide.

    Please have a look on the website and you will know why I am telling this…
    We are also the only one in India who convert any 2D image to 3D Anaglyph (be it art work or Photographs). We are also Reseller of 3D glasses in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai Area in India.

    You are also cordially invited to see my personal website

    God bless and keep up the awesome work.

    1. / Reply

      Hi Tridib, first of all thank you for your comment and inputs.

      I strongly believed that each individuals and agencies that has made it into this list will have something unique to offer to Indian Web Industry.

      The motive here is not to compete who is better or who has the biggest clients. Instead it is to share the scene of India Web Industry with the world.

      Well, I have visited the site that you have recommended. We can learn something from Chlorosynth however there are still much room for improvement too.

      The key for growth here I think is humbleness and the willingness to share.

      Once again, thank you for the recommendation. Right now, let your fellow counterparts see if you or Chlorosynth can make India proud.

      1. / Reply

        Thanks Aidan for taking time and replying… much appreciated.

        Well… I think u took it too personally… at least your reply shows that… I apologize if any part of my comment unknowingly hurt you.

        At least, I have never expressed anywhere in my website or here in the comment that I am an expert anyways… where many of the sites listed in your compilation are full heartedly coining themselves as an expert… Great!

        I strongly disliked the line you expressed… “The key for growth here I think is humbleness and the willingness to share.”

        I sincerely believe that my humbleness has always been with me through all these 14 years and has made me what I am…

        I know personally a lot of people in this list and many of whom has taken my help/ advice recommendations to built up their site… and I stood beside them each day recommending them what can work best for them, what to add, what to remove… still I never expected any comments/ monitory gain from helping them out… I really felt bad with yr comment on humbleness and willingness to share …

        As a freelancer (starting my hub in a very small scale – deliberately… I don’t want to grow too fast as I am also associated with a full time job and can only take jobs which I can handle comfortably (within time limits).

        Apart from doing branding jobs my sole aim to make India proud in bringing up 3D websites and making India a big name in 3D world.
        The sole purpose of a website is that it should be presentable to the prospective clients, define your brand and should be most user friendly…which I believe my site does well till now… I am happy since I am getting a lot of clients directly from my website itself… So presently it works for me… No out of the world interactivity, or complicated navigation but which works… for me as well as my clients.

        Can we connect on this? my skype id is tridib.ghosh
        and you have my email address… I would really like to connect with you via email.

        Please don’t get me wrong… I whole heartedly appreciated your effort and shared this page to lot of my friends and colleagues for the fantastic writeup u gave though being not in India. Kudos to you.

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          Hi Tridib, please pardon me if I’ve sounded harsh or you may have misunderstood me.

          I totally respected your experiences and the great effort you have contribute to the India Web Industry. I understand it is not easy to do something with such a scale by yourself.

          I believed that your counterparts will appreciated you for your help and advice.

          I wish to extend my sincere apologies to you if I’ve put my words inappropriately.

          Thank you so much for the invaluable feedback.

          • Vinod,
          • March 13, 2010
          / Reply

          Tridib… You need to understand one thing. 12 years of experience is of no use unless you learn something new on a regular basis during those 12 years. Designing is something that comes with constant learning and not just with some years of experience doing the same thing. I’ve seen designers with 20 years of experience who doesn’t know the difference between table and div

          I am sorry about this, but the first link you had sent needs lot of improvement. It doesn’t look like a professional designers work.

          The most funny thing is the major part(contents) of the website is made up of image

          Do you think this will fasten the websites loading time.

          A few other issues

          1. The typography – no consistency
          2. The Mark up – you have used only IDs… use classes whenever possible so that it can be re-used
          3. Alignment of contents – The alignment of the testimonial section is weird. The user has to keep moving his head to read them.

          And in this site

          None of the img tags are closed. Just for your info image tags should be closed like this

          There are lots of things that are considered while designing websites and I appreciate each and every web designer in this list! They rock!!

          And.. Onextrapixel has done a great job in making this list! Awesome!

          1. /

            Hi Vinod, thank you for your constructive comments.

          2. /

            Hey Vinod!!! Chill man… I sincerely thank you for your constructive criticism… (very less people nowadays find time and give real constructive criticism) — I really loved your effort… much much appreciated :)

            However, I think its a very very clever way of hitting below the belt and going down to personal criticism… right from the first sentence…

            Firstly I failed to understand what is the main point of this listing and agenda… Is it ” the most promising website designs? or most promising web talent/ agency?”

            I don’t think its only a correct standard to judge the work of a freelancer or an agency purely by the website they have rather than the works they have delivered to their clients… I don’t think their personal site will make India proud rather than there services that they render to their clients should speak… and also how much their client’s are delighted to their works…

            Chlorosynth’s main aim till date has been very clear give 360 degree total branding solution to their client, inform and educate people about 3D in real world… and T shirt designing is purely a hobby which has come up big time due to public demand…

            1) I won’t stoop low to question on your number of years experience you have or what have you achieved in all these years… Vinod my testimonials speaks everything… what my client thinks of the standard of my works… just picking up meticulously whats wrong in the website is not of great taste i think…

            Evry issues you pointed out ( though I sincerely thank you for pointing them out and really pushing my lazy bum to correct them asap) are known issues to me… I deed two years back ..and I know there are many other small glitches still there… apart from ONLY the img tag… there are also some validation issue in the form… and certain other things which I keep on changing / experiment each day…. But still this website is an entry point and a very successful entry point for my prospective clients…

            I have never mentioned Adian my sites so that he features my website… It really doesn’t matter to be… I felt its the services that the website are offering, the quality of works that the freelancer is offering which can make India proud… There are so many testimonials of my satisfied clients who are big names in web genre…

            Regarding Chlorosynth’s text inconsistency… yes man thats a great point you have pointed… Ok to give you a news… right now I am experimenting a lot to display ANY font on website apart from the standard fonts that we always have to add… or use images if we need a designer font to be added in the website… But if we use a designer font as image then again it won’t be Serach engine optimized… or if we use flash again google can crawl teh text within… so I have found a round about way to display any font which will be selectable, google indexable and not too much of size… easy loading… you will find this standardized textual optimization very soon through out all my sites… ( yes :) will have a total new designs very soon …becoz it has come a long way till it was made…and needs serious design makeover… you never know may be I will ask you to help me in certain things ;))

            Lastly I believe we are not teaching anyone web design markups or tags where we are discussing something more important above all these … you can very well understand with your experience that clients won’t keep quite if their code has glitches… and their websites are not user friendly… I not only design web for them but also make them SEO and give them total branding solution from logo designt o collaterals to presentation etc… and I also make their brand reach masses… Just only making website do not tell teh whole story… I have never thought in my life that a humble discussion and a democratic point which I raised to Aidan will get so hot… and you will start actually analysing my website codes…thats really funny… anyways that really helped me to gauge one self and keeps me rooted… and also give me the passion to learn each day a new thing…

            God bless!

            Aidan… I think this list don’t half cover some really awesome freelancers who are much much ahead of time and a bringing recognition and awards to India… but believe me their websites are NOT that awesome…

            Please try to find out about Sameer Kulavoor, Roshan Comic Colorist, Sinu Chandrasenan and a whole bunch of awesome freelancer and designers who just don’t make websites … or there websites tell about half of their works… But they make India proud… some of them don’t even have their websites and only living by the blog… but they have built some awesome web and offline content which definitely makes India proud….

            • Jakob cloninger,
            • March 13, 2010


            First I have to congrat Aiden for these nice list. I know maybe you had missed some talented people. But you done a great Job. You told the right thing. In india lots of talented peoples there. I know some superb Indian designers personally.

            Tridip, I am wondering that what happened to this man. I checked his website with a great expectation. Because he is saying repeatedly he have “14 years of experience”. After seen his websites I am also strongly agree with Mr.Vinod. I cant see any of the work of a good experienced designer. Tridip is always using the words “14 years of experience, usability, design etc” but as Mr.Vinod’s words, if a designer is stuck on the basics then whats the use of wasting his time for 14 years.

            Mr.Tridip’s site have lots of usabilty issues also. In his Chlorosynth site, first we will get confused that the links are “Design, Inspired By Nature” and you are highliting “inspired” as active button. And I can’t find a button for ‘home’ except in footer.And in n your personal website I cant see any consistency in fonts or designs. I think you used a free photoshop action for your home page image.I am not saying thats a wrong thing. But we are expecting some more from a creative director who can produce his own designs.

            And you are saying you are the only one in India who convert images into 3d analygraph. Is that conversion is that much difficult? You can find lots of tutorials and free softwares for the conversion for the image to 3d.We are not expecting these type of silly dialogue from an “experienced” creative director.

            You are proudly saying you are the reseller of 3d glasses in Navi Mumbai. Great! But I think there are other sources too. And its not a big thing to order a 3d glass from cyberspace. And if you want you can make a 3d glass yourself. You will get lots of tutorials from net.
            You are saying you helped many of the designers for their design who are listed in this list. Who are the designers which you helped.I am damn sure if its true, they will tell us too.

            In the twitterfeed in your website showing the requests for comment and vote for your designs. Don’t worry Tridip, if the designs are good, people will vote for you without your request.

            Lastly, I can see truth in your words “At least, I have never expressed anywhere in my website or here in the comment that I am an expert anyways…” Yes you said that. We totally agree with you.

            Vinod, You can find lots of usability issues in that sites. But its a wastage for your time to find the bugs from these sites.

            Thank you Aiden. You done a great Job.

            • Vinod,
            • March 13, 2010

            Admin.. kindly remove the duplicate comment (at the end of this post) and keep this one. In fact I forgot to click the reply button before commenting. Sorr about that.

            Well said, Jacob

            Hey Tridib,

            Interesting that this topic is getting hot ;) First of all there is nothing personal in this since I don’t even know who you are.. May be you’ve something personal against all the designers in this list? You’ve made a public comment and so the reply would also be made publicly!

            I am glad that you’re realizing your mistakes. I strongly disagree with the fact that only clients feedback matters. Those are just one of the many things. Only if a designer improves the clients get quality.
            Even I’ve many clients who are satisfied with what I come up with. That doesn’t mean I have to just keep on doing do that. There is always room for improvement. Teach the clients about the advantages of new technologies that you implement on their website etc.

            I really don’t want to mention my experience, neither my client list here. I don’t like praising myself ;)

            And.. Portfolio is the only place where you get a chance to unleash your creativity and there is not point having a great client list with a poor portfolio. I hope you understand what I mean. Portfolio speaks!

            Also it might not be possible for Adian(or anyone) to go behind each clients of Indian designers for their feedback about his/her work and then list those designers here. Only those who show their work via an impressive portfolio reach the crowd.

            Regarding Chlorosynth’s text inconsistency… Just to keep you informed, experimenting new fonts isn’t a rocket science ;) Did you try out font-face in CSS3? There are lots of other font embedding techniques.

            I agree this post is not about discussing mark-ups, but before making an insulting comment about others great designers listed in this post, be sure to be the best in the industry.

            Criticisms always gets hot friend, be cool enough to face them ;) Being an Indian I am really proud to see this post and the designers listed here!

  22. / Reply

    There are also many talented indian bloggers I’ve known since I started my site. This is a cool and detailed article you’ve written.

    1. / Reply

      Johnson, thanks for the comment.

  23. / Reply

    you forget to mention the great leader in premium wordpress theme provider rbhavesh who is the owner of

    1. / Reply

      Hi Jayesh, how could I’ve missed R. Bhavesh, founder of PremiumThemes and Templatic. Thanks for the recommendation.

  24. / Reply

    you should have featured me here….lol….

    1. / Reply

      Hi Baljinder, you have a great portfolio and your works are amazing. Thank you for introducing yourself and like you have said, I should have featured you among others great designers.

  25. / Reply

    Thank you for sharing all those thing , i love it :)

  26. / Reply


    Thanks for adding my website.
    Wishing you to write more gr8 articles.

    1. / Reply

      Hi Sanimani, thanks for your comment.

  27. / Reply

    Good article….! Have a look at its worth adding to your collection i believe….. cheers!

    1. / Reply

      Hi pretheesh, thank you for your recommendation.

    • BBL,
    • March 12, 2010
    / Reply


    Nice Designs

  28. / Reply

    After looking at your list again and doing some background research on few, I must humbly say, this list is too aloof from what the title suggests. Looks like you went to a gallery looked for Indian Webmasters and prepared a list.

    But one thing that’s good is, it has sparked a discussion and we’re getting introduced to a few Indian Webbies here :)

    1. / Reply

      Hi Mustafa, thank you for your comment. I would like to highlight that as a non Indian, it is quite a challenge from me to trying to scout for potential Web talents. As I’ve mentioned in my article, many talents from India do not have a portfolio or a strong presence on the Web. As such it is unfair to make any judgment based on the few Indian designers or Web professionals that are better known.

      That’s why I kindly seek the help from you guys to recommend your fellow comrades whom you all think has excel in this industry and could considered the glory of India.

      Thank you.

        • Atul,
        • March 13, 2010
        / Reply

        Aidan you did a great job not just because im in the list but because this post of yours hopefully motivated lot of Indian web designers to come out and show off their skills.

        Thanks for taking time to do this and We all should be thankful to you.


  29. / Reply

    Thanks for adding me Aidan. But things more to do…

    1. / Reply

      You’re welcome Sainath.

    • Arun Somasekharan,
    • March 16, 2010
    / Reply

    Aidan ,

    Why why why aidan :) .. I appreciate the time and efforts you took to write down this lovely article..and the way you reply to each and every comment ,that too.. very politely .. very humble :)
    Out of the lot i strongly agree with Mr. Mustafa Quilon comments.. :)


    anyways…i m a designer myself ..after looking at the gallery …
    the only (3!!) gooooood and talented designers i found were


    Would also like to point out the RIP OFF’s (Prashant Bhargava) – a famous wordpress /woothemes template called Irresistable . It was available for free download ..and was also listed by SMASHINGMAGAZINE!!!!

    …………………………………………………………………………………………………….. (Arun Patnaik) – one of the famous event Saarang(organised by IITMadras & Nokia) had the same template for their 2008-2009 event… they have changed it currently for some unknown reasons..
    checkout the colour of wooden plank (@arun patnaik site) and colour of the logo…if you dont believe me.. ;)

    …………………………………………………………………………………………………….. rip off from /

    thanks you have truly activated designers like me :D

    1. / Reply

      Hi Arun, thanks for the comments. As for the rip off, it may boils down to having the same template being used. I’ve sent email for verification and till now we are still waiting for a response for both sites.

      Thank you.

      • Arun,
      • December 22, 2010
      / Reply

      Hey mate,

      Be very very careful while writing a comment ‘exactly’ like the one you’ve written here. Double check your facts before using words like ‘rip offs’ & then citing ‘unknown reasons’. If not, at least spend some time in reading the title of the post you’re commenting on. It doesn’t list the designs fyi, it lists the designers.

      And this coming from the only ‘truly activated designer’ around? Not so cool buddy.

      @Aidan, now you know what to do. ;)

        • Arun,
        • December 22, 2010
        / Reply

        Mr Patnaik …. lol ..

        First of all congratulations for your new website…looks cool buddy ;)

        Look at the thumnail for your website(your earlier website) and then check this one out

        Thanks :) :)
        @Aidan, now you know what to do. ;)

  30. / Reply

    Hey I love the Article.I was searching for Some Web Talents in India to share the ideas and comments from every i got lot of people listed here.

    and i would like to Showcase my website also.

    Check Out Comment Appreciated

    1. / Reply

      Hi Rajendra,

      Thanks for showcasing your website.

  31. / Reply

    Hi Aiden,

    Thanks of adding me #feb2481 . I’m really honored. It’s a very good research you made and very different article about Indian art.

    Wishing you to write more great articles.

    1. / Reply

      Girish, thank you for your comment. The pleasure is mine.

  32. / Reply

    Next time, i will get into the list :)

    1. / Reply

      Hi cooljaz124, you can count yourself in!

    • Vamsi,
    • March 31, 2010
    / Reply

    Nice to see lot of talented designers from India ..

    1. / Reply

      Hi Vamsi, any talented designers not mentioned that you wish to recommend? Thanks.

  33. / Reply

    a web design company in Mumbai’s famous Nariman Point

    • Nag,
    • April 2, 2010
    / Reply

    Thanks a lot Aidan for adding

    • chetan,
    • April 5, 2010
    / Reply

    I am working hard to make it in your list 2.0

  34. / Reply

    Thanks for having my website listed here! –
    Great to see fellow web designers doing wonders, keet it up guys and well nice article OXP!

  35. / Reply

    i really appreciate this list. I would also like to recommend to add in this list.

  36. / Reply

    Hey Aidan,
    Thanks a lot for featuring Fuel MediaWorks in this article. It is great to be featured alongside such talented people.
    One thing that this article has truly highlighted is that India has a lot of talent still waiting to be uncovered. Lots of rough edges, but nothing that diligent effort and perseverance can’t overcome.
    Thanks to Tridib too, for mentioning such awesomely talented people as Sameer Kulavoor, Roshan Comic Colorist and Sinu Chandrasenan. They have some really amazing work.
    This article is also going to help me in networking with other designers/developers. :)

    Hope this list keeps growing with better and more talented creatives.



    1. / Reply

      Hi Leroy,

      Keep on rocking! Thanks.

    • Icreon Design Studio,
    • May 10, 2010
    / Reply

    Great to find my website on your list.

  37. / Reply

    Hello Aidan,

    I’m Karl, a 22-year old web developer from Goa. I think I belong on this list. Have a look at my website:

    What do you think?

    1. / Reply

      Hi Karl,

      Your website design look unique and the use of texture fits really well. No wonder you are being featured in various design magazine.

      Added you in the list. Hope you will continue to shine in India web industry.


      1. / Reply

        Thank you Aidan! By the way, your blog InspireMonkey is pretty awesome. Keep up the good work!

    • Martin Sam,
    • August 2, 2010
    / Reply

    Well this Indian pride list is really Good list and i found three web site that structure and look very clear as per the service

    that is

  38. / Reply

    Thanks for including us!

  39. / Reply

    nice list, very inspiring.. Hope someday I will make it to the list. I will definitely work hard for it :)

  40. / Reply

    Nice List Aidan, Its clear Indians are making mark on design industry. :)

  41. / Reply

    The Indian designer community is really rising cheers guys.

    You can see my simple site as well….

    I do like

  42. / Reply

    Great article! Im a designer/developer based in London but i have been recently thinking of moving to Mumbai.

  43. / Reply

    Great Write up

  44. / Reply

    Indeed a great list of website. Not all are very qualified to listed but most of them were. I wish to redesign it so i can compete with some of them.

    Cheers guys

  45. / Reply

    Hi Aidan,

    Thank you very much for including us in the list! We really felt proud !

    JeannieWeb Solutions

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