Introduction to Adobe CS Review & Great Adobe Giveaways

Introduction to Adobe CS Review & Great Adobe Giveaways

Because it’s the season of giving and sharing, Onextrapixel would like to share another set of giveaways and also introduce you to a great service by Adobe called the Adobe CS Review. For all Creative professionals, you are in for some great treats! Teaming up with Adobe, we are glad to give away 10 prize packs each consisting of an Adobe bag, Adobe water bottle, laptop skin, $25 Best Buy gift card and 2-month certificate to tutorials, an online tutorial service that has detailed content on Adobe products!

Introduction to Adobe CS Review & Great Adobe Giveaways

What is Adobe CS Review?

Going through the cumbersome process of delivering reviews through numerous emails, powerpoints, or FTP can be challenging and time consuming. The Adobe CS Review is here to make everything more effective and improve your efficiency at work.

Adobe CS Review

This application is integrated into the CS5 Creative suite, where it is an online service that makes it easy to share, gather and act on feedback for your creative work. It is the perfect tool to take action on a feedback within your Creative Suite software. It is also ideal for letting clients comment on your artwork online.

Adobe CS Review

Enhances Work Flow

Adobe CS Review will significantly enhance your work flow, by allowing you to focus on creating your most impactful work. It is a great way for team members to work together, and provide comments from different aspects of the project.

Your clients and team members do not need to own any creative software to participate in the review. All that is required is an active account, which is free and easy to set up. This means that they can view the files right in CS Review, without having to launch any programs. This online service makes it simple, effortless and straightforward for everyone involved to communicate their ideas.

Here’s a closer look at the tool bar in CS review. It is made easy for reviewers to provide feedback with simple click and comment.

Adobe CS Review Tool Bar

You can select a specific area to add a comment and this helps to bring across the remark effectively to your team members. Reviewers can make a targeted comment or comment on the full design.

Adobe CS Review Commenting

What’s more, you can invite reviewers by sending them a customizable invitation email with a link to your project (reviewers will be asked to login with an Adobe ID).

Adobe CS Review Sharing

Fully Integrated into CS5 Creative Suite

Adobe CS Review is integrated with various design tools. Hence, you can initiate a review from within the design software you are working with. This makes reviewing an easy and an integrated part of the design process and helps to prevent you missing out on any changes requested. Here is a video of CS Review in action.

Sign Up Online

Do not own any CS5 creative suite? Fret not. CS Live is also available as a web access subscription. Just sign up before April 30, 2011, and get 12 months complimentary access.

How to Win

Simply comment on this post with your feedback or what you think of the Adobe CS Review service and you will stand the chance of winning a prize pack consisting of an Adobe bag, Adobe water bottle, laptop skin, $25 Best Buy gift card and 2-month certificate to tutorials. Adobe will handle all shipping whether it’s a domestic or international winner.

Adobe CS Review Prizes

Winners will be chosen randomly from the comments, so please enter your real name and a valid email address. To increase your chance of winning, please provide constructive feedback and tweet this giveaway.

This competition will be open until Saturday, 25th December 2010. Winners will be announced on this article and will be contacted via email. Good luck to everyone!

PS: All prizes are provided courtesy of Adobe and its related partners. The opinions expressed in this article on Adobe CS Review are strictly contributed by OXP.

Here Are The 10 Lucky Winners

We are glad to announce the lucky 10 winners for the prize packs from Adobe Giveaway. They are:

  • Yuni Ardita Sari Dewi
  • Diego
  • Anthony Schultz
  • James Kyle
  • Ari Arsyadi
  • Mário Santos
  • SenthilKumar Rajendran
  • David Laferriere
  • Todd P
  • Kiyan

Winners will be contacted through email soon. If you are one of them and have not received an email from us or our sponsor by next week, please contact us. (Due to the festive holidays, some delays may be expected. Please be patient and winners will be notified soon.)

Thank you for all your support. For sure, we will be organising more giveaway contest so everyone will have a chance to win, stay tuned!

Onextrapixel, or more commonly known as OXP is dedicated to delivering useful, comprehensive and innovative information for designers, developers and many others.


  1. / Reply

    Wow…great ADOBE giveaways.
    Well I love these Adobe CS Review.
    its gonna make everything more effective and improve my efficiency at work.
    This is trully awsome. It is worth.
    Hope for the best. Thanks.!/arditasari/status/17175168749146112

    • Uncleserb,
    • December 21, 2010
    / Reply

    I registered on Adobe CS Review a little while ago but haven’t yet used it… will certainly give it a go now ;)
    Good luck to all for the giveaway!

    • Steve Robillard,
    • December 21, 2010
    / Reply

    I think the integration may make this a winner for many, but with all integration the make or break is how does it handle other formats and tools? I am off to register and find out for myself.

  2. / Reply

    Great! Adobe has the most famous graphic programs in the world, so Adobe CS Review is a great tool to improve the flow od work!

    • George Elias,
    • December 21, 2010
    / Reply

    Adobe CS Review is great! Since every designer is using Photoshop or another product from the suite, it’s a great way to get feedback on your work without all the hassle.

    Great job Adobe! :)

    onextrapixel awesome job overall and keep up the hard work. Great giveaway :) Hope to get me some Adobe stuff.

    • Diego,
    • December 21, 2010
    / Reply

    Just got noticed about the service here at oneExtraPixel and started to use it. Great UI, intuitive and easily usable for my clients, great review tool. Hoping in gain the freebies, even tho I’m from Brazil.

  3. / Reply

    Great giveaway, though as for CS Review, while it sounds like a great product, I am leery of using it since pricing has not been announced (since the first 12 months are free).

  4. / Reply

    Using Adobe CS Review has made my life a bit easier. I was able to ditch a 3rd party web app that I had to pay for, which sucked.

    The only thing I had a concern about was transferring my clients into a new interface to review and provide feedback. I received primarily all good news from my clients, with one negative comment which wa actually in regard to “proprietary” software…ugh

    Anyways.. awesome deal!

    tweet-tweet :!/elementvine/status/17228645156265984

    • David McCan,
    • December 21, 2010
    / Reply

    Great idea. Maybe there is a way to integrate it into Base Camp.

    • David meek,
    • December 22, 2010
    / Reply

    Great pack and great inspiration. Just what anybody could need to get going in the design business.

  5. / Reply

    Being a CS3 user I’d love to have the means to share work and collect feedback from clients and collaborators without having to resort to external software. Adobe Review seems like something I could really use. Perhaps I’ll give the web version a try.

    • Nishant,
    • December 22, 2010
    / Reply


  6. / Reply

    I dig it! I will be signing up for that!

  7. / Reply

    Sounds great!

    • Adobe Andrew,
    • December 22, 2010
    / Reply

    @Dan Price,

    I do some work with Adobe CS Review and wanted to provide you with a little bit more information regarding the price of CS Live after the trial. According to the FAQs on the CS Live page…”By the end of your complimentary period, Adobe may offer for-purchase subscriptions. Final pricing of for-purchase subscriptions is to be determined, but is currently estimated at US$19.99–$29.99 per month or US$199–$299 per year.” If you have any other questions, let me know. Hope this helps. Thanks.


    • Dina,
    • December 22, 2010
    / Reply

    oh great!! I’d love to win it

  8. / Reply

    Great product, and very nice freebies from Adobe

  9. / Reply

    Wow, Adobe CS Review looks like a great tool that would really reduce the hoops we have to jump through to get our creative work reviewed. Twincubator ]at[ TwinParenthood )dot( com

  10. / Reply

    Great Offer! Just signed up and starting to get my hands on Adobe CS Review. Really hope this tool offers more than its competitors as I am using other tools right now to help my work process.

    I am a CS3 user and this tool is definitely useful in my design process and if this one proves the best, will consider ditching the one I am using right now.

    • Kiyan,
    • December 22, 2010
    / Reply

    This is simply awesome. Adobe CS Review will be an essential interface for every kind of graphic designer.The app will surely help us to get our designs more improved through valuable comments from around the world.

  11. / Reply


  12. / Reply

    Descriptive article !

    Adobe CS Review will make my life better after getting comments from other people. Now my boss will understand that designs are made for everyone, not for him….

  13. / Reply

    There is no much to say, CS Review comes to every one, Designers, Coders & Clients… I really love all the integration between CS Services, and CS Review is quite simple to really understand what other think!

    A new fresh way to review designs and mockups!

    Great article and giveaway!!

    • Todd P,
    • December 23, 2010
    / Reply

    I have been looking for a streamlined review tool for my clients and integration with the adobe product line should only make this process easier to collect constructive feedback from my clients and team.

    • mary,
    • December 23, 2010
    / Reply

    I like the integration with CS5

    • SenthilKumar Rajendran,
    • December 23, 2010
    / Reply

    Hats-off to oneextra for providing us a great start-up article to brush-up our self and I’m awaiting to use this.

    Few Words about Adobe:
    Now a days Adobe is creating a greater impact across all areas. Being a stand-alone and top most tool for web designing now it seems to a awesome tool for sharing the resources and information across the team members/communities online.

    Also it acts much like a Cisco Webex meeting online for showing the piece of work and getting the suggestion/comments/feedback within a nick of moments.

    Being a Senior UI Developer, I’ve been using the Adobe for the past 6 years and i love this product very much.

    Thanks to Adobe for giving such a wonderful products in the world of web and thanks for giving an opportunity to post a comment about Adobe

    Merry Christmas & Advance New Year Wishes by Senthil :-)

    • SenthilKumar Rajendran,
    • December 23, 2010
    / Reply

    Hi Adobe,

    I’ve few thoughts regarding the creative suite,

    1) Why don’t you give some default template kind’s of stuffs in Photoshop alike in Dreamweaver i.e 2 column, 3 column header, footer &sidebars HTML Template layout’s etc. So that i would be easier for UI Designers/Novice to create a wire-frames/prototypes for applications.

    2) Also sample templates for log-in forms, change/forgot password etc which are used globally.

    If you integrate those ideas in to the product; which will give a full complete shape of Creative Suite in the world of web technology.

    Hope in future we get the same in Creative Suite.

    Thanks again,
    Senthil :-)

    • SenthilKumar Rajendran,
    • December 23, 2010
    / Reply

    Being a freelancer UI Developer this tool will definitely help me to get the reviews/comments/feedback from the client as well as valuable suggestions from the friends circle/team members to get to know the areas of improvement/corrections etc.

    Also this resolves in sending frequent mails in terms of presentation/task progress and consumes less time.

    • MD,
    • December 23, 2010
    / Reply

    Great giveaways, but I don’t find Adobe CS Review to have practical applications for me.

  14. / Reply

    I can see the benefits of CS Review for small and large design firms. Easier to maintain control on the changes and comments. I’ll have to give a go on some projects in the new year.

    • Liz,
    • December 25, 2010
    / Reply

    I’ve been checking into it and it sounds like a great tool that I’ll definitely be investigating more in the future!

  15. / Reply

    Hi everyone, thank you for your support. The contest is closed.

    The winners are listed at the end of this article. Thank you!

  16. / Reply

    Hi, i’m proud to be one of the winners!!

    Thanks OXP!!!

    Keep up with the good work!!

  17. / Reply

    I’m very pleased. It’s the first time I’ve won any kind of random prize. Thanks very much guys and gals! :)

  18. / Reply

    Congrats to:
    Anthony Schultz
    James Kyle
    Ari Arsyadi
    Mário Santos
    SenthilKumar Rajendran
    David Laferriere
    Todd P

    and for me too. :)

    Thanks so much Onextrapixel Team.
    I’m very pleased. :)

    • Randy Estes,
    • January 20, 2011
    / Reply

    This look very promising. I can definitely see sharing with other designers being made easy.

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