Make a Good Couple Backdrop and Tagline that are Perfectly Paired

Make a Good Couple Backdrop and Tagline that are Perfectly Paired

Every website owner wonders how to catch as much attention as possible, transform occasional online visitors into regular ones, increase website traffic and simply make a good showing. In order to satisfy all these desires web designers make the most of landing pages or, in most cases, welcome areas since the power produced by the first impression, for which the front page is responsible, is enormous.

You can resort to different solutions that make the home page look eye-catching and memorable. And today we are going to consider one popular approach, which involves the utilization of a strong combination of a catchy phrase that is usually a tagline and a spectacular image background. These 2 components co-exist in relation to each other. The backdrop, as a rule, effectively supports the slogan, enormously enriching the whole appearance of the home page and reinforcing the theme, whereas the slogan reflects the mood and atmosphere of the website; and such interesting and original blends always have a harmonious, balanced and unique look.

So, let’s take a look at some interesting and inspiring examples of website designs that feature ideal pairs of backdrop and tagline.

Ideal Backdrop and Tagline Pairings

1. Mistrip

You are invited to set out on a short and captivating journey together with its website, so it’s not surprising that the welcome section depicts a pleasant image of a stretching into the distance rails that evokes adventurous feelings. With the tagline ‘Take a ride to the unknown’.


2. Eldorado Stone

The website greets its online audience with an attention-grabbing video that has a hint of a forced perspective. The video is effectively bolstered not only by the bold slogan ‘As real as it gets’, but also by well-crafted natural textures such as wood and stone that are scattered throughout the design.

Eldorado Stone

3. Africa Mostrase

The front page exhibits a fantastic vivid portrait, which is uniquely associated with Africa. The artistic approach in conjunction with a quite simple website appearance is able to easily draw attention to African culture and film festival.

Africa Mostrase

4. Enter

The backdrop that depicts a fantastic bright, full of energy photo goes perfectly well with the main slogan ‘Be disruptive’. They complement each other ideally. The image of a child evokes really positive and friendly feelings as well as setting up an energizing atmosphere.


5. Lakeside Lounge

The website makes use of a cinemagraph-style background that is soaked in a vibe of the hottest season of the year. The animated image of a warm sunny seascape ideally suits for the huge bold title ‘Summer’.

Lakeside Lounge

6. In Natural

As the name implies, this website is dedicated to various organic stuff, so the designer has decided to work into the home page a spectacular image background that radiates a lovely natural scene. With the tagline ‘Natural Lifestyle’.

In Natural

7. Bear Canu

This website is highly provoking and enticing. Though it has some bad language, yet the idea is really worth attention. The team has wisely supported the main question with a nice illustration that plays the role of a fictional character which is going to walk you through the website.

Bear Canu

8. Comwerks

The front page features an almost literal representation of the main slogan ‘Creativity at work’. The team relies on an entertaining factor that naturally stimulates a cheerful and amiable mood as well as establishes a positive general feeling.


9. Mail Bakery

The name as well as the major tagline ‘We bake newsletters’ is supported by a vibrant illustration. The solution of using cartoon-style design in combination with a pleasant warm color palette gives the website a friendly and a somewhat artistic appearance without overwhelming users with extra graphics.

Mail Bakery

10. Vousys

Much like the previous example, this website design is pulled together by some funny illustrations that are aimed to graphically visualize slogans and letterings placed on the welcome area. Moreover, these vibrant drawings are nicely enlivened by small dynamic effects.


11. MeCre

MeCre stands for Mechanical Creatures, so it’s not surprising that the front page shows off an awesome photo manipulation that features a mechanical fly. It ideally highlights the title, making it clearer for newcomers.


12. Genentech: Making Medicine

This is an amazing interactive website that effectively supports the major tagline ‘Making Medicine’. Pay attention to the lettering that not only is composed of specific symbols, which accurately reflect the word ‘making’, but also is spiced up with some small yet pleasant animations that nicely enliven everything.

Genentech: Making Medicine

13. Adphile

This landing page uses a full-screen image slider that comprises picturesque photos which fascinate by their spectacular appearance. Each slide has its own pairing that consists of a tagline and supportive background.


14. Pathfinders

This site has a funny and cheerful welcome area. It includes a lovely picture of a buoyant and good-humored image background that is bolstered by a catchy slogan ‘Elevating your brand beyond new heights without tights’. The latter has a nice hand-drawn touch.


15. Eden Digital Agency

What else should be on a site with the word ‘Eden’ in the title? Of course, a pretty landscaped full of various herbs garden and seductive apple tree. The team realizes these 2 aspects by including a spectacular nature image background and apple style icon.

Eden Digital Agency

16. Kaiser Sosa

This home page includes a slider where each slide has its own key phrase and complementary illustration that is spiced up with animation. Every such combo effectively sheds light upon the designer’s possibilities and his workflow.

Kaiser Sosa

17. Obela

Here, the picture speaks for itself. The team has provided users with a snappy slogan, which exactly describes the image you see ‘We’re just crazy about hommus’. This funny solution easily grabs users’ attention as well as sets up a friendly and cozy atmosphere on the website.


18. Manual

The full-screen slider includes a series of images and taglines that can be easily entitled “Manual is…” Each slide has a description and supportive image that perfectly suit each other and clearly portray what the agency want to convey to their online audience.


19. Degordian

This digital agency have used a full screen video with a strong black transparency that enables the menu, logo and tagline stand out beautifully. And the tagline ‘Makes you curious’ certainly does!


20. Mood

This landing page has definitely a subtext. The word ‘Mood’ can easily be turned into ‘Wood’ and the team skillfully makes use of it. Since the website is dedicated to selling ‘furniture with mood’ that is made in wood, the welcome area includes a wooden texture that reinforces the tagline.



Making a good pairing of a background and a main tagline has become a really popular solution among website owners. It helps to pass on the necessary information, support the theme and enrich the website visually. This powerful combination of textual and visual elements that are in accord with each other produces a really great impact on online visitors.


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