Outstanding Examples of Surreal Typography

Outstanding Examples of Surreal Typography

Let go any major and natural constraints and allow your fertile imagination to run wild, allegorizing your thoughts, ideas and messages through various graphical tools. The bizarre and unpredictable surrealism is what stands behind such mind-blowing projects, which easily grab and hold onlookers’ attention for a while.

You can find various manifestations of this conceptual and eccentric art direction; and one of the most powerful and mesmerizing results is achieved in collaboration with another emphatic and meaningful medium – typography.

Surrealism in Typography

We have become accustomed to the fact that a font, nowadays, is used not only for conveying information but also for enhancing and holding a theme, creating a solid foundation and putting users in an appropriate mood. It is a truly powerful and effective instrument that easily succumbs to various influences of effects and styles. It can easily stand alone and independently makes the entire artwork pop.

Here, the special attention is given to an innovative and unconventional approach of 3-D rendering. That is what we are going to talk about today; about a judicious mixture of surrealism and typography that generally results in the creation of native and truly realistic artworks.

In the fresh collection below you will find jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring artworks that have managed to bring simple lettering to life.

“ADICT” Sneaker lettering by Chris LaBrooy

This is a mind-blowing, truly realistic 3-dimensional artwork that was inspired by famous sneakers. The designer utilizes a muted color palette that skillfully supports textures inherent to any athletic footwear.

'ADICT' Sneaker Lettering

Art Line by Lucas Iacono

This has a nice and powerful natural vibe. The designer pays attention even to small details in order to effectively incorporate the lettering into a grassy organic layout.

Art Line

HDR is garbage by Batoulet Mehdi

The artwork strongly relies on textures that are executed quite neatly and capably. The selected coloring ably reinforces the slogan.

HDR is garbage

ATR yes by pixteur – Jesse Zamjahn

This is a spectacular aerial photo manipulation that features an amazing wild landscape. The natural panorama is laconically dissected by the word “YES” that looks absolutely native and indigenous.

ATR yes

Myths of the Creative Church by Steve Stone

Here is another amazing nature-inspired masterpiece in our collection. The rough word “MYTHS” with a wonderful rock feeling harmoniously blends into gorgeous green massif.

Myths of the Creative Church

Mindre Druk Mere Fest by Chris Labrooy

The artist easily establishes a harsh working atmosphere, effectively leveraging both clean and muddy jeans textures, neat zippers, tidy accents of embroidered strokes and realistic objects.

Mindre Druk Mere Fest

April by Peter Tarka

The artwork looks simply amazing and refined. Elegant polished letters beautifully cooperate with a smooth abstract environment that has a lovely high-tech touch.


Prudential bring your challenges by Chris LaBrooy

This is another eye-catching artwork in our inspirational roundup from this talented artist. The exquisite implementation effectively engages the visitors and instills a sense of exhilarant musical drive.

Prudential bring your challenges

WORKS JUNE.2013 by rdn

The designer capably employs metallic textures in conjunction with a dark coloring in order to bring the composition alive. The artwork is highly-detailed and looks really attention-grabbing.


Oldies by Cgworks

Although this masterpiece is considered to be an old one, it can easily compete with the majority of current artworks. It looks absolutely realistic, stylish, well-executed and simply eye-popping. Its yummy and shiny appearance definitely stands out from the crowd.


Reputation Squad by JasseKyttanen

This piece shrilly screams the S&M theme that is ably performed in an unconventional manner. The design has a certainly extraordinary and well-thought-out look that brings the eye to the lettering and makes visitors thoroughly examine each composite character.

Reputation Squad

Coffee & Donuts by Craig Minchington

This showcases a fascinating liquid manipulation that breathes life and cheerfulness into the word “Coffee”. It also includes complementary 3-dimensional text and specific illustrations in order to fully support the theme.

Coffee & Donuts


This is a creative and joyful piece of art that comes with an unparalleled style. The comforting curves in collaboration with the smooth sleek surface of the letters naturally capture onlookers’ attention.


Save The Bees Illustration by Alex Sheyn

The designer does a great job of implementing realistic striped textures with a barely-noticeable pelage. The illustration is wonderfully bolstered by lustrous honeyed touches and multiple funny bees.

Save The Bees Illustration

Sobremesa by Diego Morales

This is a pastry-inspired typographic illustration that enthralls viewers with its appetizing appeal. Although characters don’t have a proper realistic look, they nicely liven up the design.


Whole lotta love by NejcPolovšak

The designer goes for an elegant, quite classy look, demonstrating the lettering by means of slim, sleek, glossy volumetric lines. The combination of numerous swirls, lighting touches and tender red color gives the design a delicate and gentle feeling.

Whole lotta love

The Sugary Death Machine by Finger Industries Ltd

This is an unbelievable photo manipulation that comprises realistic type treatment with a wonderful feeling of a third dimension. The designer skillfully and unobtrusively works typography into composition.

The Sugary Death Machine

Photography by Marcus Byrne

This work also displays a 3d type, which is imbued with urban motifs. The rough-edged letters with vibrant abstract graffiti placed on an ill-fated street reinforces the whole concept.


Monstrous Alphabet by Scott Wetterschneider

I have included this marvelous quaint typography because of its artistic integrity and unique peculiar style. Although the characters look quite childish and genial, they definitely engage visitors with their amusing design.

Monstrous Alphabet

3D Projects by Joao Oliveira

The artwork simply impresses with its delicate and subtle execution. The designer so cleverly and capably combines neon lighting effects with semi-transparent glossy objects, and properly picks up the color scheme making the whole composition just come alive.

3D Projects

Home Sweet Home by rdn

This gives the feel of nature and originality from perfectly implemented wood and cardboard textures, effectively expressing the proper mood and individuality.

Home Sweet Home

Posters for Xbox creative studio by Chris LaBrooy

This artwork pleasantly instills a sense of amusement and enjoyment. The designer finds a perfect balance between various music-oriented objects that skillfully constitute the words. The bright coloring in tandem with meticulous attention to details does its job well.

Posters for Xbox creative studio

Poster by Giulia Ripamonti

This poster has an enlivened maritime vibe. The designer leverages various types of shells in order to neatly mold letters. The latter are skillfully supported by thin white doodles.


Robust by Benoit Challand

The artwork exhibits a rigid type that is made by means of polished metallic textures. It is perfectly lined up, easily readable and looks brutal and topnotch.



“Wow” effect and dream-like appearance accompany every artwork, made with surrealism in mind. Perfect execution of textures and patterns, scrupulous attention to details, realistic objects, arduous work with light and shadows, complementary illustrations and matching backgrounds – all these are essential parts of any breathtaking typographic masterpiece that closely resembles a real scene.

What do you think about surreal typography? What makes such masterpieces look unforgettable and unique? What’s your favorite example? Don’t be shy, take part in our discussion. Use our comments section to express yourself.


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