Reviewing List Articles Trend: 30 Powerhouse and Prospective Design Blogs

Reviewing List Articles Trend: 30 Powerhouse and Prospective Design Blogs

In the numerous hours you’ve spent surfing the Internet, I’m sure you’ve come across countless online content with titles that start with numerals and go along the lines of these headings like “40 Most Inspiring…“, “65 Incredible…“, and “10 Most Popular…“. Content with titles such as these are called – List Articles and regardless of the content being design related or not, list articles are fast becoming a highly popular trend in the blogging sphere.

Popular social media sites like Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon or Twitter also play a huge role in circulating list articles among web savvy individuals like you. This begs the question, what is it about list articles that allows it to thrive in social media sites? Today we take a closer look at some of the reasons behind the success of this fast-growing trend.

List articles
Image credit: HippoPapa+mum

Why are List Articles so Popular?

List articles are usually defined as a round-up, mash-up or a consolidated article. The nature of these types of articles does not allow an in depth discussion about the subject matter. Instead, they give an overall view of the topic by showcasing big, clear and attractive visuals for the reader to enjoy.

Fast and Easy is a Plus

The popularity of products like instant noodles, fast food outlets and 3-in-1 shampoo says a lot about the nature of people today. Convenience is of utmost importance and to be able to get something fast and easy is a plus. This stems from the fact that our society is becoming more impatient and they want to be able to obtain information and answers quickly and effortlessly.

Instant drinks
Image credit: Adreamdeferred

Think of list articles as a mini one-stop-centre, where inspiration and creative ideas are stocked. List articles ensure that you get all the information you need, all in one link, without having to open multiple tabs. With a good list article, all the work is done for you. As such, list articles have become popular with readers today. In time, with the rise in the supply and demand of list articles, blogs that ride the popularity wave of this trend will continue to gain followers and exposure.

Make them Bite Size

Statistics have shown that people read slower online. Although many online articles are intriguing, our eyes tire more easily when reading from a monitor as compared to reading from a hardcopy source like books, magazines or newspapers. As such when consolidating information in a list article, keeping it bite sized helps the reader absorb the information more easily and quickly.

Bite Size
Image credit: Bakerella

The use of pretty images and concise text is one of the main characteristics of the list article. This saves the reader’s time and energy as they would not have to surf through hundreds of web pages to obtain information.

Easy Access List

Search engine results do not remain the same even if you input the exact same key words because there are always changes and newer web pages available. As such links obtained from a previous search may not be listed in the new search results.

Easy access

List articles function like a mini library in which links and information is grouped accordingly by subject matter. Users now only need to bookmark one list article link to be able to gain access to all the relevant websites regarding the topic of interest.

Inspiration Provider

List articles also help those in need of inspiration and creativity as they consolidate large amounts of information and images of any given subject in one list. This means that you do not have to go through the time-consuming and tedious work of sifting through galleries and articles to figure out what the latest trend is.

Library of Inspiration
Image credit: Kelly Mason

If you are having problems designing your next portfolio, browsing through some list articles may help you get a little inspiration, and clear you of your Designer’s Block.

Increased Exposure

The World Wide Web is massive. There are so many websites and domains in existence now that, sadly, some of them never see the light of day and remain unknown to the masses. This could be due to many reasons, like the country’s domain, complication of the Search Engine Optimization, language barrier etcetera. However, list articles reduce the likelihood of that and provide readers with a higher chance of exposure to more sites available on the web.

15 Design and Development List Powerhouses

There are many prominent blogs in existence today. Some focus their content on providing users with list articles on various topics. Others include more sophisticated and in-depth articles like tutorials, case studies and research based content. We have put together 15 of the top design and development blogs containing some of the best list articles in circulation on the web.

The Grandmaster of list article blogs, many of their article titles start with a number, more so that most other blogs.

Hong Kiat

iShift, founded by DKumar M and Daniel Adams, constantly provides great list articles almost on a daily basis.

Instant Shift

Smashing Magazine
Smashing Magazine strikes a balance between the use of list articles and other types of articles on their website. The design and development content is useful and intriguing for those in the community.

Smashing Magazine

1stwebdesigner is a design blog dedicated to bloggers, freelancers, web-developers and designers. The blog has many list articles written by creator Dainis Graveris.

1st Web Designer

The king of design list articles, Abduzeedo has a vast collection of inspiration visuals and useful tutorials.


Webdesigner Depot
Webdesigner Depot has published a wide range of articles in various forms related to web and graphic design.

Webdesigner Depot

Most of the articles that are popular among readers are InspiredMag’s list articles and the topics vary from iPhones to WordPress.

Inspired Mag
A community-based website for web designers and developers, provides list articles as well as other great articles for their readers.

Design Mag

Despite being run under a new company, Smashing Media GmbH, Noupe has kept up the standard and continued to produce some of the most inspirational list articles around.


Speckyboy Design Magazine publish articles on topics regarding CSS, Firefox, Photography and WordPress.

Specky boy

Naldz Graphics
Managed by Ronald Bien, Naldz Graphics is a design blog that publishes high quality lists of tutorials, freebies and other useful resources for the design community.

Naldz Graphics

Tripwire Magazine
Tripwire Magazine is a web blog that provides useful inspirational lists and tutorials for both web designers and web developers.

Tripwire Magazine

Six Revisions
Six Revisions is a website that publishes practical and useful articles for designers and web developers. Although it has slowly shifted its focus more towards teaching and tutorial based articles, they still publish some great list articles occasionally.

Six Revisions

Smashing Apps
Smashing Apps never fails to inspire their readers with great list articles of free and useful online resources for designers and developers alike.

Smashing Apps

Web Design Ledger
A platform for sharing web design related knowledge and resources, Web Design Ledger publish list articles on various topics like design inspirational tips and tutorial and everything in between.

Web Design Ledger

15 Flourishing Design and Development Blogs

Now we’d like to share with you 15 relatively new design and development blogs with superb list articles as well as other comprehensive content. These up and coming blogs definitely deserve our attention so do check them out!

Founded by Johnson Koh, 10Steps.SG focuses on providing great list articles on Photoshop tutorials for the community.

10 Steps

Design Informer
Less than a few months old, Design Informer, created by Jad Limacaco has a great mix of list articles and intellectual discussion articles. This blog is definitely worth taking a look at and putting it on your watch list.

Design Informer is a comprehensive site with articles mainly focused on programming and development topics perfect for developers to get additional inspiration.

Aext net

Little Box Of Ideas
Showcasing gorgeous design inspirational works, Little Box of Ideas is barely 1 year old started by Sneh.

Little Box of Ideas

Providing a wide variety of topics, GeekSucks has content that is sure to inspire and entertain you at the same time.

Geek Sucks

PV.M Garage
PV.M Garage’s list articles are interesting and of good standard, providing to be a useful tool for web designers and developers.

Pvm Garage

Designrfix has a huge library of tutorials as well as list articles of all of the hot topics in the design world although it is barely a year old.


Pelfusion is quickly making a name for itself as a design and development blog with great list articles and content despite being in this field for less than a year.


Web Design Mash
An up and coming blog, Web Design Mash’s focus is on providing good list articles on design.

Web Design Mash

Web Design Booth
Created as a blog to discuss about resources for web developers and designers, creator Dicky ensures that Web Design Booth provides good content and maintains its popularity.

Web Design Booth

A relatively new graphic design blog, Creativeoverflow concentrates on providing list articles on Photoshop and illustrations.


Also a graphic blog, Fudegraphics provides list articles with professional designers and web developers in mind.


Creative Nerds
Creative Nerds has a fantastic range of list articles that is both inspiring and helpful to designers and developers alike.

Creative Nerds

Vandelay Design Blog
Vandelay Design Blog offers many inspirational and useful list articles for web and graphic designers.

Vandelay Design Blog

Dzinepress is a web designing and development blog that has constantly provided fantastic list articles focused on areas such as web design, digital art, print media, tutorials and graphic design.

Dzine press

Interesting Read

List Articles: Not a Hit with Everyone

Although there are a great many people who like list articles, there are some who detest them. List articles are seen by some as something with no value, because it is easy to consolidate resources and have it compiled into a list; a task that can be done by anyone. They feel that a list is only credible if there are statistics to prove its worth and it is determined by a group of people, instead of just the opinion of a single writer.

There are also some concerns that list articles inhibit the development and growth of the design community, as the need and interest in constructive discussion and creative brain storming are being neglected.

Will the List Trend Prevail?

There are new list articles published every one or two days and they can be very easily outdated as there is constantly new content published on the World Wide Web. However, even with this huge influx of content on the web, as long as list articles continue to be updated and become even more comprehensive than current list articles, the trend is not likely to die down anytime soon.

Although list articles have their benefits for today’s fast paced society, there should be a balance. It is important to remember that variety and moderation allows the web to remain fresh and keeps things interesting. We still need a healthy influx of intriguing and intellectual content that is not summarised or in the form of a list. Lists articles also run the risk of reducing healthy thought-provoking discussions and content.

However, we would love to hear your thoughts regarding this trend that’s taking the World Wide Web by storm. Do you love or hate this phenomenal development? If you know of any unknown blogs that produce good list articles regularly, feel free to share them with us as well.

Aidan Huang is a web enthusiast and ingenious blogger who loves all things design, interesting and technology. He is the editor-in-chief at Onextrapixel and have founded several other interesting blogs. Do keep in touch with him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.


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    Hey Aidan!

    Thanks for the link! Awesome article. :-)

    • Mike,
    • December 22, 2009
    / Reply

    The reason people like lists are because they are quick and scannable. A lot of people are working, and don’t have time to read long, complicated articles, then participate in a deep discussion about it.

    I prefer a mixture of of quick posts and and meaty posts. What’s the point of complaining about list posts, if you don’t like them you aren’t forced to read them!

  2. / Reply

    Hello Aidan,

    Thank you so much for including the Design Informer on this “list” of flourishing design blogs.

    I personally like to read “lists” but only the ones that are high-quality and has real value. I’ve been noticing lately that there are a bunch of new blogs sprouting up everywhere where all they do is create lists of lists. I really detest that.

    I will continue to publish lists on my site, but not of the norm. If you check out my last post, The WOW factor in Web Design:

    I guess you would consider this a list of 10 sites, but I really added a lot of value to the list, not just by showing it but by also letting the readers know why I included those sites.

    I think blogs with lists should also have longer, more discussion-oriented articles aimed to provoke thoughts from the design community. Like this great post of yours, it’s a list but there are a lot of value in it.

    Thanks again for writing this post.

      • Aidan,
      • December 23, 2009
      / Reply

      Hi Jad,

      I do agree with you that list articles should be more comprehensive and all rounded. Don’t do a list just because for the sake of a list.

      I read your article on “The WOW factor in Web Design”, it’s a great article. It has the characteristic of a list article but includes analysis and thoughts which proved to be very enriching to readers.

      Such categories of articles are sure to flourish in time to come and perhaps set the benchmark in quality articles.

      Thank Jad for the comments.

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    thanks for the feature :)

  4. / Reply

    really thanks for feature

    • keyrat,
    • December 23, 2009
    / Reply

    Yo, dawg, I heard you like list posts so we made a list post of list posting blogs and reasons why lists posts are great on your list blog!

  5. / Reply

    All I can say is that those are really amazing designs. Continue sharing!

  6. / Reply

    cheers for including designussion.

    A well written and interesting article!

    Thank you

  7. / Reply

    I was enjoying the article and surprised to find myself in there. Thanks for the link Aidan! :)

    This is a fantastic piece that focus on the trend that is happening to many design blogs now.

    Happy New Year to OXP and readers!

      • Aidan,
      • December 29, 2009
      / Reply

      Thanks Johnson.

      A great and Happy New Year to 10Steps and your readers too!

  8. / Reply

    Very interesting post and awesome list of cool blogs.

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. / Reply

    Nice article..The designs are really amazing… Thanks for the share..

  10. / Reply

    Wonderful article Aidan! Surprised .. very pleasantly to find my blog on the list. Thanks for mentioning LBOI :)

    Ah the woes of lists. I agree with Jad too, great lists are excellent resources for busy people and a lot of thought, research and compilation goes into making great list posts. A few months ago I wrote an article on my blog, 10 points to create Fantastic List Posts That Rock, which sums up what I feel and my take on them.

    Keep rocking and have a Happy new Year!

    • Tony,
    • January 5, 2010
    / Reply

    Thanks for including Keep up the good work

    • Martin,
    • January 6, 2010
    / Reply

    Hey, you forgot the Iconshock blog!

    1. / Reply

      Hi Martin,

      Thanks for the recommendation.

  11. / Reply

    Glad to see my blog featured here! Really appreciate the mention when my blog stays here with other popular blogs and magazine. I feel like we are in a big design family and I love the warm of the love you put in this list.

    Very late feedback and I’m sorry about that. Hope OXP a successful year in 2010!


    1. / Reply

      Hi Lam,

      Thanks for dropping by. Yes, I totally agreed with you that we are a big part of design family who ultimate goal are to share great design news and tips with the community. We should really watch out for one another and provide help and feedback when needed. In this way, we can continue to grow and improve.

      For any new design blogs, we welcome you into this family.

    • dave,
    • January 12, 2010
    / Reply

    i wish i would see more websites with lists made up of prime or odd numbers- it seems like once you are beyond 10 then there is heavy bias to using an evenly divisible number.

    • Sean,
    • January 13, 2010
    / Reply

    IMO lists/roundups are getting so out of control, i think they can be a good resource sometimes but its just gone beyond a joke its getting harder and harder to find anyone actually writing content (i.e. a list apart, css-tricks, jason santa maria).

    @dave, i agree more prime numbers ha, and wheres the love for Fibonacci sequence numbers?

  12. / Reply

    Great list. Thanks for sharing. Bookmarked.

    • Kim 'another soon to be noob photo blogger',
    • January 16, 2012
    / Reply

    I stumbled on your site after going to smashing – and this article is great for me because it is a pseudo list itself!

    Being a noob with no experience what so ever, lists are good for me, as I don’t have the attention span that would suffice a gnat. But, what helps me is to perhaps have a small paragraph as to what each ‘thing’ on the list specializes in. This would help me then decide which 3,4,5 to check out for tips, tricks, tuts etc.

    I wish all the new sites out there the very best of luck. And all of you who are established, continued good luck.

    These sites makes the web in interesting place – a place where we all can gain inspiration from if we don’t get too overwhelmed wading through all the crap in the process.

    The goal is to be the one updating and designing my blog/website/store that instead of having to pay one more dime to my present designer…

    Srry for the long post, I just wanted to let you and all of your readers know how wonderfully talented they really are.

    Now, back to picking my jaw up off the floor.

    • Kim 'another soon to be noob photo blogger',
    • January 16, 2012
    / Reply

    p.s. – i just saw how old this article really is! BUT.. it is still pertinent today!


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