Tools and Tips to Create a Mobile Version of Your WordPress Website

Tools and Tips to Create a Mobile Version of Your WordPress Website

Do you want to make your WordPress website accessible on mobile devices as well as a computer? Everyone has at least one mobile device today— a smartphone or a tablet/phablet. For this reason you need your site to be highly visible and optimized for mobile use.

In order to gain and maintain as strong a web presence as possible for your website or blog and all that it has to offer, you really must ensure that your site is easily accessible on the browsers of all popular mobile devices. You may have an internet-based business with products and services to market. Or you may want to share photos, stories and other information from your personal site with other web users.

Tools and Tips to Create a Mobile Version of Your WordPress Website

Tools for Creating a Mobile Version of Your Website

One great advantage to creating your site on WordPress is that it’s free of charge. In addition, when published, your site will be automatically viewable on the browsers of the majority of modern mobile devices. Be aware of the fact that if you choose to design a WordPress site on your own hosting service or server, your site may appear exactly the same on both your computer screen and your smartphone.

If this is the case mobile device viewers may encounter problems making full use of your site’s features and functions or suffer poor experiences if your site is non-responsive or non-mobile compatible.

Plugins and Softwares

Here are some excellent tools for mobile site creation. You can also check out these other ways to post to your WordPress site.

mobiSiteGalore is an easy mobile website builder that enables a user to create a mobile website in just 15 minutes.


MobStac WordPress Mobile plugin lets you mobilize your WordPress website easily.


MoFuse provides a platform for creating mobile sites, mobile web landing pages, and forms.


Mobify is a platform for launching adaptive websites for mobile and tablet devices.


Duda Mobile
Duda Mobile enables you to customize your website for cell phones with one of their many free mobile site templates or using their advanced design studio.

Duda Mobile

Mippin allows you to turn your site into an app in five minutes.


Wirenode is free for personal use and its simple editor interface lets users personalize their mobile site easily.


Winksite is a leading mobile content management and social networking software company whose solutions connect publishers to their audiences and audience members to each other.


WPtouch Pro
WPtouch Pro is a WordPress plugin to add powerful, easy-to-use themes for mobile + tablet visitors. It’s also a theming framework, great for creating mobile & tablet themes for your clients. You can try out WPtouch before deciding to upgrade to the Pro version.

WPtouch Pro

The mobiReady testing tool evaluates mobile-readiness using industry best practices & standards.


GoMo is an initiative by Google that aims to help businesses create mobile-friendly sites. We hope it provides a useful starting point where companies can see how their current site looks to mobile users, learn best practices and find resources.


WP Mobile Detector
WP Mobile Detector automatically detects standard and advanced mobile devices and displays a compatible wordpress mobile theme.

WP Mobile Detector

WordPress Mobile Pack
The WordPress Mobile Pack is a complete toolkit to help mobilize your WordPress site. It has a mobile switcher, themes, widgets, and mobile admin pane.

WordPress Mobile Pack

Wapple Architect Mobile
Wapple Architect Mobile Plugin for WordPress is a plugin that allows you to mobilize your blog in minutes.

Wapple Architect Mobile

Using smartAPP plugin, you can easily add the best new mobile application content to your blog, help your readers discover great mobile apps and earn new revenue.


WP Mobile Redirect/Detect Plugin
This plug-in is capable of detecting the majority of commonly used internet enabled mobile hardware types and redirecting via a URL. It also facilitates the customizing of a redirect URL or device. It includes a counter for calculating numbers of redirected users. You can easily disable redirect or enable this function allowing users to view a desktop website on a mobile device.

WP Mobile Redirect

Responsive Flip Book WP Plugin
This WP theme is totally HTML and jQuery driven, so Flash Player is not required. It is designed for use on both mobile and desktop hardware. Its responsive design ensures a great appearance on all resolutions.

Responsive Flip Book

How to Perform a Mobile Device Setup Using WordPress Themes

You can, however, attain the identical style theme on computer and mobile device browsers by using the WPtouch plug-in. On your WordPress blog dashboard’s left menu click “Add New” under “Plugins.” Then enter “WPtouch” in the search box, install and activate it.

You can even customize your mobile website with the aid of the WPtouch settings, including thematic background, fonts, logo and link color. You can also alter settings of various other WP plug-ins such as WP Cache and W3 Cache to ensure that they will operate smoothly with WPtouch.

Use of a WordPress mobile theme will result in total control of the mobile viewers’ web experience when visiting your site without having any impact or influence on the design features of the main site. A wide array of WordPress mobile plug-ins are available to assist you in installing specialized features and effects on your site.

Make your choices from some of the following plug-ins in the extensive WordPress Mobile Theme Collection:

WOW! mySite
Specially optimized for popular mobile device use, this WordPress theme helps you structure and style your mobile site using nine different color plans, strong thematic configuration capabilities and your choice of templates. After customizing your site’s various feature settings, you can fine-tune the overall appearance with this highly effective WordPress theme.

WOW! My Site

It is frequently used in mobile site design, particularly since it is meant to be used by both expert programmers/developers and novices. Its versatility makes it an appropriate tool for construction of both business and personal mobile sites.

WpMobb WordPress Mobile Template
This very flexible and diversified mobile theme greatly facilitates mobile site viewing. Useful for constructing all types of websites for mobile devices, its separate functional categories include café, corporate, personal and travel.


This is a multi-theme jQuery template for mobile site design. It is especially helpful when designing a blog or portfolio and offers customization options. It includes more than 15 shortcodes, such as Vimeo and YouTube, as well as a choice of over ten social icons. It also features six transition animations. Compatible web browsers for this and other WordPress plug-ins are: IE9, Firefox 3, Firefox 4, Safari 4, Safari 5, Opera and Chrome. Software versions available are WordPress 3.4, WP 3.3, WP 3.2 and WP 3.1.


Stacker Responsive WP Theme
This is an attractive WordPress theme with many valuable features. Its capabilities include working Ajax contact form with inline validation, custom mobile service navigation, photoswipe and flexslider, liquid design, over 11 shortcodes, CSS3 buttons, and an optional plug-in to regulate thematic choices whenever your desktop theme may be active.


iKon WP Mobile Theme
This plug-in is a WordPress mobile theme structured specifically for iPhone and Android use. It features both portrait and landscape design views. It also has a built-in working Ajax contact page, and all images automatically resize. In addition, it includes numerous shortcodes with an integrated pagination feature.


Touch Mobile & Tablet WP Theme
This WP mobile theme is designed with HTML5 and CSS3 for mobile devices including tablets. Its fluid design easily adjusts to the device’s orientation and screen size. It facilitates transitions between pages with multiple shortcodes as well as theme options supporting complex layout possibilities.


Monetize Your WordPress Mobile Blog or Website

Since we are now living in the mobile tech era, owners of most highly rated websites and blogs have made their sites mobile-friendly. While it is very important to mobilize your business or personal site and web presence, it is also necessary to monetize your mobile device site traffic for attaining high conversion rates, success and profitability.

Google’s mobile advertising company, AdMob, is an excellent means for mobile website advertising. There are various tutorials on the web that guide you on how to monetize your WordPress site on mobile web using AdMob and other plugins/softwares.


The simplified design and streamlined content found on most successful mobile device blogs and websites is compatible with the pace of modern technology and lifestyles. Information is best absorbed when presented concisely and in a somewhat abbreviated form. Format and presentation that is easy to view and comprehend quickly will enhance any site, especially one specifically designed for viewing on a mobile device.

It is often tempting when structuring a site to go overboard with photos and web graphics to emphasize content and embellish presentation. However, in the long run this tactic may result in shorter and less productive visits by site viewers. While internet users are usually attracted by eye-catching design, impressive photographs and engaging content, an overload in these areas can be a definite detraction to your site’s success, particularly in mobile device browsers.

It can also be helpful to limit the number of steps required to complete interactive features on your mobile site, saving your site visitors time and energy.

Many professional IT experts are now predicting that by 2015 there will be more than seven billion mobile web-enabled devices in use worldwide.

Why not get a head start on this future date and mobile device growth by creating a mobile version of your WordPress blog or site today?

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