Why Designers Should Design to Incite Emotions

Why Designers Should Design to Incite Emotions

Emotional design is a very powerful tool used for creating excellent user experience for the visitors on a website. For the past few years, designers have mostly focused on the valid factors that are included in the design. These include; meeting the standards of web, providing easy navigation for users, choosing the best layouts and fonts.

However, now designers are able to provide much more than only meeting the needs of the customers. They are now presenting visitors with beautiful emotions that have the ability to touch the heart and soul of visitors.

Businesses that are running on the internet are all about standing out from the crowd and getting noticed by their potential audience. But in order to achieve this, you need to show some value and trust to the visitors and create an emotional attachment with them.

Being a consumer, we have become comfortable with good design experiences on the web. The emotions attached to various brands such as Nike, Apple, and Nest convince us to give them our money and buy their products. On the other hand, if your website is not familiar and fails to build a trust with consumers, you won’t be able to make sales.

We need to understand that effective emotional design is created only for humans rather than SEO robots. So, this can be the direct link with company and customers helping the firm to create a bond with their audience. But how does emotional design help brands?

Inciting Emotion Through Web Design

Turning visitors into brand lovers with emotional design

Advertising companies have always been selling emotions to sell the products and build a bond with the potential audience around the region. Winning commercials are always those that sell the feeling more than selling the actual product to the customer.

For example: If you have seen the advertising for Chipotle’s Scarecrow, notice that company tells an emotional story that is far more then selling the burritos to the customers. These kinds of design always show the audience first before selling the company or business.

Everything that company wants to sell goes through the process of showing you:

  • How well the product serves the audience
  • How will the website help in making their lives easier and happier?
  • Is the website or selling product valuable to them?

But, you need to remember that effective emotional design is always focused on simplicity. This is not only because of beauty, but it’s mostly because simplicity is more powerful to trigger the emotions than any other marketing tool.

You are reducing the viewer’s choice to a few things only, which actually creates more chances for you to get connected with the potential audience. Also, evoking the emotional response of buying the product immediately before it’s too late.

Let’s have a look at some techniques that you can use for adding incitement to user emotions:

1. Adding personality with an Illustration
Some people might think that user experience has nothing to do with personality but, actually it can make a huge difference. Personality can express our emotions better than any other tool used for marketing.

Using a personality signifies that you are sincere, serious, and ready for what you are selling. Therefore, adding a personality to your brand can completely change the look of the brand by interacting with your potential audience.

For example: MailChimp uses a monkey as its lucky charm to show people how fast they are in delivering services. It has been very popular by using such emotions and making a connection with the audience.


2. Keep minimal but stylish
The majority of expert designers know the latest trends in the design world. When you see all of those trends in front of you, you will only find minimal design to be making a mark on the web. Minimal design is the one that introduces simple yet stylish designs having the ability to make a connection with audience emotions.

The interface which is carefully designed with only the important elements gives the power to visitors for seeing only what they want to see. Not, what the website wants the visitors to see related to the content.

3. Add parallax scrolling to your design
Parallax scrolling is getting very popular these days because its visual attention grabs the visitor’s interest on the page. For example: A very popular site Nizo, features a beautiful single-page layout that has the ability to grab the customers’ attention with great scrolling.


The reason for the popularity of the parallax technique is not because of great animations, it’s mostly because of the illusion that it creates with a 3D experience. This experience helps the website to create a connection with the potential audience.

4. Provide free interaction elements in your User Interface
As a human being, we are all attracted to something funny and free whenever we are feeing bored. When we talk about user interface, the same behavior applies. You can add some behavioral patterns and provide the users with something to play with.

These interaction elements in your user interface may include: roll over animation, or interactive carousels. For example: the website Rog.ie has a navigation bar that allows the user to spend some time. When you roll the mouse on the navigation, the logo and other icons will float up to grab the attention of the visitor.


5. Include High-Resolution Portraits
When you include emotional response to a website, it acts to create a bond with the visitors. Everyone prefers to have a face-to-face conversation with the other person because this will allow you to picture the person with an attitude and personality.

Nothing will give you more response and connection with users than including some quality high resolution pictures on your website. For example: the website Andrea Mann uses a beautiful picture on the front page for creating a bond with visitors.

Andrea Mann

How does an effective emotional web design grab visitors’ Attention?

Effective emotional web design usually depends on three things for making a connection with visitors that are coming on the website. These three things include:

The first impression – How good the website is looking has a lot to do with building an instant relationship with visitors. If your website has flames on the buttons, stock photos that are poorly placed and matched with the website, and colors that are too bright, this will be the end of site.

Visitors don’t spend a minute on such websites where they see confusing elements, poorly placed pictures with too many color combinations. It doesn’t matter if the website is based on minimal design, the first impression is always important.

Function of the website – When the visitor gets attached to your website and finds it to be worth spending time on, then comes the functioning part. Visitors will see things such as a good navigation menu, clear text, authentic content etc.

This allows the visitor to mix up with the website and get familiar with the content and menu of the website. How well the site is functioning will depend on how well you have placed your elements on the navigation bar.

Perceived Customer value – This is the most important thing for website owners. Attention span time is short for visitors therefore visitors look for the value on your website. The value decides the staying time of the visitor on your website.

The content that you have placed on your website and the service that you are providing on your website are worth staying for? These questions will decide whether the visitor will stay on your website or not for a longer period of time.

Good design is all about quality!

The only reason for which designs are so exceptional is because they produce the best quality on the web. When a site introduces something new, every other thing in the race jumps in to follow in the same footsteps. But, this should be kept in mind that good design is nothing if you have not set the goals for your website.
If you know your end goal properly, you will be able to modify the changes according to your own products and services. A website that is great looking to the customers automatically connects with visitors without using any other promotional tools.

All modern designs are far beyond just using colors to appeal to consumers. Products available on the web should have something that offers a touch to the consumer’s core and provides a perceived value in their mind. You website should be based on clean and modern design if you are claiming to use modern technology. Only then you will be able to deliver emotions to your potential audience.


A good design is more than just making something look good from the outside. The actual purpose behind designing a website is to create emotional responses from the consumer end. A good design is the one that has the ability to make us feel good whenever we visit the site.

The emotions that we connect with the website make us happy and excited while building a trust with the consumer. Whether it’s about the homepage, or the elements on the navigation menu, everything should emotionally attach to users.

All the examples that we discussed above are best for illustrating how the actual design can look like from the inside. These designs have the ability to interact with users to make them visit the site again. I hope that you enjoyed the article. Please share it with others as well. If you would like to share something with us, simply comment below.


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