Why You Should Date a Social Media Guru

Why You Should Date a Social Media Guru

Dating is a minefield in the modern landscape of social media. In addition to impressing a date and his or her friends, young adults also have to deal with making sure their fledgling relationships are playing out properly across various social networks.

Social media gurus, like web designers make great dates because they know how to present a relationship to the world, and they are also tapped into all of the hip new restaurants and bars. Here are some reasons to consider dating a social media expert.

Reasons to Date a Social Media Guru

Look Popular

Social media gurus are always checking into the hottest clubs. Someone who is dating one of these people would be tagged in all of these status updates. It would make him or her look savvy and in-the-know to anyone who keeps up with her social media accounts.

Look Popular
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Join the “It” Crowd

A similar benefit is that all unsavory locales would be avoided at all costs. Nothing is worse than thinking that one is participating in something cool and then later finding out that the activity in question is no longer fashionable. Someone who keeps track of other people on social media will always know where the cool crowd is congregating on any given evening. There is no need to interact with unsavory people ever again.

Gain Access to Inexpensive Fine Dining

People who follow restaurants on social media are often privy to secret specials and coupons. A social media guru and his or her date will always be dining in the finest restaurants. They would find out about the secret soft openings that occur before new restaurants officially open their doors.

Participate in the Local Creative Community

Social media expertise is especially beneficial to someone who is interested in creative pursuits like art and music. Grassroots concerts and gallery openings are advertised primarily on social media. Staying up-to-date on local events like these opens couples up to new possibilities for fun dates.

Make New Friends

The original aim of social media was to foster and strengthen friendships. This is why social media gurus always seem to be surrounded by large groups of people. People who date social media gurus find that their lives are suddenly full of new and interesting people.

Make New Friends
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Get Free Swag

People who become major players in the world of social media are actually sought out by businesses who need help promoting themselves. Social media gurus are given free clothes, meals, concert tickets and drinks tickets on a consistent basis. The partner of a social media guru would be able to take advantage of these considerable perks as well. He or she might even get into social media marketing. Women in particular can benefit from an association with a social media guru.

Clothing companies consider women to be more valuable than men when it comes to garnering sales, so a fledgling female social media expert would be showered with clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry and cosmetics. All she would have to do in return is compose tweets or status updates about her favorite new outfits. Men are often given things like free sports tickets or vouchers for new craft beers.

Begin a New Career

One could even launch a legitimate career in marketing. Many good job opportunities arise through connections, not because the person is wholly qualified on paper. In this instance, one would be gaining experience just by living life and subsequently talking about it on the internet. Blogging about shopping trips and delicious meals is a good way to practice writing marketing content for big corporations. Social media gurus often find that their careers begin as offshoots of the things they already do for fun.

Build Instant Photo Albums

Instagram has recently eclipsed Facebook as the go-to social media platform for young adults. Instead of putting one’s thoughts into words, one has the option of simply posting a picture of what he or she is doing. People who use Instagram frequently become very good at taking pictures of themselves and other people. The partner of a social media guru would quickly amass a collection of candid photographs. He or she would not have to be vain to enjoy having portraits online, especially if they depict the evolution of the relationship as well.

Develop Trust

Since social media gurus are always updating others about their activities and whereabouts, their partners never have to worry about where they are or with whom. Social media gurus are automatically trustworthy because their livelihoods depend on providing evidence of everything they have done.

Talk Any Time

By extension, a social media guru’s significant other should never have trouble getting in touch. He or she has to have access to a smart phone with all times in order to respond to important people. There is no excuse for not answering his partner’s phone calls.

Talk Any Time
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Will You Date a Social Media Guru?

A social media guru would make a great partner because the job is to be honest about his or her life and activities. This person would be charismatic by necessity, since his or her livelihood depends on other people wanting to mimic the interests being tweeted.

His partner would be the star of the guru’s personal social media campaign, and followers would become invested in the success of the relationship. Dating a social media guru turns a normal person into an influential taste-maker.


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