10 Outstanding Examples of Websites Using WebGL

You may ask: what is so special in WebGL? Why are coding artists so obsessed with it? The answer is simple. We are living in an era of non-static websites. Everything is dynamic. And although the content is a king, in some cases the overall impression works better. The website is no longer an island of serenity and calmness. It is a place full of action. These actions vary: in some sites, it is just a hover effect that gives a subtle zest to the aesthetics while in other projects it is an amazing animation that grabs the entire attention. And WebGL stands behind the majority of solutions that knock your socks off.

WebGL as it is

WebGL is a standard for low-poly 3D graphics that is cross-platform and royalty-free. It lets you do magic with canvas without using third-party plugins. The developers take the joy of playing with physics recreating different behaviors. The only drawback is that it is a little bit heavy, and lacks cross-browser compatibility, so not all users can enjoy its beauty. Though it is a matter of time.

What’s more WebGL is not used alone it goes hand in hand with other pioneering techniques resulting in incredible outcomes. It can be paired with GLSL, 3D Sound-Audio, AI Chatbot Speech recognition, Experimental Code Shell and so on. The sky’s the limit here. For instance, the personal portfolio of Andrea Reni. From the first seconds, you realize that it belongs to the developer. All the geeks out there will love it to bits. It is minimal, clean yet absolutely remarkable. It has a fantastic old-timey atmosphere that naturally lures in. WebGL Shader, Three.js, GLSL, various filters and effects, and gesture interactions: the website is jam-packed with sophisticated technologies.

Portfolio of Andrea Reni

As you can tell, personal portfolios are the first place where you need to start your searches for WebGL inspiration. Need more proofs? Take a look at Francois Risoud’s online resume and Dot to Dot project.

Personal portfolios

It seems like the utilization of advanced techniques such as WebGL has become a must-have for all the artists and creative agencies these days.

Francois Risoud is a Paris-based full-stack developer who has the quantum physics background. So it is not surprising that he has fallen for WebGL and its ability to reconstruct various lifelike behaviors. His website is marked by phenomenal physical blobs that interact with the visitors.

Portfolio of Francois Risoud

Dot to Dot is a website of the architectural studio of Ana Gamboa Pardo. It is only logical that the project boasts of powerful technology vibe reproduced with the help of WebGL and GSAP animations. Note tiny details here: they are just adorable.


When the impression is a top priority, the library can be beneficial for any project, for example websites with storytelling experience or gamification websites.

Storytelling Experience

Storytelling experience and WebGL are just a perfect match. It is a symbiosis of a well-thought-out content and engaging interactions and animations. Together they do wonders. Consider Fenwick Musée, A story about Trusts, Moment Zero, and The Dime Trap.

The website of Fenwick Musée is an example of storytelling experience taken to the next level. Sticking to the roots of this approach by carefully picking up the information, sorting it into digestible portions and presenting it in an eye-pleasing manner, the team was managed to build a top-notch website. To spice things up, they have opted in favor of WebGL and GSAP, making the project, not just informative but totally engaging.

Fenwick Musee Virtuel

Much like the previous example, Moment Zero offers readers to dive deep into the history; though this time it is a history of Earth’s seismic data. Here WebGL is just indispensable.  It stands behind an immersive experience with VR and 360° scenes.

 Moment Zero

A story about Trusts is another typical storytelling project. While it has nothing to do with the history whatsoever, yet still it tells a story. And it does not just tell: it lures in. The team behind the website uses WebGL and gesture interactions to transform an exploration of the data and statistics into an enjoyable pastime.

A story about Trusts

The Dime Trap is an exceptional interactive website that aims to tell a story of the creation of a studio album by giving a sort of unfiltered look backstage. It is a combination of WebGL, Three.js, Backbone.js, Create.js and some other pioneering techniques.

The Dime Trap

Gameficated websites

Gamification is no longer a new kid in a block. Although it is undoubtedly a child from the very recent past, yet it has already carved itself a niche. And there is no gamification without the sophisticated solutions. Consider Nike React, L’Oeuf Kicétou and NDK Poster Generator

Nike React is a mind-blowing 3D WebGL experience that everyone should try, of course if your PC is ready for processing lots of visuals and data. The website lets you create, or to be more precise assemble, a unique running figure from items of various nature. It is an offbeat experience that is powered by the most advanced solutions.

Nike Reactor

L’Oeuf Kicétou is a children video platform that uses WebGL and other libraries to bring idea to life. Here everything is set in motion to engage children in the game and provide answers to kid’s questions in a playful manner.

L’Oeuf Kicétou

While NDK Poster Generator is not a game in its original sense, yet it still can be called a gamification website. This playground allows creating custom posters using unconventional tools such as bizarre dynamic canvases. Also, the interactions and elements of the project are fantastic.

 NDK Poster Generator


WebGL is a powerful tool in a struggle for producing a long-lasting impression or creating something incredible. Although there are already numerous projects where it is in charge, yet it never ceased to impress. It always stands behind a wow factor in the project. Its potential is enormous, and when it is combined with other techniques, it can be even more powerful.



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