30 Stunning & Creative Uses of Typography in Print Ads

30 Stunning & Creative Uses of Typography in Print Ads

Printed ads are awesome. They always have to deliver a message in a way that gets our attention, they need to make sure people will read them and most importantly, remember them. We can say that typography plays a big role in this concept of “getting attention” and “making people want to read”, and that happens in print, web design, graphic design and everything in between.

Choosing the proper type for a project is really important since we need to think about the message we want to communicate, the “consumer” we want to reach and the tone we want to impress. We can have serious type for a serious message and funny type for something more humorous. Combining the right typography with nice elements, colors and shapes will get you a really nice result.

30 Stunning & Creative Uses of Typography in Print Ads

Here you can check out 30 examples of the stunning and creative use of typography in print ads. From tag lines to headers, from small texts to whole typography based ads, you will see how important typo can be.

30 Great Use of Typography in Print Ads

Jung von matt anatomy of a great idea

Realcetom timeline redhead

Wmf knives apple

Jornal de noticias like

Webber wentzel attorneys boxerTropicana your daily ray of sunshine thursday

Electro Recycling Robo

Lego starwars graffiti

Aviva smash

Aviva truck

Canac hardware store counter

Barclays dorian grey

Barclays Shakespeare

Truth you

Christchurch womens refuge tunnels

Ford service freddy screwdriver

Tangram sm store explore


Aaf addy awards van gogh

Victory shoes run smooth centipede

Volkswagen polo percent

Albert dali bad brand managers

Powder mountain resort louisiana

Levi Strauss Roadwear Concert

National campaign for the arts the arts

Kiss Radio For Those With Animal Instincts

Skol Zero Gravity

Kiss radio for those with a picky tongue

Radio clube popular music

Ingdiba Shadowprint


Have you seen any other great uses of typography in print ads? Please share it with us in the comments below.

Gisele Muller is someone who loves communication, creativity, technology, the web and everything in between.


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    Thanks Gisele for the great collection, I was shocked to see Aviva have done something very similar to my ‘Everything that’s been’ piece (http://robbythedesigner.deviantart.com/art/Everything-That-s-Been-202569936), still, I guess it’s an obvious idea huh.
    I particularly like the first two – the first is awesome, great colours, type and creative thinking, the 2nd I love because I am always inspired by fashion design.
    Hope you don’t mind my linking to this post from my blog: http://robbyblogs.tumblr.com

    – Feel free to remove my links if you think I am a spammer, it’s not like that but I understand –

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    All collection are amazing …

  3. / Reply

    Nice collection! Typography is my most favorite aspect in design.

  4. Great, great, great share. I lol’ed at the “Like” with the thumbs up.

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    Great article, in fact web is all about typography, because it’s a beautiful thing!

    At a glance it seems very easy to learn it, but mastering it, needs more and more practice, i always struggle with it, and i am sure many web designers would agree that they struggle with it too, because its a thing which can really make or break a design.


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    the Like ad is gruesome..

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    Potty Train your e-waste has got to be my favourite!

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    Thanks for sharing ALL of these. The Barclays concept is a great example of a campaign that fits the brand. Definitely goes into the envy file.

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    Great examples! Thanks for sharing

    • bre isa demora,
    • May 7, 2011
    / Reply

    This is just a stunning collection! :D

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    Hi, Could you please tell me the name of the typographic font you used to write “stunning & creative”?

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    Very live and interactive typography designs. Nice work

  12. / Reply

    How do most of the images used for this post post qualify as good examples of ’30 Stunning & Creative Uses of Typography in Print Ads’ ? The typography is truly abysmal and in no way should it be referred to as either ‘stunning’ or ‘creative’. Most of it looks like a 5 minute job in Photoshop with no thought for letter spacing, choice of typeface, colours etc etc, indeed all the things that need to be addressed when thinking about type! Being able to use Photoshop doesn’t automatically make everything ‘stunning’! These kind of posts do more harm for the cause of good design as it is just peddling bad advice. There are many examples of great typography on the web. This is not one of them, sorry.

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    Yeah, you are right Gisele to make attention of people through typography and you proved it from your ads. Thanks for sharing it.

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    So refreshing to see ads not using the typical sans serif typefaces like helvetica, arial etc

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