35 Examples of Excellent Water-Themed Digital Art

35 Examples of Excellent Water-Themed Digital Art

Water is one of the four Classical Elements, the other three being Earth, Fire and Air, which make up the four known states of matter: solid, liquid, gas and plasma. Of those four elements, water, arguably, is the least understood. For instance, the depths of the ocean are vastly unexplored and hold many mysteries for the human race. Many myths are based on the oceans. Water is life preserving and can also be devastating; it can be fun to play in, or it can be dangerous.

35 Examples of Excellent Water-Themed Digital Art

Water is a subject on which an artist’s imagination can run wild and still be believable, and here I present you with more than 40 examples of water-themed digital art. Some are wildly fantastic, others not so – but they are all very imaginative and very good art.

Examples of Excellent Water-Themed Digital Art

Water Dragon by Anne Stokes
Chinese Dragon Water

Breathe Underwater by tincek-marincek
Breathe Underwater

Underwater by Venator Somniorum
Underwater Venator

Fantasy Wallpaper 4 by Rado Javor

Underwater Part II by LadyShock
Underwater Part2

Underwater Love by Amanda38
Underwater Love

Arctic Base by Dmitry Glazyrin
Arctic Base

Water Falls by D.balaji
Water Falls

The Arrival 2 by Jorik Dozy
The Arrival

The Water Book by WhiteBook
The Water Book

City Falls by Alyn Spiller

Seascape by Eric Gagnon

In the Deep Water by Martina Stroebel
In the Deep Water

Iceberg Ship by Daniel Dociu

Goddess of Water by Skye-Luna
Goddess of Water

Octopus Diner by Stephan Brisson
Octopus Diner

Alarm Shallow Waters by Vic Barreto
Alarm Shallow Waters

The Birth of the Legend by Mike Cyrus
The Birth of the Legend

Silver Falls by Bastien Grivet

Underwater Rotterdam by Necrosage
Underwater Rotterdam

Where Silent Waters Whisper by Inga Nielsen
Where Silent

Water Down by DVL
Water Down

Water by MyTalent
Water Talent

Dunetide by Ben Greene

Atlantis by Mirko Stödter

Discovery by Liol

Into the Unknown by Kerem Beyit
In to The Unknown

Mermaid of Deep Water by Candra
Mermaid of Deep

Underwater Pursuit by artozi
Underwater Pursuit

Water by Vladimir Desancic
Water Vladimir

Underwater by Steohawk
Underwater Steohawk

Waterfall by James Paick

Water Valley by Bobby Myers
Waterfall Valley

Underwater Play by Frederice
Underwater Play

Knight of the Water by Designerkratos
Knight of Water


The thing about water is that it is timeless – water doesn’t change or evolve. Any image portraying water will be recognized as water-themed now and in a thousand years’ time. Water lends itself to art in many forms, ie: underwater, on the water (boats, ships), beside the water lakes, rivers, waterfalls, etc. As water is life-sustaining, it is represented in many, many works of art – but then water is all around us in real life too!

I hope you enjoyed this selection of water-themed art, do share your comment below.


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