50 Awe-Inspiring Examples of Bokeh Photography

50 Awe-Inspiring Examples of Bokeh Photography

Good bokeh photography is when the out-of-focus part of the image creates an aesthetically pleasing effect, and to bring the in-focus part of the image into sharper focus. The word ‘Bokeh‘ is derived from the Japanese word ‘Boke’, which translates to ‘blur’ or ‘haze’. As is to be expected, the bokeh effect is achievable through Photoshop and can become the main ‘focus’ of the image – even though it is the ‘out-of-focus’ part!

50 Awe-Inspiring Examples of Bokeh Photography

Bokeh is used more and more in films – there are not many films made these days that don’t include some bokeh lighting effects somewhere. We have mentioned bokeh effect used in web design, and today we are going to touch on bokeh in photography.

50 Beautiful Examples of Bokeh Photography

This collection of bokeh photography has been chosen for the ‘naturalness’ of the bokeh effect – in other words, the bokeh sits nicely with the in-focus part of the image. Some of these images are un-Photoshopped, others have been manipulated – but they are all excellent examples of good bokeh effects.

Winter cap by Ernst Vikne
Winter Cap

What are you thinking? by Vampire-zombie
What Are You Thinking

Web Bokeh by inertia09
Web Bokeh

Velvet Bokeh by Savatay
Velvet Bokeh

Untitled Piano by Serg Tsvetkov

Untitled Lightbulb by June1777

And then there were umbrellas by Richard Huttemann

Toucan bird by Doug Wheller
Toucan Bird

Tomato drink by SlevinAaron
Tomato Drink

Thousand suns by miuenski
Thousand Suns

The cute Kailash by Tambako The Jaguar
The Cute Kailash

Taxi by Ben Fredericson

Standing under the bokeh by Healzo
Standing Under The Bokeh

Stacked by Mo Riza

Splash by Adrian Lim

Sky Limit by Anton Serenity
Sky Limit

Sirfido Funanbulista by Anxo Resua
Sirfido Funanbulista

Simple Pleasure by Wink
Simple Pleasure

Save Ferris by Jamie Carter
Save Ferris

Row Upon Row by NomadicLass
Row Upon Row

Rice Flowers 1 by Ratabago
Rice Flowers 1

Red Beauty by JonasKr
Red Beauty

Polly want an HDR? by Talke Photography

Peppers at the market by Bram Cymet

Oscar’s Profile by Azleas
Oscars Profile

Moonchild by daintyish

Magnolia Warbler by Vicki DeLoach
Magnolia Warbler

Light strand by Joshua Coach oh Ommen
Light Strand

Le papillon by wishinbubble
Le Papillon

Last One by JustPhotographing
Last One

Icy bokeh tea by neatmummy
Icy Bokeh Tea

I See Bokeh by PJM
I See Bokeh

This is how it feels by Necrossis
How It Feels

When Homer meets donut by ryan9088
Homer Meets Donut

Her Kingdom by sleep24
Her Kingdom

Here, have a bokeh by rawheadrex
Have a Bokeh

Green Grass Red Tomato by Cuba Gallery
Green Grass Red Tomato

Fools like me by Michela
Fools like Me

Float on down by doug88888
Float on Down

Emma J-21 by Jonathan Addie
Emma J

Drip Drop by tuttzilla
Drip Drop

Dockscape by mugley

Daydreamer by orhanokay
Day Dreamer

Day Two Hundred Forty Two by Dustin Diaz
Day 242

CupAJoe Mondays by Richard Terborg
Cup a Joe

Blue hour by Will Montague
Blue Hour

Berry Bright Bokeh by Terry Potter
Berry Bright Bokeh

Bells and bokeh by Shivali Chopra
Bells and Bokeh

After… by Svedek

10/10/10 by Annais Ferreira
10 10 10

The Beauty of Bokeh Photography

Whether these bokeh effects are straight from the camera, or added or enhanced in Photoshop, the effect is outstanding. However, bokeh was a hugely popular trend some months ago, but seems to have been slowly losing its popularity. Good bokeh photography, showing blurred background lighting or out-of-focus image backgrounds will always be good to look at and appreciated.

Do you think the popularity of bokeh is in decline? Do you consider bokeh has a long-term place in design? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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