9 Mootools Lightbox Scripts For Your Next Image Gallery

9 Mootools Lightbox Scripts For Your Next Image Gallery

Mootools, a lightweight, object oriented, web application framework for JavaScript also includes another JavaScript application, Lightbox is used to display large images, simple slideshows and also highlights the image being viewed. Other than Lightbox, there are many clones similar to Lightbox which create many JavaScript effects, there are other clones generated for the same which are used for the Mootools framework to produce interesting effects.

9 Mootools Lightbox Scripts For Your Next Image Gallery

Different Mootools Lightbox Scripts

A roundup of Lightbox scripts for Mootools which are automatically used to resize the images, remain centered, supports Flash files, galleries, vertical and horizontal scrolling, support for Twitter media links and more.

Smoothbox is Mootools conversion of Thickbox, which is built with light jQuery library which is of size 20k when compressed. It can automatically resize the images, hide form elements in windows IE6 and remain centered with the window even when the user changes the size of the window.

Smooth Box

A reworked version of Phatfusion’s multibox, Multibox for Mootools 1.2 includes group elements, can override the description in single Multibox elements, includes many keyboard shortcuts for accessibility and usability purposes and a built in Tips class for a more stylish way of displaying an elements Title tag.

Multi Box

A combination of LightBox 2.02 and Slimbox 1.03, Roebox script is easy to install and use and is lightweight in code and also includes mootools.js.


Milkbox for Mootools 1.2.x has many features including the Swf support which adds swf links to your galleries and images, Autosize and maxHeight options to fit the image in browser windows, XML galleries, Keyboard navigation, YUI compression and a lot other features.


Slimbox is designed to be compatible with the original Lightbox 2 and of size 4 kb has many added features like ‘Ready to Launch’ which means you don’t have to wait for all images in the page to be loaded, supports vertical scrolling and works perfectly in horizontal scrolling websites, a more powerful API to apply the Lightbox effects easily.


Based on Lightbox JavaScript, ImageZoom is the perfect option for photo galleries where the image can be displayed at the top of the page and multiple images can be grouped in one set. Also the images can be dragged around and the code can be easily modified.


A model overlay, mediaboxAdvanced is based on Lightbox, Slimbox and Mootools JavaScript library to handle images, videos and animations apart from Twitter media links, inline elements and external pages.


Quickbox, similar to Lightbox written for Mootools 1.2 JavaScript framework was created for speed which has the capability to zip the images quickly and usage of mouse wheel to scroll through the images.


Powered by Mootools, ReMooz is an open source widget for inline pop-ups enabling your visitors to browse through content, and features centered images which can be dragged and zoomed, a support content pre-loading, fading captions and is highly configurable.



This is a small list of Mootools Lightbox scripts, but they are, in our opinion, the best and most useful collection out there.
Have we missed any from this list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Siva Kumar is a photography and design lover. He likes these two essential things more than his job (Web developer). He has launched a Photography and design inspiration blog.


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    Really a nice collection.I have one doubt needs to clarify.I need to implement a Image gallery.My friend told me to use Mootools. But up to now i didn’t use it.And also I am a Jquery lover.Please advice me which is the best one for image galleries (Jquery or Mootools).

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    This is really good script but i dont know how search engine friendly is this next image gallery.. need to check..

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    I think the light boxes with previous – next option for scrolling through images have clear advantage over others when it comes for blog posts.

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    I’ve been using smoothbox for some time now, and I didn’t even know nor care about the other ones. However, now I see that these other options are worthy of my attention too.

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    This is really good script.:)

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    Good collection, I am a jQuery developer but am starting to use mootools alot now days.

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    It is surprised me to find something very big for my job. Many thanks to share it.

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