11 Powerful Business Cards for Women for Your Inspiration

We all fight for gender equality these days. Even Thor has been transformed into Thor Girl. Women around the world are eager to prove that they are capable of performing tasks and occupying job positions traditionally related to men. You can see this tendency in every corner and personal brand identity is no exception. Beautiful and powerful business cards for women have caught our attention today.

The deal is that business cards for women are no longer schmaltzy or “sweet” works made mostly in pink tone and decorated with tiny hearts. They are truly professional artworks that can easily compete in the market. Let’s consider a dozen outstanding examples to prove this point in practice.

Inspiring Business Cards for Women

Alessia Tatulli

Alessia Tatulli is a talented graphic designer. This fact is evident from her business card that makes use of an illustrative design approach. Both the back and front sides of the card feature a gorgeous fantasy scenery that, thanks to the soft coloring, doesn’t overwhelm the viewer. The brand effectively conveys Alessia’s artistic personality and originality.

Personal Branding by Alessia Tatulli

Christina Gushcheva

The personal identity of Christina Gushcheva stands in stark contrast to the previous example. Her take on creating a business card is practical but still outstanding. Even though the card doesn’t have a bright background, it boasts of originality. Her card contains many graphical elements as well. Christina uses subtle abstract backgrounds to make the front page look visually interesting but still keeps a business-like look and feel.

Personal Branding by Christina Gushcheva

Julia Miceli Pitta

Julia Miceli Pitta’s business card is a typical example of minimal design enriched with a typographic centerpiece. As you would expect, the latter showcases the initials of the artist on the front side of the card. The back side features the contact information aligned to the footer. Using a chalk style typeface, Julia shows everyone that her occupation is related to wireframing and graphic design.

Personal Branding by Julia Miceli Pitta

Yuing Nguyen

Much like the first example in our roundup, the personal brand design by Yuing Nguyen speaks for itself. From the first look, it becomes obvious that this talented girl deals with graphic design and adores everything illustrated. The front side includes the cartoonish avatar of an artist, while the back side demonstrates the contact information shaped into a beautiful typographic piece.

Yuing Nguyen Business Card

Elisabet Marreros

For those who find the previous work adorable, we offer another fantastic example. Elisabet Marreros has established herself as a brand with the help of a captivating illustration adorning both sides of the card and transforming it into an artwork. It also demonstrates the playful and energetic nature of the graphic designer.  Beautiful soft green, blue, and pink colors set the tone here, giving the design a charming appeal. Elisabet managed to skillfully work the information into the scene, making it an integral part of the composition.

Personal Identity by Elisabet Marreros

Ava Victoria

Ava Victoria sticks to a formal approach by creating a business card that can easily stand the competition in men’s world. It feels incredibly businesslike and robust. The front side reads only one letter – an A. The back side shows all the contact information that is skillfully scattered throughout the perimeter of the 3.5 x 2 inches piece of paper. This leaves enough place for the title that describes an artist’s professional skills.

Ava Victoria business card

Alexandra Necula

Following her personal preferences, this business card uncovers Alexandra’s love for minimalism, beautiful coloring, and vigilantly chosen decorations. As a result, we can enjoy a piece of brand identity with a businesslike character that is appropriate for serious clients. The luxurious appearance also reveals the inner beauty of the female artist.

Personal Branding by Alexandra Necula

Mayra Garcia

The key feature of this business card is a spotted background that shows the bright and original soul of the graphic designer. The calm color scheme establishes a professional atmosphere with an artistic tone that meets Mayra’s charismatic nature.

Mayra Garcia business card

Camille Loquet

Camille Loquet prefers to stick to the traditional illustrative approach but without overdoing it. Her calling card has a beautiful coral-inspired motif that can be seen on both sides as a background. While the front side uses a bright variant of the pattern, the back side features its dimmed version that helps recreate consistency in the design. It also goes perfectly with the beautiful typography that creates an overall harmony.

Camille Loquet business card

Lisa Amalia

Unlike the previous designers in this collection, Lisa Amalia created a business card with a particular techno flavor. As a print and digital designer, the brand identity of Lisa centers around a wireframing theme. Thus, the front side depicts the workplace, whereas the back side is divided into boxes that convey the information in a tidy and organized manner.

Personal brand identity by Lisa Amalia

Milda Mildaitė

The business card of Milda Mildaitė is another primer of a piece of brand identity that stands out from the crowd with its one of a kind approach. Milda came up with an original logotype that consists of two Ms that represent her full name. As a result, it reminds in some way to a retro anaglyph 3D effect, yet instead of blue, it’s green. The background also contributes to this intricate theme. The card has a marble-inspired surface that makes the design feel complete.

Personal Branding Milda Mildaite


No one can argue the fact that these business cards for women have a particular female touch. Even though some of the artists prefer to stay neutral opting in favor of businesslike atmosphere and an absence of decorative details, there are still elements that betray their nature. Soft pastel tones and smooth shapes are one of those features. However, it does not mean that they are schmaltzy. Modern business cards created by female designers and artists look professional and certainly meet the expectations of serious clients.

If you are interested in more business cards, have a look at our following collections, too:



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