Creative Self Promotion: Humorous, Ingeniously Written About Pages

Creative Self Promotion: Humorous, Ingeniously Written About Pages

It is no secret that writing an effective ‘About’ page is not easy! For some, well, they just don’t like talking about themselves and find it difficult to convey their message in the way they want to. This is just one reason why some turn to humor for their About page. For those of us reading these pages it can be a great uplift in the working day to come across a humorous text or graphic display.

Creative Self Promotion: Humorous, Ingeniously Written About Pages

Something that can make you smile is one of the best tonics known to man. Hopefully you will find some of these About page texts amusing enough to raise a smile or even a chuckle!

Humorous, Creatively Written About Pages

I have included the text for most of the examples below the screenshot to prevent eye-strain!

This is Marcela
This is Marcela

  • Marcela is a Web Designer based in Orlando, FL. Originally, she is from Colombia, so she has that Latin flavor going on.
  • She loves design.
  • Her fingers can type 65 words per minute, so she can program as fast as the speed of light! (ahem…not really).
  • She wears converse because they are so comfy and look so cool!


Hi, I’m Razvan Garofeaunu! the not so famous web/graphic designer.
Yup, you’re here alright. The hairy thing on the left is my virtual persona. His name is Garphee and he rules this website. He’s like the king of my portfolio. He will make you view my works, read a couple of things about me and maybe buy some sh*t. Enjoy him!

Accept Joel
Accept Joel

Hi, I’m Joel Califa
I’m 21 years old.
I am an older brother to one younger brother. My father is addicted to Facebook. My mother is a lesbian. My house is a gallery where people buy Asian art and European furniture.
I am as standard as my family.
Born in England > Lived in Japan > Moved to Israel.
Somewhere along the way I fell in love with design.
I am outgoing and friendly with a passion for learning.
I’m also a perfectionist and quite short.


Do you accept demos?
We don’t really accept demos. It’s not like we don’t want to hear your music, it’s just that we don’t release a lot of records. But, if you like saving trees and want to email us a link where we can hear a song, we will probably give it a listen…. if it is good, or bad, or both. That said, it is conceivable that we may not respond because we are either crocheting small animals, playing hockey, or going to communist party meetings.

13 Creative
13 Creative

I was like any normal gal… single gal… working gal… gal whose friends were always getting married! I was the gal who would race to the mailbox on any given day and pass quickly over the seemingly never-ending bills and dig for whatever social mail had my name on it. Some of the bills even outsmarted me – and managed to address my name in a beautiful script typeface, on an invitation-sized envelope, confusing me for a moment and making me think maybe, just maybe American Express wanted to invite me to some fabulous fete! and more…. 2 pages of text in this style!


Hello (yep.. that’s my handwriting) I’m Shanna… I am Sitesquared
Mommy to 8 kids.. (my inspiration) with an amazing hubby (I work from home so I can spend more time with them!)
In 2001 my love for art, design and photography evolved into Sitesquared.
Grab a cup of coffee.. (our beverage of choice around here!) sit back, and have a look around.


For now, it’s just me. Aleksandar Grkinic. Striving to become great at his job! Wants bigger things in life. Loves when inner kid takes command. Finds passion in creating visual stuff. Psychology graduate who realized that psyche is his greatest enemy. Thinks he can expect an exciting future.

Jared Christensen
Jared Christensen

Jared works hard and tries not to take himself too seriously. He is also tall, and is a terrible basketball player. What a useless stump.
What Jared lacks in dribbling and free-throw skills he more than makes up for in internet skills. A career Visual Designer, Jared has spent the last 10 years slam-dunking design work for clients big and small.


Odds & Ends
Odds & Ends

You Are?
The name is Zhixin Lim, which I’ve to admit, doesn’t quite have the Bond-James-Bond ring to it. As to who I am, I could tell you but then I would have to kill you.
Do people find your name weird?
Well, I hope not! People do have a hard time pronouncing my name though.
So, how do I pronounce your name?
Here’s yours truly giving you a martian-like greeting while pronouncing own name (over indistinguishable snippets of Star Wars theme for theatrical effect). If all things fail, just call me Zach.
Hmm, so Zach, how old are you?
I’m at an age that would raise eyebrows if said age is divulged. FYI, I celebrate my birthday on October 24. No, I don’t mind anonymous birthday gifts.

Binary Bonsai
Binary Bonsai

The blog of one Michael Heilemann, expatrioted Dane coming to you out of New York City. Half machine, half grapefruit, Interface director at Squarespace, design lover, film enthusiast, Star Wars historian, creator of the Kubrick and K2 themes, and holder of opinions, many of which are shared on his Twitter account.

Fitz Fitzpatrick
Fitz Fitzpatrick

Alright. My name is Fitz. I’m an Australian freelance illustrator and designer based in Sydney. I love to draw and design nice things, and that’s pretty much it really.
I’m currently working as a freelancer, which is rad because I can work wearing nothing but a pair of undies worn with holes for a bit of fresh air. Sometimes I mix it up and wear nothing at all. Now, if that fantastic mental image hasn’t put you off hiring me, then feel free to contact me to say hello, or preferably, if you think we can do some rad work together. You can get in touch by shooting me an email or giving me a ring. Either or, I’m not fussed.
Anyway, have a look around my site to see the sort of rubbish I can produce, or if you’re the reading type, you can check out my resume.

Grayden Poper
Grayden Poper

Rock Star – I dreamed of slaying the guitar in from of massive crowds.
Knight – I wanted to battle with the knights of the round table.
Navy Seal – I wanted to be a seal more than anything.
These are some of the things I wanted to be when I grew up. Instead, I ended up as an Interactive Designer. You can view my work and read my thoughts about design below. I hope you enjoy.

Legwork Studio (Video)
Legwork Studio

  • Man, I’m so lonely, all I want to do is rock. If only I had someone to rock with.
  • Oh yeah… have you heard about Legwork?
  • I hear they drive pink Corvettes and their eyes sparkle like the stars.
  • Damn right, not to mention they’ve got powerful skills when it comes to websites, mobile and web applications, print, illustration and motion design.
  • Dude that sounds like the most righteous gig since We’re Stars, tell me more.
  • Legwork is just a small company.
  • Maybe it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the…
  • What he means is, because they’re small they can better meet the individual demands of each client in terms of creativity, flexibility, spontaneity and general face-slapping ability.
  • Well, it sounds like the founders of Legwork were all conceived in the magical womb of creative talent.
  • Yeah girl – you got that right!
  • I’m a boy.
  • They also slap the shit out of deadlines, bring a fresh perspective to any project and they have a fun way of doing it. Now, if that don’t rock, I don’t know what does!
  • Yeah, dude, that totally rocks!

Squillo Studio
Squillo Studio


Back then the web was a curious, frightening thing that people nudged with sticks and whispered about. But a lot’s changed.
‘Digital’ stopped being a thing and instead flows through all things, changing them forever and creating countless new connections that melt their edges irreversibly…..


We’re Mobious, a full service digital and direct creative agency. We’re good, very good in fact. Indeed our ability to produce stunning work is only exceeded by our humility.
… There’s only one question left really – why are you still here on this page? Click here and go to the contact us page and get in touch with us, we’ll have a shower, dust off the laptop and jump on the next available bus to wherever you are.


We design fantastic looking websites, then build highly targeted landing pages and send all the traffic you can handle to it. The we work our socks off to convert as much of that traffic as we can into paying customers.
You then make piles of money from your highly successful web site and become the envy of all your friends and family!
See, told you it was simple.


Kyle Steed
Kyle Steed

Harry Ford
Harry Ford

I’m Harry Ford, Freelance designer and illustrator. Mad on history, symbolism and surfing.
I love fresh and innovative web design and would one day like to catch me a big foot.
I love 80’s movies and hate noisy people in cinemas.
Contact moi – I am pretty friendly most days so feel free to contact me if you like.


I was born in ’86. 86 million years ago that is.. So this one day me and my homeboys were just chilling out and out of nowhere this asteroid appeared that started doing a drive-by-shooting. That damn asteroid killed everyone on earth but me. For the next few million years my diet existed out of stones and dirt. With some salt those limestones are pretty tasty!
So, last week I used the bus to get to work. I was just minding my own business and all of the sudden this guy behind me demanded that I had to move to the backseat of the bus, complaining that my tail was in his face. Isn’t that the exact same thing that happened to that Rosa Parks? Someone stood up for her.. not for me though. Where’s Martia when you need him.

Deidre ‘Deda’ Bain
Deidre 'Deda' Bain

Can be found doing:

  • Working on projects
  • Performing with Kanye West
  • Networking/Socializing
  • Snacking on cheesy stuff
  • Finding design inspiration
  • Kicking butt in Scrabble

Design Theory:

  • Design Utopia
  • Boring
  • Conceptual
  • Confusion
  • Pointless
  • Happy Accidents
  • Eye Candy

Miki Mottes
Miki Mottes


Creative writing is a skill whether it is serious or humorous, and writing about yourself is never an easy task. The above individuals and companies have addressed the issue with humor to one degree or another.

Do you prefer humorous or serious About pages? Have you come across any humorous, well-written About pages that we have missed from this list? Please share your links and opinions with us in the comments section below.

Carol is a blogger and Photoshop enthusiast. She enjoys surfing the net in search of outstanding art, design and photography, and enjoys nothing better than sharing her discoveries through article writing.


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    Makes me want to redesign my about page. This will only be like the 5th time. I’m thinking, impress.js? hahah :)

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    What great out-of-the-about-box examples! I’m inspired to go re-write – no, DRAW some of mine. Thanks!

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    Very creative set of about me infographics. Will definitely make heads turn.

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