Fresh Collection of Elaborated Branding Identity Projects

Fresh Collection of Elaborated Branding Identity Projects

Having an eye-catching logotype and memorable color scheme is not enough for making your business stand out. Though the start-up companies chiefly owe their success to original ideas that are brought to life, no-one has repealed the significant effect that is produced by properly elaborated branding identity campaigns. The impact that is achieved by visual components that are tied with the help of one color palette, style and ornament can easily enhance your company presence and as a result increase conversion rates.

As a rule, designers resort to clever and innovative ideas that touch every integral item of branding campaigns in one way or another. There are no limits since the canvas for your imagination is really versatile and broad. Such campaigns cover various components from paper-based notebooks and cards to digital wallpapers and mobile application UIs. Everything that can carry a prominent touch of your identity will do a bang-up job.

Today we invite you to take a glance at different projects dedicated to brand identity that shine of originality and creativity.

Brand Identity Projects

1. Parc Olympique by lg2boutique

The corporate identity design was obviously made with elegant and minimal Swiss style in mind that recreates its own special magnificent atmosphere. The inline typography along with contour-style primitive graphics makes the items look clean and refined.

Parc Olympique

2. CIN | Goethe Institute by salma shamel

Here, the geometry style rules the roost. Mix of vibrant plane triangles and rectangles forms a magnificent backdrop for the notebook cover and business cards. Black and white are basic colors that are used for effectively displaying content and highlighting the circular logotype and the slogan.

Goethe Institute

3. UNICEF ZEROawards by Rice Creative

The branding campaign for Unicef Vietnam boasts spectacular bluish coloring that evokes peace and serenity, the feelings that are highly vital for such a serious organization. The secondary color is white; it laconically collaborates with a prime tone and contributes to the theme.


4. Massproductions — graphic identity by BrittonBritton

This branding campaign is developed for a Swedish Interior Design Company. The designer has chosen the muted coloring that has a lovely retro vibe. The appearance of every item radiates purity, cleanness and simplicity.


5. D E L U G E by Thømas Adnet

The designer leverages only 2 colors in order to bring into being this topnotch brand identity project that stimulates a businesslike atmosphere full of corporate feelings. The traditional use of white for the main canvas in tandem with black relatively huge typography has managed to bring sophistication to every item.


6. Pantone – Color of the Year 2014 by Diego Marini

This is an intense speculation over the Radiant Orchid, the Pantone color of the current year. Though the violet color can look sometimes irritating and even aggressive, in this particular case, it is used in combination with other complementary colors that do exactly what is needed.

Pantone - Color of the Year 2014

7. Golden Leaf by Daniel Lasso Casas

The graphical representation of the campaign’s nameplate is effectively scattered throughout the whole design. The designer employs a beautiful pattern – which clearly characterizes the title – for the background of the covers, making them look neat, slick and chic.

Golden Leaf

8. Anthony Graves Branding by Daniel Lasso Casas

This branding is based on a splendid dark coloring that is diluted with a light shade, making content and logotype look prominent. The slightly textured background and geometry-style logotype nicely fit into the composition.

Anthony Graves Branding

9. Sainte Marie by La Mamzelle & Co. atelier

This is another excellent example of using a conventional color scheme in order to make the branding identity look original. The designer utilizes a geometry-style pattern, which is slightly reminiscent of a fabric, for canvas; the sharp font and several corresponding photos help to drop a few subtle hints of company activity.

Sainte Marie

10. Daydreamer / Branding by Necon

The design laconically combines a brilliant ruby shape with a 3-dimensional feeling and several gorgeous Pantone colors together in order to provide viewers with an overwhelming impression.

Daydreamer / Branding

11. BROX – Self Branding by Daniel Brox Nordmo

The designer demonstrates an interesting combination of 2 styles. The first one is used for displaying covers in a businesslike manner with the help of solid color backdrops made in black tones. The second one is used to emphasize the creative side of the artist; an incredible doodle style effectively accompanies the turnovers.

BROX Self Branding


The SKINPOP branding identity campaign looks truly sophisticated. The textured backdrops, trendy inline typography, classy color palette and sketchy illustrations are aimed to aggregate everything into a one subtle piece of art that conveys a professional atmosphere.


13. D&E Wedding by David Mubien

The bright citric coloring immediately catches the eye. Though this project is dedicated to a wedding, it has an explicit corporate vibe. The designer makes use of only 2 tones that are responsible for creating a startling contrast that is necessary for good readability.

D&E Wedding

14. DeadProd by Lukas Vanco

It seems that the designer is guided by the notion that the corporate identity for young enthusiasts should exude juvenility, spirit and good powerful temper. He leverages natural textures such as rough paper and whipcords in order to add to the project a note of naturalness.


15. Branding / Barcelos by Devlin Celis

This project is full of pastel colors that are nicely combined with flat geometric shapes. The graphical filling is quite scanty. However, the designer puts emphasis on a clean appearance that will bring businesslike feelings.

Branding / Barcelos

16. Venere® hostess agency branding by Attila Horvath / Darkoo™

This is simply matchless with its magnificent pleasant coloring and artistic photo manipulations. The whole concept radiates warmth, elegance and ingenuity.

Venere Hostess Agency Branding

17. Lui Porto Branding by Maurício Cardoso,Marina Procházka, Epic! Aventuras Criativas

The purplish coloring is again in our collection, yet it effectively co-works with a mix of muted shades that are used for creating ornamental geometric-style illustrations.

Lui Porto Branding

18. HEY PETE TONG Branding by Pete Tong

This project features a superb lego-inspired design that charms users with its original appearance. The color scheme contributes to the project enormously, giving it a unique playful appeal.

Hey Pete Tong

19. Bark Slope Salon by Leta Sobierajski

The designer utilizes charming illustrations made in muted and soft retro colors. The whole project looks clean, and at the same time, original.

Bark Slope Salon

20. Annyeong, Korea by Wonchan Lee

The team presents various items inherent to branding identity campaigns that are tied together via one theme line and awesome color combinations. Every piece features lots of white space that helps to focus attention on content.

Annyeong Korea


We have gathered different examples of ingenious branding identity projects in order to demonstrate the broad scope of ideas that are brought to life in order to provide a helping hand for starting your own company.


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