Kick up Your Heels with WordPress Music Sites Collection

Kick up Your Heels with WP Music Sites Collection

Music affects each and every one of us. It’s always present in our lives, right from the start. Of course you don’t remember yourself laying in a small cradle sucking a pacifier and listening to the quiet lullabies your mom sang to you. But she surely did, and she will remember the moments when you smiled happily back to her. Nobody but small kids can return love to their parents with a glance, with a tender touch or with cute baby talk.

As you grew up, your musical tastes changed. You liked certain bands or singers; maybe you even still listen to them now. The one thing you can’t say is that there was a period in your life when you didn’t listen to music at all.

And now, you’re reading this article most likely searching for some inspiration, or even for a good theme to use in your projects. If so, you’ve chosen the right place that can help your plans come together easily.

Music Sites and Templates

What have we mixed for you today? There is a miscellany of 15 great websites and templates related to music somehow. All of these, both sites and templates are powered by WordPress. It’s well-known all over the web that WordPress websites possess multiple advantages like terrific layouts, unexpected visual effects, really easy maintenance and others. WordPress also has a giant community, making the system better day by day creating new plug-ins that add even more functionality to your website.

But let’s get back to our list. There are cool live music websites for your inspiration and nice WordPress themes for your projects here. Feel free to use any of them in your work; this will help you make them current and feature-rich easily.

Every site and template comes with a brief description, so you can immediately figure out the most awesome features of them.

1. Original Theme for Musicians

A neat design, dark cloth textures, the possibility to enlarge images – that’s what you get with this template as well as many other goodies you can discover yourself.

Original Theme for Musicians

2. Captured Tracks

Gosh, the design of this site is awesome! It demonstrates what ‘content-rich web page’ means. Here you will find 3 sliders, product images, pictures, embedded videos, great typography and many other things that will stir your curiosity.

Captured Tracks

3. Dark Theme for a Band

This theme fits for a rock band with its dark and stylish design. And of course you can boast your favorite guitar, featuring its pictures in a gigantic slider right in the center of the screen.

Dark Theme for a Band

4. Halifax Pop Explosion

I wonder who designed this site… ‘cause it is simply terrific! Really stylish pictures in a big slider, hover effects in the menu (which by the way has a fix-positioned analog) and trendy outstanding flat icons for social media. And don’t forget to have a look at their gradient footer, it’s quite something!

Halifax Pop Explosion

5. Cute Theme for a Musician

The title says it all, this template is just cute! The colors are soft (main background is light-gray), so this template would fit a bubble-gum pop singer for instance, although you can always change design elements to make the web page look more brutal. Banner and slider photos are great, as well, and perfectly blend with the layout.

Cute Theme for a Musician

6. Beyeah

This site is about music, culture and style. And it has its own style, very bright and modern with a clean, white background, sticky menu and zooming effect on most of the images. Not a bad idea for a music blog, where illustrated elements combine with photos, flat buttons with three-dimensional ones. In general, the text is arranged in an easily readable manner and supplied with photos, which makes its scanning quick and captivating.


7. A Theme for Musicians in Pastel Colors

And again, the title says it all. This theme is indeed very calm and clean. All the cool stuff, like animated effects, slider, drop-down menu, quality images, flat sketchy icons are here to feast your eyes on.

A Theme For Musicians in Pastel Colors

8. Beatbox Academy

This site is very original. If you are a retro style fan, you’ll fall in love with it. However, retro design is masterly combined with recent effects and charming minimalism. As the name says, it’s about beatbox, and you get to it by pressing the buttons with letters and symbols. Parallax scroll and blurred images add depth and perspective to the page.

Beatbox Academy

9. Purple Band Theme

The inimitable style is the essence of this template. The color of the background (which is dark purple, as you can guess) gives the theme a pretty good look. You can combine this unusual layout with your own images in that big slider and content area to create an outstanding match.

Purple Band Theme

10. Atlantic Records

Black, white and red make an amazing contrast, and that is the style of this website. Besides we can’t help mentioning the killer photos and typography. But you’d better see this entire splendor for yourself.

Atlantic Records

11. Grunge Music Band Theme

The dark brown grunge background in combination with thin minimalist fonts and relevant imagery used in the slider and content area give this template a badass look.

Grunge Music Band Theme

12. Last fm

Red and white colors create a nice alliance. But this site is notable for the built-in radio player, so here you can listen to your favorite bands and performers. By the way, their photos are also available.

13. Colorful Music Theme

Bright neon colors, beautiful girls and modern design give this template an ideal look for those who are willing to create a site about club music and render a devil-may-care nightclub atmosphere.

Colorful Music Theme

14. Beats Music

The design of this site is just amazing. Look at those colors, slider and animation. It mainly consists of photos that capture your visual attention, and hold it for a long time.

Beats Music

15. Recording Studio Theme

A very uncommon solution for a recording studio theme. Black and white colors with bright yellow accents, emphasizing the most essential elements and stimulating visitors for action together with a semi-transparent menu at the center of the page make this template ideal for your website, if you like a non-standard approach, of course.

Recording Studio Theme


We hope you found our list useful, and liked the sites we’ve chosen and maybe even used the templates we featured. Either way, feel free to leave feedback, so we can learn by our mistakes or take heart from our success!


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