26 Best 60s Fonts for Groovy Designs for 2024

Best 60s Fonts for Groovy Designs

Hoping to capture the spirit of the swinging sixties in your designs? Then check out these groovy 60s fonts!

The sixties was the decade of free love, miniskirts, peace, and psychedelic art. It was a time of unprecedented change, cultural upheaval, and social revolution.

This radical atmosphere gave way to equally radical stylistic trends and brought about exotic fashion choices, bold colors, and extravagant designs that kick back against the norm.

The 60s-inspired fonts on this list all encapsulate that same rebellious style. They’re fun, groovy, and psychedelic.

Use them in your next vintage 1960s design project—or any other project in which you’re trying to evoke the same sense of freedom, liberation, and non-conformity that defined the time period.

The 26 Best 60s Fonts (Free & Premium)

1. Glimpses of Groovy – Our Top Pick

#1 best 60s font

Glimpses of Groovy is nothing if not 1960s. The design is iconic of the decade: It’s impossible to look at it without instantly thinking of peace-loving hippies, lava lamps, and bell bottoms. The font includes both uppercase and lowercase letters, plus numbers, punctuation, ligatures, alternates, and multilingual characters.

Why it’s our top pick

Everything about this font is perfectly crafted to bring you back to the 60s. The chunky, experimental letterforms are playful and rebellious and the wavy strokes give the font a trippy feel. Because it’s such a heavy font, it packs a punch and would work well in large displays.  

Price: $14.50/month

2. Hubble Bubble

Hubble Bubble

Hubble Bubble is another fun, carefree font that captures the spirit of the 1960s. It was made by designer Hadi Spasienko and it’s perfect for apparel prints, brand logos, and any hippie-inspired designs.

Price: $14.50/month

3. Groovy 60s font

Groovy Font

Groovy is a retro 60s-inspired script font inspired by the typographical trends of the late 60s. The font pack includes two variations: Groovy Script and Groovy Extrude. You can layer the extruded version on top of the regular version to create a cool 3D effect. 

In total, the font comes with 593 glyphs, including all the usual letters plus swashes, ligatures, and hundreds of contextual and stylistic alternates. You can utilize different styles of ending letter swashes and expand their lengths to create unique designs every time.

Price: $14.50/month

4. Peace and Love

Peace & Love

Peace and Love is another great 60s font duo to try out in your next project. It’s not as extravagant as some of the other typefaces on this list, but still has that playful, carefree look that’s iconically 1960s. 

It features chunky, rounded letterforms and comes in two versions: Regular and outline. We’d recommend layering them up on top of each other but leaving them slightly overlapping for a more authentic, hand-made feel.

Price: $14.50/month

5. Euphoria Party

Euphoria Party is a bold psychedelic font that packs a punch. The designer took inspiration from music band albums and posters from the 1960s. It looks a lot like a graffiti font, with that same ‘throw-up’ style, and would work well on street art, music covers, and edgy branding.

Price: Free for personal & commercial use with an Envato Elements subscription ($14.50/month).

6. Mind Explorer

Mind Explorer is another psychedelic-themed font by the same artist that designed Euphoria Party. It’s very similar, with the same chaotic style, but subtle touches give it its own unique sense of character. It includes all the usual glyphs plus swashes, stylistic and contextual alternates, and ligatures. Certain Open Type features can only be accessed through compatible programs like Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.

Price: $14.50/month

7. Bloom Lover

Bloom Lover is a free groovy typeface that has a distinctly 60s vibe. It comes in two versions: Regular and outline. Layer them up to create funky, whimsical typography that’d work great in stickers, printed t-shirts, Cricut projects, and much more.

Price: Free for personal use only

8. Flower Power Font

This font takes its name from the slogan of the late 1960s, which came to represent passive resistance and the wider counterculture hippie movement. True to its name, it’s simple and serious enough to get a point across, but still incorporates subtle touches like curved edges and wavy strokes that give it that groovy, peace-loving 60s look.

Price: $14.50/month

9. Groovin

Groovin 60s font

Groovin is a funky, playful typeface by Walcott Fonts that’s full of energy. With thick curls and a bottom-heavy design, it’s sure to conjure up feelings of nostalgia and take you back to the summer of love! The download pack includes both TTF and OTF formats.

Price: $14.50/month

10. Nigo

Nigo is a retro font with a modern twist. Designed by Line Creative, it uses neat but creative letterforms that encapsulate that same rebellious attitude that is iconic of the 1960s. I can see this one working really well in magazine covers, headers, and other retro artwork.

Price: $14.50/month

11. Chubby and Groovy 1

Chubby and Groovy is exactly what the name says it is: a chunky font with a funky attitude. It’s an upbeat, carefree font with a 60s aesthetic that’d work well on signage, posters, movie titles, YouTube covers, merchandise, and lots of other projects. The download includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation.

Price: Free for personal use only

12. Wonderland

Wonder Land

Wonderland is a psychedelic display font that’ll make you feel like you’re on a trip. Made by EP Designs, it’s a tall font with wavy strokes that are thicker at the bottom than the top, which plays with your perception and creates a kind of forced perspective.

Price: $14.50/month

13. California Sunshine

California Sunshine is a surf & psych-inspired font family by designer MidnightGrim. It comes in three styles: basic, regular, and alternate. The basic style uses straight-line strokes while the regular and alternate versions are super-wavy. Mix and match to create unique, compelling typography in your artwork.

Price: $14.50/month

14. Orbit Solid

Orbit Solid is a free font by designer Character. It comes in two variations: Orbis Solid, and Orbis Expanded. Something about its bodacious, bottom-heavy letterforms is very 60s-esque. The name of the font is likely a nod to the space race—another key theme of the time period.

Price: Free to download (license not specified)

15. Strong Grandpa

Strong Grandpa is a bold retro script font that’s perfect for vintage designs. It’s quirky and fun, with exaggerated serifs and typographical flourishes that add visual interest. The designer took inspiration from the retro typography of the 60s and 70s It comes with uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numerals, punctuation, multilingual characters, and lots of alternates and OpenType features.

Price: $14.50/month

16. Grueso


Grueso is another retro sans serif font that’s perfect for vintage designs. The designer took inspiration from old-school posters from the 1960s. True to its name (which is Spanish for ‘thick’), it’s a very strong font with chunky letterforms that have a lot of visual impact. It’d work great as headline text, and on posters, labels, ads, and in any retro artwork.

Price: $14.50/month

17. Peachy Sunday

Peachy Sunday is a playful, 60s-esque hand-drawn typeface by Invasi Typework Studio. It’s a semi slab serif font that has some irregularity between lowercase and uppercase letters, which adds a playful touch. There are 222 glyphs in total, including letters, numbers, punctuation, alternates, and ligatures.

Price: $14.50/month

18. Juicy Rooky

Juicy Rooky is a vintage font family by Indonesian designer Setiadi Karya Pertiwi, who took inspiration from a restaurant sign from the mid-60s. It’s a very distinctive font that’s highly readable, which makes it great for signage, restaurant menus, book covers, etc. It comes in two versions: Upright and Italic. You can mix and match the styles to add variation and create cool designs.

Price: $14.50/month

19. Chubby and Groovy 2

Chubby and Groovy 2 is a “kid’s retro font”. It’s a very child-friendly font with a playful, upbeat attitude and a design influenced by the style trends of the 60s. It’s perfect for children’s toy packaging, games, movie titles, etc.

Price: $14.50/month

20. Moonshine

Moon Shine 60s Font

Moonshine is a retro psychedelic font handcrafted by designer Naulicrea. It features a trippy design, with distorted shapes and strange, twirling serifs in the upper-left corner of each glyph. It comes with all the usual glyphs and in three formats: OTF, TTF, and WOFF.

Price: $14.50/month

21. Karma Smoke

Karma Smoke is another psychedelic-style display font that harks back to the 60s. It’s ideal for music festival posters, product packaging, and any design where you’re aiming for that hippie vibe.

Price: $14.50/month

22. Rum Bubber

Rum Bubber is a font characterized by its distorted, hand-drawn letterform and variable stroke width. The designer has used a mixture of wide and narrow strokes to create unique letterforms and give the font that fun-loving, mold-breaking look that was common in the 1960s.

Price: Free to download (license not specified)

23. Los Monstruoz

Los Monstruoz is a highly-decorative retro style font by Brightone. It features very neat and straight lines on the letter stems, which are juxtaposed against intricate flourishes and twirling counters and swashes. It’s super original and trippy. Despite how decorative it is, it’s very legible and would work well in all kinds of designs.

Price: $14.50/month

24. Curly Sweet

Curly Sweet is another fun and trippy psychedelic style font by Indonesian designer Brightone. Again, it’s a very elaborate font with lots of subtle touches and odd shapes that give it an odd, mind-bending look.

Price: $14.50/month

25. Wonkids

Last but not least, we have Wonkids – a chunky, bold font with a psychedelic 60s style. It’d work well in headlines, logotypes, packaging, and posters, and comes in two formats: OTF and TTF.

Price: $14.50/month

How to Choose the Best 60s Fonts for Your Project

That concludes our roundup of the best 60s fonts. Many of the options on this list are versatile enough to work well in all sorts of designs, but here are a few tips to help you pick out the perfect font for your next project.

Consider What Aspect Of the 60s You’re Hoping to Capture in Your Design

The 1960s means different things to different people. To some, the 60s is about rock ‘n’ roll. To others, it’s the decade man landed on the moon. Others still might associate the 60s with the anti-war movement, fun-loving hedonism, or psychedelic drugs.

Every font designer will have their own idea of what the 60s is, and will focus on different aspects. The font you should choose will depend on the specific aspect of the 60s you’re trying to evoke in your project. Start by asking yourself what that is, and then go from there.

Always Check the Font License

We’ve included both free and paid 60s fonts on this list. Before you use one of the free 60s fonts, make sure you check its font license. Some 60s fonts will only be free for personal use and you may have to purchase a paid license to use them in commercial projects. If you sign up for Envato Elements, you can use any font on the site for both personal and commercial projects.

Don’t Forget To Think About Legibility

Often, designers get so hung up on choosing a font that matches the aesthetic style they’re going for, that they forget to think about legibility. Some fonts are only readable at large display sizes and won’t work well on small thumbnails, body text, etc. Make sure you consider readability when comparing your options.


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