28 Best Art Deco And Art Nouveau Fonts (2024)

Best Art Deco And Art Nouveau Fonts

Art Deco and Art Nouveau are two of the most influential art movements of the 20th century, each with its own distinct characteristics.

Art Nouveau is all about curves, while Art Deco is all about angles.

To help you capture these iconic styles in your typography designs, we’ve compiled a roundup of the best Art Deco and Art Nouveau fonts available.

Read on and, if you see a font that you like the look of, you can click on it to head to the download page.

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The 28 Best Art Deco & Art Nouveau Fonts

01. Zelda – Our Favorite Art Deco Font

Best Art Deco Font

Zelda is the most popular Art Deco style typeface on Envato Elements and our personal favorite. It comes in four styles: regular, grunge, bold, and bold grunge.

Why it’s our top pick

Zelda has all the hallmarks of a great Art Deco font with precise, boldly delineated geometric shapes and stylized decorative elements. 

At the same time, it isn’t as ‘out there’ as some other Art Deco-inspired typefaces, which makes it versatile enough for use in a wide range of designs.

02. Elodie – Our Favorite Art Nouveau Font

Best Art Nouveau Font

Elodie is a unique, hand-sketched font inspired by Art Nouveau. It’s an all-caps font so you don’t get any lowercase letter glyphs. Type in lower-case for regular text, and in upper-case to add special, quirky alternate characters.

Why it’s our top pick

Elodie has everything we’re looking for in an Art Nouveau font. The designer has been true to the movement, using intricate linear designs and flowing curves. And the fact that it’s been hand drawn with a brush gives it that natural look that Art Nouveau is all about.

03. Art Nouveco

Art Nouveco Font

Art Nouveco is an interesting typeface because it’s neither Art Nouveau or Art Deco—it’s somewhere in between the two. It takes all the best parts of both artistic styles and combines them to create a new, interesting aesthetic that’s both elegant and masculine at the same time.

Art Nouveco is all caps but also includes numbers, punctuation, and multilingual characters.

04. Monsante

Monsante is an Art Deco font with a modern twist. The designer took inspiration from the typography of the 1920s and incorporated the same geometric elements and crisp letterforms that were iconic of the time, then added a touch of modernism to make it their own. 

It comes in two styles: Regular and Inline. If you want to get creative, you can mix and match the two together and throw in some of the included stylistic alternates and custom ligatures to create some really unique, characterful designs.

05. Fonseca

Fonseca is a modern, Art Deco-inspired sans serif font. The designer took inspiration from the typography seen on posters in the early 20th century. 

What makes this one great is how legible it is. It’s super simple, with none of the fancy decorative elements that negatively impact readability. It comes in 8 weights and 345 glyphs, including stylistic alternates.

06. Peachy Fantasy

Peachy Fantasy Art Nouveau Font

Peachy Fantasy is an elegant, feminine Art Nouveau typeface that would work well in fashion designs. The wavy letterforms, interspersed with straight lines give it an unruly, dynamic, and dare I say sensual look, which is what Art Nouveau is all about.

07. Rio Art Deco Font

Free Art Deco Font

Rio is a bold art deco font that’s unlike any other. The designer has used extra-thick strokes and inlaid them with lines and curves to create bold geometric patterns. It works best as a display typeface and should be shown in larger sizes. You could use it to create eye-catching headlines and titles on posters and in similar designs.

08. Pruistine

Pruistine is a modern Art Nouveau typeface by Graphicook Studio. The font pack comes with all the glyphs you need: Uppercase characters, lowercase characters, numerals, and punctuation. You can download it in OTF and TTF formats.

09. Dechor Rothen

Dechor Rothen is a clean and simple Art Deco font worth checking out. It’s very versatile and would work well in a variety of designs, including logos, social media posts, posters, branding, etc. It comes in three file formats: OTF, TTF, and WOFF.

10. Wansura

Wansura is another one of my personal favorite Art Nouveau fonts. It looks super stylish and energetic, with dynamic letterforms and subtle curves. I can see this one working really well on apparel prints and book covers.

11. Reynold

Reynold is a brilliant, free Art Deco-themed font by talented designer Dieter Steffman. I like the way they’ve used elongated strokes that make some glyphs look like they’ve been stretched out from the bottom, and others like they’ve been stretched out from the top. 

12. Reimbrandt

Reimbrandt is an interesting Art Nouveau-inspired typeface by designer Ikiiko. It’s highly stylized and features lots of delicate curves and long, sinuous, organic lines like all good Art Nouveau fonts should. Somewhat ‘antique’ in appearance, it would work well in vintage and luxury designs.

13. Mounchera

Mounchera Art Deco Font

Mounchera is a modern, luxurious serif font that was inspired by Art Deco. It’s a lot more delicate than most other Art Deco fonts, with thin strokes that’d work well in elegant, contemporary designs.

Mounchera comes with 304 glyphs in total and includes ligatures, alternates, and additional accents. It’s available in 68 languages and comes in OTF, TTF, and WOFF formats.

14. De Arloy

De Arloy Art Nouveau Font

De Arlot is a highly decorative Art Nouveau-style serif font. As you’d expect, it features long sinuous lines and lots of curves and loops. 

It comes with uppercase & lowercase letters, as well as numerals, punctuations, and ligatures, and stylistic alternates. I particularly like the ligatures and alternates in this one.

15. Avenida Art Deco Font

Avenida, by TokoPress, is another great-looking Art Deco font worth checking out. What I like most about this one is the multi-line design. The bars of each glyph consist of several parallel lines, which gives it a unique aesthetic.

16. Gatsby


Gatsby is a cool retro font by Cruzine. It looks like the designer took some inspiration from the Art Deco movement as it has the simple, clean shapes and stylized geometric ornament that was characteristic of the time.

It comes in five styles: regular, grunge, inline, inline grunge, and outline.

17. Behiner Art Deco Font

Behiner Art Deco Font

Behiner is an Art Deco-inspired font that’s sleek and modern. The letterforms are simple, but with subtle ornate touches that make them undeniably Art Deco. It comes with all the usual glyphs plus an alternate & ligature to offer more design freedom when it comes to character choice.

This one comes in six file formats: OTF, TTF, WOFF, WOFF2, CSS, and HTML. We’d recommend using modern design software that supports OpenType features and glyph panels to get the most out of Behiner.

18. Art Nouveau Caps Font

Here’s a wonderful free Art Nouveau font by designer Dieter Steffmann. It’s a little rough around the edges, but it has those long sinuous lines that make it perfect for fancy Art Deco designs. It’s all caps, so there are no lowercase glyphs, but there are numbers a few punctuation marks & multilinguals.

19. Decoera

Decoera is a super stylish serif font by Pinisiart. It’s inspired by Art Deco and exudes class, elegance, and sophistication. It’d work well on a wide range of designs, from fashion label branding to magazine headlines, restaurant/cafe signage, and everything in between.

It comes with A-Z and a-z glyphs, plus numbers and punctuation. Available in OTF, TTF, and WOFF format.

20. Nerts Art Deco Typeface

Nerts is an Art Deco display typeface that would look great on larger displays. It’s a weighty, heavy font with thick strokes and clean lines, so it’s very impactful and can instantly transform a design. Glyphs included uppercase and lowercase letters, punctuation, and numbers.

21. Hibure

Hibure Art Deco Font

Hibure is a highly decorative and ornate Art Deco typeface with sharp angles and lots of intricate details. One of the characteristics of Art Deco is the use of geometric shapes, and Hibure has taken that to the extreme. 

The strokes are comprised of lots of different shapes like arrowheads, diamonds, rectangles, and gentle curves that all go together to create a super unique, abstract design. 

While it’s marketed as an Art Deco font, the designer has also evidently taken inspiration from the Viking era and from Nordic bohemian runes. As such, this one would work well on any design with a tribal motif.

22. Melvca

Melvca Art Nouveau Font

Melvca is a wonderfully ornate and sophisticated Art Nouveau-style font by Typealients. The designer took inspiration from nature and tried to mimic the natural form of leaves, tendrils, and floral elements. 

It comes with all the usual glyphs plus several stylistic alternates to allow you more design freedom. In addition to the font itself, they’ve also bundled in a bunch of extra ornaments, illustrations, and badges as part of the download pack (AI and EPS files).

23. Rectory

Rector Display Font

Art Deco is all about bold geometric shapes—and Rectory embodies that to a T.

It’s nothing if not bold, and it’s incredibly unpredictable. Some characters are wildly stretched out, whereas others are squished in on themselves. And all of them have clear geometric shapes. The ‘O’, ‘Q’, and ‘G’ characters, for example, are perfect circles.

By mixing and matching uppercase and lowercase glyphs and interspersing unique ligatures, you can create really interesting and quirky designs.

24. Kenzira

Kenzira Hand Drawn Font

Kenzira is a hand-drawn Art Deco font that’s full of character. It features clean, minimalist letterforms and thin strokes. The hand-drawn look gives it a ‘friendlier’ aesthetic that’s unlike most other Art Deco typefaces.

25. Roseva

Roseva is another hybrid typeface that blends together the best bits of Art Deco and Art Nouveau fonts, by designer Keristyper. It’s an eclectic font that’s very quirky and would work well on a wide variety of designs. Glyphs include uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, punctuation, multilinguals, alternates, and ligatures.

26. New Year Deco

As you probably guessed from the name, New Year Deco is an Art Deco Font designed for festive celebrations. The designer intended it to be used in invitations, award ceremonies, and other celebration-themed designs, but it’s versatile enough to work well anywhere.

It comes in 4 styles: A regular style and 3 alternative styles that get progressively more decorative. Aside from all the usual glyphs, the font pack also comes with a variety of illustrations and icons that you can use as graphics in your designs. 

Plus, the designer has kindly offered a free extra download file with an After Effects/Photoshop template that you can use to recreate the effects used in the preview images.

27. Amonx

Amonx is another lovely Art Noveau font, originally published by Nirmana Visual. It has that timeless, elegant look that’s iconic of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. It’d work well in product design (especially home decor products), branding, and social media.

28. Shoal

Shoal Modern Art Deco Font

Shoal is a simple and clean sans-serif font by Graphic Fresh. The designer took inspiration from 1920s Art Deco and succeeded in incorporating the same luxury and elegance associated with the time in this typeface. It uses rigid, stratified letterforms and comes in four versions: Regular, Medium, Bold, and Oblique (in all weights).

Tips for Choosing the Best Art Deco and Art Nouveau Fonts

Not sure which of these fonts to go with? Here are some tips to help you decide.

Consider the time period

While Art Deco and Art Nouveau are movements from roughly the same time period, there are still a few decades between them.

Art Nouveau first became prominent around 1890, while Art Deco didn’t take off until the 1920s/30s. 

Keep this in mind when selecting a font. For example, if you’re working on the poster for a movie set in World War 1, you’re best off going with an Art Nouveau font as Art Deco wasn’t even around then. 

Don’t mix and match

While contrast can be good in typography, avoid using an Art Deco font alongside an Art Nouveau font within the same design. The two styles are likely to clash, and not in a good way.

Look at the glyphs

Different fonts come with different included glyphs. For example, one font might only come with all-caps letters and numerals. Others might come with uppercase and lowercase letters, plus numerals, punctuation, special characters, ligatures and alternates, etc.

Before you download a font, make sure it has the glyphs you need for your designs. Information on included glyphs will usually be provided on the download page.

Consider licensing

Don’t forget to think about licensing. Most of the fonts in this list are available for both personal and commercial use with an Envato Elements subscription. But if you go with a free font from a different marketplace, always check the small print—it may only be free for personal use.

Final thoughts

That concludes our roundup of the best Art Deco and Art Nouveau Fonts.

Hopefully, you managed to find the perfect font you were looking for in this list.

If not, we’ve got plenty of other font roundups where you can explore more great typefaces from other time periods:

Thanks for reading!


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